IQTouch LB900PRO Interactive Display

IQTouch LB900Pro series with IQOS, built-in camera and array MIC is designed to make your meeting more effective. With interactive 20-point touch and built-in wireless screen mirroring software for content sharing, IQTouch LB900Pro series is helpful for facilitating presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making. All you need in a meeting are seamlessly integrated into the interactive display, just walk in and get your meeting started.

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IQTouch LB900PRO Interactive Display

Integrated Device

Built-in 1080P camera and six-array microphone with 10m pick up distance.


Instant digital discussion board and on-screen annotation tool. Never let a single idea slip away.

Go Wireless

With built-in EShare software, connect to the IQTouch LB900 or LE900 series with your own device. Share your screen and collaborate with the team.

Win/ iOS/ Android

No matter what device you use, iOS, Windows, or Android, it will be compatible.

Integrated Device

IQ Touch L900Pro Series integrates a built-in 1080P camera and six microphones with a pickup distance of 10 meters. The video conference can be started after powering on the device.

User- friendly IQOS

The three-in-one interface supports swiping left and right, the home page supports adding and deleting shortcut application ICONS, etc. The independent design are convenient for customer operation.

4K display to redefine clarity

IQTouch LB900 series gives you an ultra-wide 178°viewing angle and 4K Android interface display. No matter where you sit in the room, the image is robust and clear.

Share your screen and files wirelessly and effortlessly

Don’t waste precious time plugging and unplugging cables. Cast your screen wirelessly to share your work or start a presentation, and use your mobile device to control the screen, all with the built-in Eshare Pro software.

Featuring Intelligent Touch

IQTouch LB900&LE900 series’ intelligent touch can recognize if you are using your finger - 1 finger to write and full palm to erase. The thick and thin pen recognition, original note writing to provide best writing experience.

Efficient Transmission

IQTouch LB900 Series use Bluetooth 5.0, dual WIFI module 2.4G&5G.

One-key Freeze Screen

While the screen freezes with current image for students to watch, the teacher can continue to operate on the external laptop.


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