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TB1300 PRO

Immersive Grandeur:Larger Screen Visuals

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Android 13.0/Windows 10

4K AI Camera

DMS Device Remote Control

Q button

Proximity Sensor

NFC Access Control

Zero+ Bonding

40 Touch Points

USB-C with 65W Power

98" &110" Available

Transform Spaces with Grand-Scale Vision

Unleash boundless creativity on our canvas of innovation with stunning 98" and 110" screen sizes, and experience a visual grandeur beyond the ordinary. Redefine auditoriums, conference centers, and large classrooms with immersive displays, setting our screens apart in application scenarios.

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Swift Performance, Infinite Possibilities

Windows 10 / Android 13.0 / IQ OS V5.0 / 8GB RAM+128GB ROM

Powered by Advanced Android 13 and IQ OS V5.0, our flat panel ensures lightning-fast performance with 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM. Seamlessly navigate through interactions for an unparalleled experience.

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Proximity Sensor for Ultimate Convenience

Walk closer, watch it awaken. No extra steps, just an instant boost for an improved presentation vibe. Stay focused on teaching or meetings, effortlessly boosting efficiency and intelligence in work and study.

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Immerse in Sensory Brilliance

Elevate your audiovisual experience with the 20W*2+20W speakers that deliver rich, immersive sound. Combined with a 48MP AI camera and an 8-microphone array, our interactive flat panel guarantees top-notch audiovisual quality for your video meetings.

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Precision Touch & Effortless Writing

ZERO+ Bonding / 40 Touch Points / 2mm Min. Touch Object / Windows Ink Compatible

Utilize ZERO+ bonding technology and high-precision touch frames for unparalleled touch accuracy. Enjoy full-channel 40-point touch control and 20-point writing capabilities for seamless interactions. Capture even the finest details effortlessly with a minimum touch object size of just 2mm.

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Tailored Access, Effortless Excellence

The Q Button transforms your experience, providing one-click access to tailored functions. Boost efficiency and intuitiveness, making every interaction with the flat panel a swift and satisfying experience.

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Command Center in Your Hands

Seize control of your interactive display with DMS Remote Control, empowering centralized app management, flexible schedules setting, and task automation for a simplified experience. Step into a world where control effortlessly merges with efficiency.

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NFC Magic, Your Flat Panel Assistant

A single tap on NFC area to control power, screen, and touch lock functions effortlessly. Seamlessly manage your interactive flat panel, turning complexity into simplicity with just a touch.

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High Speed Network

Dual-Band / WiFi 6 / Up to 1000M LAN

Dual-band WiFi module design makes it possible to simultaneously access the Internet and share the hotspot that allows wired and wireless transmission without interference. WiFi 6 and 1000M LAN sharing guarantee ultra-high network speed. Even 4K video can be presented smoothly without lag.

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Plug & Play USB-C

A single cable solution for interactive touch panel realizes two-way touch control, LAN share, 65W fast charging, audio and 4K@60fps video transmission with the interactive display. Compatible with multiple mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, which instantly starts your presentation in a stress-free way.

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