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Groundbreaking zero bonding technology

The ultimate touch experience beyond imagination

IQTouch T900 Series

Infrared Ultra Fine Touch

4K UHD Display

IQ OS with Android 8.0

Dual Type-C

Windows Ink

2.4G/5G Dual Module WiFi

Screen Share

Built-in Camera

Microphone Array

Zero Bonding Technology

Groundbreaking zero bonding technology

IQTouch T900 Series support 20-point touch, instant response and high precision to guarantee ultra fine touch experience. Zero bonding technology ensures high proximity between fingertip and writing trail, which offers more vivid writing experience on the paper.

Fully upgraded ultra fine touch technology

IQTouch T900 Series support 20-point touch, 2mm writing height and 0.5mm writing accuracy to ensure instant response and high precision to offer more vivid writing experience on the paper.

4K UHD display presents realistic visual effect

4K UHD delivers crystal clarity with high contrast, high brightness and high range NTSC (>80% NTSC). Combined with zero bonding technology, it brings us a higher-definition visual experience and an immersive environment by reducing parallax and enhancing readability.

Start a video conference right now

By integrating a built-in camera and 6 microphone arrays, TB900Pro is easy to set up a video conferencing environment immediately. Experience a high-quality video conference supported by the high-definition image with 12 million pixels and the ability of long-distance sound pickup.

Intuitive IQ OS for Android UI

We are committed to creating a humanized interface to make user operations more convenient and effortless.Various styles of themes can fit into education or corporate environment, with abundant tools available at your fingertips.

Abundant interfaces with
Dual USB Type-C

Enable external connection with multiple devices through various interfaces: USB, HDMI, Audio, RS232 etc. Both TB900Pro and TB900 provide 2 multi-functional USB Type-C ports on the front and backside of the display, which enable power charging, audio and video transmission and the maximum speed is up to 10 Gbps. Even reverse touch control from IFP to PC can be realized.

Windows Ink compatible for easy annotation

Support directly writing on MS Office documents, saving annotations in the original file and sharing to other as well as hand gesture recognition like select and zoom with your fingertips, erase with fist. With multi-functional collaborative Windows Ink, you will never lose a thought

Wireless screen sharing catches your instant inspiration

With built-in Eshare Pro software, share your screen wirelessly right away when you get an idea. Creating brainstorming atmosphere for your thoughts to flow freely. No need to plug cables anymore. Just show your instant inspiration without waiting.

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