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Capacitive Touch

Android 8.0 & Windows 10 Pro

20-point Touch

4K UHD Display


Capacitive Touch Technology

Capacitive touch delivers fast response and high accuracy, which provides an unique touch and presentation experience.

Built-in Camera

Built-in Camera allows to take photos, record videos or make video calls.

Premium UHD 4K Display

4K can display a vivid and vibrant color of complex pictures, documents, and videos.

Built-in Wireless Screen Projection Software

Support to cast images or files to the big screen of IQTouch X wirelessly from PC, smart phones or tablets, and your devices can control the screen wirelessly.

Real-time Free Annotations

The presenter can make annotations under Android, Windows, and any connected external device.

Built-in Whiteboard Software

Enable to make notes in whiteboard software and support to share the content via QR code scan.



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