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Daily Use Lecture Capture Solutions for Every Classroom

  • Simple setup process for quick use.
  • Capture content from various sources simultaneously.
  • Manage recordings conveniently from afar.
  • Advanced audio technology ensures clear and crisp audio.
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IQVideo Series for Versatile Applications

From small classrooms to entire educational campuses, discover the ultimate in ease and flexibility with IQVideo's comprehensive lecture capture solutions.

Hybrid Lectures

Professors record for in-person and remote students, boosting engagement.

Professional Seminars

Easy setup for clear workshop recordings, for later use.

Auditorium Events

Capture speeches for remote viewers and archives.

Award Ceremonies

Record ceremonies with multiple angles for professionalism.

Online Events

Professional streaming expands reach with custom branding.

Sporting Coverage

Dynamic capture engages fans and aids analysis.

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IQVideo Lecture Capture System

The IQVideo product line offers a range of innovative video capture systems tailored for education, corporate training, conferences, and events.

Educational institutions benefit from effortless recording of classroom lectures, fostering hybrid learning and personalized teaching.

Corporations streamline training workshops with simple setup, enhancing employee skill development and knowledge dissemination.

Conference and event organizers leverage IQVideo systems to capture key speeches and activities for later review and sharing.

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Which Product is Ideal for You?

Explore LCS710
Explore LCS910
LCS710 LCS910
Room Size 60-100 Sqm(Normal Classroom) Large classrooms, outdoor
Common Application Scenarios Common classrooms, seminar rooms. etc Large classrooms, outdoor playgrounds, studios, etc
Installation Method Wall-mounted Portable, no installation required
One Touch to Record
Live Stream to YouTube
Auto-Tracking Camera
PTZ Control
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Cutting-edge Capture Technology

IQVideoLCS710 and LCS910 feature state-of-the-art cameras and support up to 5 video sources, delivering immersive lectures and enhancing student engagement.

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Effortless Setup and Operation

With auto-connection of cameras and one-touch recording, IQVideo systems simplify the recording process, saving educators time and effort.

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Superior Audiovisual Quality

Equipped with premium audio effects and high-quality cameras with up to 20x optical zoom, IQVideo ensures clear, professional recordings that capture every detail of the lecture.

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Future Trends in Lecture Capture: IQVideo Leading the Way

The future of lecture capture, exemplified by IQVideo, embraces seamless integration with online platforms. With one-touch live streaming to YouTube and Facebook, supported by RTMP/RTMPS, IQVideo enables hybrid classrooms. Customizable videos with school branding and ample storage enhance engagement and accessibility, shaping the future of personalized learning.

Fixed Lecture Capture Systems VS Portable Lecture Capture System

There are some common misconceptions about Fixed Lecture Capture Systems. Some users may perceive these products as complex to operate, requiring professional setup and operation, which may deter them from considering such solutions. They may be concerned about the time and effort required to learn how to use the system, or worry about manual intervention during the recording process, such as switching camera angles or layouts. However, these concerns can actually be addressed by the IQVideo Lecture Capture System LCS710. Its ease of use and automation make the recording process straightforward and intuitive, allowing both teachers and students to easily record and watch lectures without the need for additional professional skills or complicated operations.
Meanwhile, for the Portable Lecture Capture System, like the IQVideo Portable Lecture Capture System LCS910, its portability and flexibility provide great convenience for campuses with mobile recording needs. Users can deploy the system in different classrooms as needed, allowing for flexible recording applications, and the overall solution is considered more cost-effective regarding its mobility .
Therefore, understanding the actual functionality and advantages of these products can help users dispel these common misconceptions and choose the right lecture capture system for their needs.


What is the advantage of using a portable lecture capture system over a fixed installation?

Portable systems offer flexibility, allowing educators to record lectures in various environments without being tied to a specific location.

Can portable lecture capture systems support high-quality video recordings?

Yes, many portable systems feature advanced camera technology, such as 4K resolution, ensuring clear and detailed video recordings.

Are portable systems easy to set up and use?

Yes, most portable systems are designed for quick and simple setup, often requiring minimal technical expertise to operate effectively.

Can I control the recording remotely with a portable system?

Some portable systems offer remote control access, enabling users to start and stop recordings from a distance for added convenience.

Do portable lecture capture systems support capturing audio from multiple sources?

Yes, many portable systems are equipped to capture audio from multiple sources simultaneously, providing a comprehensive recording experience.

Do professionals need to install and operate this recording system?

No need. This recording system is simple in design, intuitive in operation, and anyone can easily get started.

Do I need to manually adjust the camera angle or layout?

No need. The system comes with intelligent technology that can automatically track instructors and intelligently switch perspectives without manual intervention.

Do you need additional microphone equipment?

Microphones can be added as needed, the system supports up to 2 microphones, and the built-in audio processor ensures clear recording effects.

How do I update the system software?

This system supports online firmware update, and users can complete the system upgrade with the touch of a button, without complicated operations.


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