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IQ Smart Education Platform for Digital Silk Road

过去中国曾经通过陆上和海上丝绸之路,将中国文明传播到世界,与各国建立了良好的合作伙伴关系。 今天锐达科技将通过移动互联网,将中国先进的数字教育传播到一带一路国家,与国际友人们共同打造文化包容的利益共同体,共创人类美好未来。

In the past, China has spread Chinese civilization to the world through the land and maritime Silk Roads, and established good cooperative partnerships with other countries. Today, IQ will continue to spread China’s state-of-the-art digital education to the Belt and Road countries through the mobile Internet, and work with international friends to build a culturally inclusive community of interests and create a better future for mankind.


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