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Our Culture

At Returnstar, our culture is defined by unwavering honesty, relentless innovation, ambitious goals, and a focus on achieving impactful results in the educational technology landscape.

Our Mission: Transform education through technology.

With IQ, its flagship brand, Returnstar has not only secured a prominent position in the global market but has also become synonymous with educational innovation and excellence. The story of Returnstar is one of unwavering dedication to making learning more accessible, engaging, and effective for students worldwide.

Our Values: Honest, Innovative, Ambition and Achievement.


Integrity forms the backbone of our interactions, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness in all our dealings. We believe that honesty fosters a healthy work environment and strengthens relationships with our stakeholders, partners, and customers.


At Returnstar, we embrace change and relentlessly pursue new ideas to revolutionize the educational landscape. Our commitment to innovation drives us to create cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of what's possible in learning environments.


We adopt a proactive and ambitious approach to our goals, refusing to settle for the status quo. This drive fuels our determination to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and lead the industry in transforming education through technology.


We are results-oriented, focusing on measurable outcomes that reflect our dedication to excellence. Each success is celebrated and serves as a stepping stone towards our ultimate objective of positively impacting the lives of learners worldwide.
These core values are not mere slogans but are embedded in every strategic decision, product development, and customer interaction, forming the essence of Returnstar's identity and its quest to elevate education to new heights.


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