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Our Team

We are proud to present our excellent team members, over half of them are research and development (R&D) personnel, highlighting the company's steadfast dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Complementing this formidable R&D force, our diverse team encompasses various specialized departments, each playing a vital role in ensuring the company's seamless operation and market leadership:

Product Research and Development

The core of Returnstar's innovation engine, this team designs, tests, and refines the next generation of educational technology, including the iconic IQBoard and other transformative solutions.


A creative and strategic marketing team that communicates the brand's vision and value proposition, builds awareness, and drives demand for Returnstar's offerings in the competitive educational technology landscape.

  • Formulating and executing marketing strategies to increase the IQ brand's visibility and market share.
  • Participating in international educational technology exhibitions and conferences to showcase the latest products and technologies.


A skilled sales force adept at understanding customer needs and fostering long-term partnerships, enabling the global reach of Returnstar's products and solutions.


An efficient logistics department ensuring timely delivery of products worldwide, managing inventory, and overseeing supply chain operations to guarantee seamless customer experiences.

Technical Support

Providing comprehensive support services, including pre-sales consultation to assist clients in choosing the right solutions and after-sales training and assistance to ensure users fully leverage the potential of Returnstar's products.

  • Providing training for teachers and educational institutions to help them master the use of IQ products.
  • Developing teaching resources and guides to support educators in their teaching practices.


Managing the company's financial health, ensuring sound budgeting, financial planning, and investment strategies to support our growth and innovation goals.

Customer Service

Dedicated to providing exceptional support, addressing inquiries, and resolving issues to ensure a positive experience for all our users. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit.

Video Introduction: IQ&Q-NEX Department

To provide a deeper insight into our operations, we have created an introductory video showcasing the IQ and Q-NEX departments. This video highlights our team's dedication, the innovative technologies we develop, and our ongoing commitment to transforming education through technology.


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