IQSchool Converged Station

IQSchool Converged Station, a high-end fusion control information terminal, integrates Center Control, Interchanger, Digital Amplifier, Electronic Magnetic Control, Digital Broadcasting and Remote Wireless Air-conditioner System. Work with IQ Manager Software, this system achieves remote device control and device management, IP audio broadcasting and information diffusion.

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IQSchool Control Panel

IQSchool Desktop Control Panel has capacitive touch screen for touch and operation only by fingers. The device makes it available for central control on multi-media devices, including computer, projector, document camera, external device, screen and audio broadcast. It

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IQ School Power &A/C Control Terminal

IQ School Power &A/C Control Terminal, with 2.4G wireless data transmission, connects all the intelligent devices in one classroom and works with IQ Manage Software to achieve remote air-condition control and energy

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IQSchool Converged Server

Safe application and data storage, with its self-developed and customized database systems ,audio coding technology and cross network technology, IQSchool Converged Server makes operation more efficient and stable.

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IQ Wireless Mic

IQ Wireless Mic, uses 2.4G wireless technology and works with IQOne or IQSchool Converged System to achieve stable audio and signal transmission.

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IQschool Audio Station

The classroom with controlled Terminal can have voice talk with another classroom.

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