what is a whiteboard

.what is a whiteboard.The use of whiteboards can replace some highly polluting experiments and dangerous experiments between toxic and hazardous substances. For example, in an experiment to learn the conditions of combustion, the principle of carbon monoxide reduction of copper oxide and ironmaking, white phosphorus combustion produces a large amount of white smoke, which is carried out in a ventilated kitchen; carbon monoxide is toxic and causes air pollution. These experiments are played in the classroom using video files for better results. In addition, video files can be stored for long periods of time and used for a long time. Most of the instruments used in the junior high school chemistry demonstration experiment are test tubes. An obvious experimental phenomenon cannot guarantee that every student can observe clearly. The students in the front row can still, but the students sitting behind are not easy to see. Over time, they will Make them lose interest in learning. Usually the teacher takes the test tube under the podium and walks two

Interactive Whiteboard

IQAio GR519 Interactive Whiteboard

what is a whiteboard.IQAio GR519 is highly integrated with multi-point infrared interactive whiteboard, central control system, wireless microphone, stereo amplifier system, OPS and other equipment, forming a perfect multi-media classroom solution together with a projector. 

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IQ Infrared
Interactive Whiteboard

Support gesture recognition:
1 finger to write, 2 fingers to select, full palm to erase.

Enable 10/16/32 touch points for collaboration.

18 hotkeys on both sides for handy operation.

No special pen required

Bundled with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software 6.0 which has rich resources and tools to achieve a vivid class atmosphere.

IQ All-in-one
Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

Integrated design: Highly integrated multi-point infrared interactive whiteboard, central control system, wireless microphone, stereo amplifier system, built-in OPS and other equipment.

Cost-effective : Only with a projector, IQAio GR519 can form a perfect classroom solution.

One key operation to power on: all the devices will be powered on including interactive whiteboard, built-in OPS, projector, central control system etc.

No complicated devices connection: save much time for classroom devices management before teaching.

Rich ports: plug-n-play external computers.

Bundled with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software: to give a vivid and wonderful demonstration in class.

IQClass Solution

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