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smartboard with projector.2. Change the evaluation method to promote active development Thenew curriculum standards require teachers to attach importance to the reform of student learning evaluation , with process evaluation as the main. In the classroom, teachers use the advantages of interactive whiteboards to make correct judgments on students' learning and practice, such as evaluation of cartoon characters that students like, evaluation by sound, evaluation with smiley face, evaluation with expanded flowers, evaluation with colorful fireworks... Even with a wonderful cartoon as a reward for the success of students learning. Friendly human-computer interaction allows students to understand their situation in a timely manner and achieve self-feedback. Teaching evaluation shows openness, and students truly experience their progress and the joy of acquiring knowledge in the encouragement and praise. These all enable students to generate positive motivation, experience the joy of success, establish confidence in learning, test and improve student learning and teacher teaching, and improve the teaching process to effectively promote student development.

Interactive Whiteboard

IQAio GR519 Interactive Whiteboard

smartboard with projector.IQAio GR519 is highly integrated with multi-point infrared interactive whiteboard, central control system, wireless microphone, stereo amplifier system, OPS and other equipment, forming a perfect multi-media classroom solution together with a projector. 

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IQ Infrared
Interactive Whiteboard

Support gesture recognition:
1 finger to write, 2 fingers to select, full palm to erase.

Enable 10/16/32 touch points for collaboration.

18 hotkeys on both sides for handy operation.

No special pen required

Bundled with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software 6.0 which has rich resources and tools to achieve a vivid class atmosphere.

IQ All-in-one
Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

Integrated design: Highly integrated multi-point infrared interactive whiteboard, central control system, wireless microphone, stereo amplifier system, built-in OPS and other equipment.

Cost-effective : Only with a projector, IQAio GR519 can form a perfect classroom solution.

One key operation to power on: all the devices will be powered on including interactive whiteboard, built-in OPS, projector, central control system etc.

No complicated devices connection: save much time for classroom devices management before teaching.

Rich ports: plug-n-play external computers.

Bundled with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software: to give a vivid and wonderful demonstration in class.

IQClass Solution

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