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whiteboard jokes.With the continuous improvement of modern educational technology, we must clearly understand that technology is only technology. Only people-oriented, starting from the teaching needs, starting from the development of students, let interactive whiteboard technology enter the ordinary classroom, in order to better mobilize students to learn. Initiative and improve classroom efficiency. For example, in the "Flying Sky" section of the second lesson of "Mogao Grottoes" , I say this: What is the most attractive among so many murals in the Mogao Grottoes? Come and read it! Reading these sentences, what kind of flying do you see? What do you smell and hear? The students' answers were brilliant: some said: I saw flying flowers holding flowers and flying freely; some said: I smelled the flowers and was intoxicating; some said: I heard the humming sound, the reverberation around the beam... After the students exchanged, I instructed the students to read the music. Then I said: The flying sky on the murals flew over the millennium with only two long ribbons and came to us. Then the whiteboard shows the image of the flying sky in different shapes. In the eyes of everyone, I guide you to use your imagination and use "the flying sky on the mural, some...some...some...some..." Write a few words in the sentence, praise the beautiful flying sky. In the screenshots and the beautiful soundtrack ("Dunhuang"), I asked students to imitate and communicate. With the wonderful music, the students' expression is even more subtle. In this process, the teacher has carefully created a situation that blends with the text, allowing the students to experience aloud--imagine-reading-appreciation-imitation-communication-reading this complete and solid language training process. Due to the organic integration of courseware and interactive whiteboard, the teaching difficulties of this lesson have been broken, and the students' thinking has been followed up with the development of the teaching process. The teaching atmosphere and the teacher-student status in the classroom are getting better.

Interactive Whiteboard

IQAio GR519 Interactive Whiteboard

whiteboard jokes.IQAio GR519 is highly integrated with multi-point infrared interactive whiteboard, central control system, wireless microphone, stereo amplifier system, OPS and other equipment, forming a perfect multi-media classroom solution together with a projector. 

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IQ Infrared
Interactive Whiteboard

Support gesture recognition:
1 finger to write, 2 fingers to select, full palm to erase.

Enable 10/16/32 touch points for collaboration.

18 hotkeys on both sides for handy operation.

No special pen required

Bundled with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software 6.0 which has rich resources and tools to achieve a vivid class atmosphere.

IQ All-in-one
Infrared Interactive Whiteboard

Integrated design: Highly integrated multi-point infrared interactive whiteboard, central control system, wireless microphone, stereo amplifier system, built-in OPS and other equipment.

Cost-effective : Only with a projector, IQAio GR519 can form a perfect classroom solution.

One key operation to power on: all the devices will be powered on including interactive whiteboard, built-in OPS, projector, central control system etc.

No complicated devices connection: save much time for classroom devices management before teaching.

Rich ports: plug-n-play external computers.

Bundled with IQ Interactive Education Platform Software: to give a vivid and wonderful demonstration in class.

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