The Vibe

(For conference room with projector)

Wireless projection system increase audience engagement and collaboration with effective, interactive presentations.And keep meetings organized and easily communicate outcomes.

Key Features


Bring your own device

4-split Screen

Interact with four screens simultaneously

IQ SmartPen

Improve efficiency


Bring your own device to share screen

Share your ideas wirelessly

PC/Laptop: wireless screen share with a single tap.Smart Phone/Tablet: screen mirroring with a quick QR code scan

Smart Phone/Tablet

Walk around the room presenting while controlling the projection screen using your mobile devices.

4-split Screen

Interact with four screens simultaneously

Support up to 8 devices connected and 4 screens displayed at a time. Improve your collaboration experience with multiple presentations running at the same time. Meetings are more collaborative when colleagues capture ideas, questions and feedback in the presentation while facing the audience.

Built-in Android Annotation Software

Roam freely while presenting by using all-in-one IQ SmartPen 33ft (10 meters) away from IQTouch. Switch between three pointing modes to highlight, magnify or pinpoint focus areas.

With IQ SmartPen, attendees can control the conference documents remotely, turn pages up and down, make annotations and take a screenshot of the annotations to save.

Key Products


IQShare Button

IQ SmartPen

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