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Upcoming Webinar of Q-NEX Smart Meeting Room Solution

Get ready to kickstart your meetings with Q-NEX Smart Meeting Room Solution?

Enjoy quick meeting initiation and indulge in a crisp audio and video meeting experience.Join now for a transformative meeting experience!

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2024

Time: 3:30-4:30PM SGT

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Small Meeting Room


4-20 people


20 m 2

Medium Meeting Room


20-50 people


40-100 m2

Pre-meeting devices setup remotely

One cable connection to start online meeting

Crisp audio visual experience

One-stop meeting room solution

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How to register webinar?

IQ and Q-NEX's webinars are invitation-only. We will release information about the topics and times of the webinars. If you are interested in, freely contact us. Our sales team will send you the coming webinar link and a warm reminder before webinar starts. Don't worry if you can't attend temporarily, we can send you the recording in the future. Now just contact us to book the upcoming webinar!
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Webinar content

Meeting Room Background

Discuss the background and challenges of traditional meeting room, and it's essential to enhance the way for collaboration now.

Small Meeting Room

Small meeting room pursue swift initiation of meeting room devices for meeting efficiency. Introduce the background of small meeting room, and the feature of Q-NEX Small Meeting Room and how it can enhance the meeting experience.

Medium Meeting Room Solution

In medium meeting room solution, quick meeting setup remains crucial, but with larger spaces, audio and video quality become equally important. Introduce the background of medium sized meeting room, and the feature of Q-NEX Medium Meeting Room and how it can enhance the meeting experience.

Overall Meeting Room Solution

Besides single meeting room solutions, Q-NEX also provides customizable, all-in-one meeting room solution for complete organization and enterprise. In this part, we’ll guide you on the possibilities of how your corporate meeting room will be.
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To ensure the best webinar performance, each session undergoes meticulous planning. This includes determining the theme and outline, setting up the demo environment, repeatedly test the audio, video and streaming effects, and rehearsing the product presentation. If you have similar product pitching needs, feel free to reach out to us. We'll be glad the past presentations and recorded videos assist you.


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