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IQ provide more than just a Touch Screen or a school smart board,it is a integration of Computer,TV,Whiteboard, Projector Speaker ……,3 dimension include 65UHD Resolution: 3840*2160 Display Area: 1428.5*803.5mm,75UHD Resolution: 3840*2160 Display Area: 1650.24*928.26mm,86UHD Resolution: 3840*2160 Display Area: 1895.04*1065.96mm,we call it can perfectly help you in school smart board solution.

  What IQTouch can do?20 Points Collaborations,Tempered & Anti-glare glass,LED Backlight Metal Cosmetic,4K UHD Image Display,Dual fits school smart board needs well,IQTouch features contains:Free annotation:Annotate under all channels and annotation can share by scanning the QR code,Interactive whiteboard function:Built-in whiteboard software makes presentations quick and easy. It can also be shared via email or QR code.Wireless Multi-screen Casting Software:Cast mobile devices on the IQTouch C Pro screen wirelessly Remote control the screen with mobile devices,Wireless Presentation with IQShare Lite:No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in to share and display the laptop screen to IQTouch C Pro screen instantly.Video Conference Support the group video conference with the third-party application and external document camera.IQ touch also Available For is well applied on school smart board solution.what’s more, except provide the school smart board, we can provide Interactive Display System,it is Simply setup with the IQView Interactive Document Camera. Only one step to present, collaborate and share ideas,Only with the IQProjector or IQTouch, it makes a large-screen display with crystal clear images and offers annotation software to facilitate group collaboration.both IQTouch and IQView are well applied not only the school,but also conference or meeting room,we can also provide the bespoke services based on your needs.

   If you are interested in any school smart board or looking for digital smart board,feel free to connect with us,We are Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as main brand,Returnstar Technology Group ,welcome to our official website to find more information about us.

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