IQBoard interactive flat panel


as we thought, the traditional meeting room contains projector and curtain,camera,

speaker,interactive flat panel is design to replace the traditional equipment, with android system,its like you had a android phone in your meeting room with large size, you can download many app to effect your conference, built in whiteboard software can write with 20 point touch, you can use it to express all you ideas without the area limitation.for windows system, means you also got a computer in you meeting room , you don’t have to deal with the massive interfaces and the cables, just one interactive flat panel can do everything.


just like you said, sometimes we pissed off because of the complex work of equipment connection,the interactive flat panel can solve this problem and make business conference more convenient and interactive.When you click the mathematical Function button on the page. The mathematical function can be changed by moving the function curve,all kinds of mathematical functions can be shown more intuitively on the number also contains massive resources (English words, pictures, network resources) Teaching resources (teaching resources courseware presentation),our software provides a variety of learning materials from primary school to high school, it can be downloaded by yourself as well. The software offers a variety of ways to save, you can save as an image, you can save as many pages, or you can save as the software's own format.


What’s more, the panel can do the wireless presentation, you can connect the panel buy your phone,pad and other devices,sometimes you wanna share your screen to all the attendee, just switch your device to panel ,then you can share all the pages and control the panel by your phone, for your own computer, equip with the share button, you can also share your screen to the attendee wirelessly.

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