OPS computing module for interactive flat panel


    OPS(Open Pluggable Specification) is a plug-in computing modules. It is used to add computing power to interactive flat panel displays. It was announced by NEC, Intel and Microsoft in 2010.The OPS computing module run on CPU which is based on Intel and ARM, and the running operating systems include Windows of Microsoft and Android of Google. The integrated OPS computer can bring you all the functions of a computer built into the displays.

    The OPS system connects to interactive flat panel display through a single 80-pin port, which provides power and all communications between OPS and the display. A single connection that meets conditions such as computer power, video and audio display, USB for touch input on interactive displays and independent power input for independent use.The OPS system makes the deployment of many different large-scale display solutions much easier than usual. The solution is easy to do so that installation and setup is much faster. It reduces the need for cables and trunking, which saves purchase and service costs. OPS system can be used for multiple purposes such as classroom or lecture hall study, business introduction, group video conference and any collaborative workspace.

   Each IQ interactive flat panel comes with an OPS slot, which is allowing you to embed the OPS directly into the displays without additional devices. All IQ Touch series interactive displays have already included OPS.

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