The impact of interactive flat panel on education


    Interactive flat panel displays have the ability to promote active learning. Students learn by participating in the learning process and interacting with the content. Interactive flat panel is mainly able to achieve collaboration. Teachers and students can touch up to 20 points simultaneously. You can touch the screen, erase with palm, resize, drag and move multiple windows to multitask at the same time, and teach from multiple content types or applications at once. The multi-touch function allows students to operate the content on the screen simultaneously so that providing a way of brainstorming, presenting, analyzing text or images, and actively learning by interacting. Through taking advantage of interactive flat panel displays, students can increase their attention and participation that become more engaged and more active in learning. 

    The teaching interactive flat panel controlled multi-device mirroring allows teachers to move freely and teach anywhere in the classroom. In the course, the teacher can interact with the shared screen directly from the interactive flat panel. Whether it is a presentation by a teacher or a group of students, the display can create the collective atmosphere and common experience. Compared with traditional interactive whiteboards and projector-based technologies, interactive flat panel display has great advantages. Because it is all-in-one solutions, which is faster to deploy. It requires little maintenance and minimal training for educators to adapt. Such benefits can save time and reduce related costs!

    Interactive flat panels provide the most intuitive and integrated learning experience. It helps teachers and students make the most of every moment in the classroom. The display we use in the classroom allow us to put the lesson plan into practice, which leads to better learning outcomes and higher grades.

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