CVTE and IQ company for interactive flat panel


    CVTE is a listed company with many self-owned brands that specializes in LCD main board and interactive flat panel, founded in 2005 in Guangzhou, China.

    IQ is also a listed company that specializes in interactive flat panel which have received wide acknowledgement from both domestic and international market. The full name of the IQ company is Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as main brand which was founded in 2006. 

    IQ is the provider of meeting collaboration and classroom interaction solutions. It provides various one-stop display solutions to improve conference efficiency and foster collaboration in business such as Interactive whiteboard(IWB), Interactive Flat Panels (IFP), Wireless Presentation Solution and Smart Accessories. IQ products of business solution have installation flexibility, powerful efficiency and low maintenance cost, for any size of conference space. In order to create a more collaborative classroom environment and provide educators with cost-effective and environmentally friendly campus management solutions, IQ has launched two main solutions in education -the IQClass solution and the IQSchool solution. These solutions help teachers and students use equipment and platforms to enhance learning effects and outcomes. IQ education solutions can provide more interactive learning experiences and more meaningful feedback. We also provide professional development and education consulting services.

    So far, IQ has established exclusive distributors in Europe, Africa and West Asia, selling to more than 100 countries and regions. IQ has provided intelligent teaching solutions for more than 1,000,000 classrooms in the world.

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