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Will Interactive Displays Have More Application Prospects In Classrooms


Today, we would like to share Dr. David Whyleys views on the potential of interactive displays.

With technology advancing so quickly, and new devices introduced all the time,?the large interactive display most definitely still has a role to play in the classroom. Consider that the education environment itself has changed D students no longer learn in a linear fashion nor are they passive receivers of information. Instead, the modern classroom is one that focuses on engagement, collaboration and interactivity. And the interactive whiteboard has been instrumental driving this approach. In fact, large classroom displays are generally seen as a must-have technology in the classroom to facilitate the core teaching and learning function of demonstration and modelling.

Whats more, Its impossible to say with certainty that the interactive whiteboard will be around forever D it may very well evolve to such a degree that we start calling it something else! However, in the near future I believe there is definite scope for development of the interactive whiteboard and interactive panels.

The new generation ofIQBoard interactive touch screen displays is the perfect example. IQBoard touch screens include a 4K display with crystal clear graphics and colours, and smooth inking in all light levels. More than that, this latest generation touch screen includes an inbuilt Windows 10 computer, so no additional desktop or laptop is required D merely switch it on and access what you need from online apps and documents to storage.


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