The features of interactive flat panel display.


    The teaching touch all-in-one machine is a media equipment developed on the basis of the conventional audio-visual and computer equipment, which has the functions of teaching, academic report, conference, comprehensive discussion, demonstration and communication, and remote teaching, remote revision, remote class, remote meeting and so on. Through touch function, it can better meet the overall requirements of academic report, conference, academic communication, multimedia teaching, on-site teaching and remote education etc. With intelligent management system and audio and video effects, it can meet the requirements of slide, projection film, multimedia courseware, video, DVD/SVCD/VCD, physical materials and other resources for comprehensive demonstration, discussion, live broadcast requirements. 

    Features of interactive flat panel
    1.LCD and other large-plane displays are used to achieve high-quality pictures, which have the advantages of low power consumption, low radiation, no flicker, no glare, seismic resistance, anti-interference, small size, light weight, energy saving, large display and interaction area etc.
    2.The design model use the ergonomics and aesthetic principles which makes the model more generous and extremely more modern flavor.
    3. Accurate positioning of the touch screen, no mouse drift, easy to install, beautiful appearance, low power consumption.With interactive flat panel, you can carrying out multimedia teaching anytime and anywhere is no longer a dream!
According to the actual characteristics of ordinary primary and secondary schools. It can completely replace the traditional complex teaching mode such as "projection + computer + power amplifier + electronic platform + HD document camera". Only one device is needed to meet the needs of multimedia teaching!it is a new generation of high-tech alternatives affordable and accessible to all schools.

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