A high-quality virtual meeting can bring brainstorming.


    Have you ever experienced a virtual meeting and couldn’t determine the right time to talk? Either you talk all at once inadvertently, or you wait for talk with a long and awkward silence. If you don’t have a clear image of video, the participants cannot see clearly each other’s facial expressions, and their understanding of the conversation will be affected. Facial expressions and body language accounted for 55% of communication. Therefore, if there is no high video quality, you can only get half the context. Make sure your video conference with dynamic video and audio. In this way, remote conference can be easily conducted it. This is the most important step in a successful brainstorming session.

    Send a clear overview of the topic and brainstorm goals in advance. If you have to review the agenda and topics during the meeting, you are wasting valuable time. Before the brainstorming , let your team know about the topic so that participants can prepare appropriately. Make sure they take a moment to write down any thoughts or questions they might have. If everyone has an idea, then you can go directly to the team discussion. It will help the smooth progress of the entire meeting. What’s more, keep in mind that members of a distributed team are not always in the same time zone. If the discussion is not completed before the end of the meeting, please arrange another time for discussion.

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