Smart meeting room makes it possible to work from home.

Smart meeting room makes it possible to work from home.


The Work From Anywhere is steadily growing as more people are working remotely year over year. For businessman around the world, work from home rapidly becomes a main trend during COVID 19. In order to better promote team collaboration, tools and resources are needed to enable employees not only to work in the office, but also to work efficiently at home or other places remotely. This is the meaning of the existence of our IQ video conferencing products such as JoinGroup AVS200, JoinOne AHY200, Video conferencing camera and Speakerphone.

Smart video conferencing camera, video conferencing software, and collaboration tools are making it easier for people to work from anywhere. Innovative technology is changing the way people start the meeting which create a new, future-focused meeting space: the smart meeting room. A smart meeting room integrates hardware and software into one intelligent space. Therefore, whatever workers join the meeting in the office or remotely. Smart meeting room builds superior and efficient meeting experience for them.

How to realize the smart meeting room? You only need to use our video conference camera, optionally with our speakerphone for sound pickup. Then a remote meeting can be easily started with your commonly used video conference software. The form of the meeting can be customized, and you can choose the way you want to start the video meeting. Smart meeting rooms enable employees to gather, collaborate and work efficiently no matter where they are.

To know more information about the smart meeting room and the related products, welcome to visit our homepage if you are interested in our video conferencing solution, you can contact with us directly by click the contact us page, IQ smart meeting room is the most suitable way to develop a new conference solution for you.

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