Are you looking for smart board prices?

Are you looking for smart board prices?


Are you looking for interactive flat panel prices? We can offer some information to you. We are Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as main brand.  Returnstar Technology Group, with 14 years experience in education and business market for interactive products such as interactive whiteboard / touch screen / visualizer / wireless mic system etc. Our Corporate Core Values: Honest, Innovative, Being aggressive and making achievement.

As a new multimedia interactive teaching terminal, interactive whiteboard all-in-one machine integrates the functions of electronic whiteboard, short-focus projection, power amplifier, speaker, computer, video booth, central control, wireless headset, cable TV and other multimedia equipment.

There are many products called multimedia teaching all-in-ones on the market, which can be divided into whiteboard all-in-one and interactive flat panel. These two products meet the needs of modern teaching applications and can solve the problems of current multimedia classroom equipment connection, disorder, complex operation, poor coordination and compatibility, and are very convenient for teachers to develop easy teaching and enrich teaching methods. Expansion of teaching methods makes daily classroom teaching more creative, stimulates students' interest and attention in learning, and improves the quality of teaching.

As the basic teaching platform of educational informationization, the interactive whiteboard all-in-one machine can not only effectively present large-size display screens, but also realize ultra-fine writing with small deviations. Economical and practical (more cost-effective than traditional multimedia devices, such as interactive flat panel TVs, etc.), reducing the "digital difference" between urban and rural education, and improving the overall level of regional education.

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