Ultra HD 4K display of interactive flat panel

Ultra HD 4K display of interactive flat panel


4K ultra high definition display of interactive flat panel deliveries audience crystal-clear image. With outdated whiteboard technology, the projecting image is hard to read, especially in heavy light rooms. Thanks to the latest ultra-high-definition technology, interactive flat panels display images, videos, and digital documents with extraordinary clarity whether you’re in dark rooms or well-lit rooms, which is same as TV.

Interaction is not necessary while IT professionals focus on the interactivity in latest display. However, some applications of devices don’t require interactivity. The durable LCD screens and UHD resolution provide an eye-catching method for presenting advertisements, concert, or the details need to be shown to audience. If you have demand of touch screen achieved human-computer interactivity, our IQTouch interactive flat panel can meet your need.

IQTouch interactive flat panels offer remarkable flexibility. Whether you’re viewing documents in a class or brainstorming with colleagues in boardroom, interactive flat panels enable directly operate on screen like zooming in, zooming out, taking notes or highlighting the content with incredible digital display. The built-in IQ android operation system and network connectivity make it easy to enjoy multiple services by downloading apps from app store and bring user convenience and control access.  
Moreover, IQTouch provides an all-in-one solution for your needs of interactivity. All our displays offer optional OPS and WiFi modules, easy-to-install software package, and ultra HD display for a state-of-the-art viewing experience. Our cutting-edge interactive flat panels feature ultra fine touch technology (up to 20-point touch simultaneously), fast speed of touch response built-in high-fidelity speaker, and wireless device connectivity for easy connection to all of the devices in your room.  Go get it in

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