Make the most of touch screen in four ways

Make the most of touch screen in four ways


Make the most of face-to-face knowledge - writing at the same time. Get everyone in the meeting to participate in handwritten notes (handwriting recognition converts selected screen handwriting to standard text. Use the content on the screen to make clear and clear meeting minutes).

Make the most of face-to-face screens – today marks an era when telecommuting is becoming more popular. You don't have to sacrifice productivity because your colleagues are not in the cubicle next to you. Video conferencing provides a way to work together regardless of geographic location. For example, interviews with potential candidates, or team meetings with other regions of the country or international staff.

Digital display / Signage – not only reduces waste on printed posters or menus, but it's environmentally friendly and instantly updates the video display. They can also be updated remotely, making it easier for enterprises in a rapidly changing environment.

Interactive presentations – whether it's a company's monthly team meeting or a presentation at a meeting, the multi-functional touch-screen whiteboard is ready to use. This makes these monthly meetings attract the attention of the audience.

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