The evolution of teaching tools

The evolution of teaching tools


Chalkboard has dominated for nearly two centuries. In the early 1990s, concerns about chalk dust and allergies prompted students to transition to whiteboard. The teacher praised the new tool, which allowed them to highlight and extend the course in a variety of colors. The whole classroom benefits from eliminating chalkboard clutter.

With the wide use of whiteboard, new classroom technology began to connect whiteboard and computer. Now, teachers can save the contents written on the chalkboard to the computer hard disk. This enabled them to print out immediately, resulting in the short-lived name "whiteboard.". Interactive whiteboard (IWB) was launched in 1991, which is bound to have a greater impact on teaching. With IWB, teachers can display all content on the computer of the whole classroom, thus creating a new educational possibility. Through interactive whiteboard, students and teachers can operate content directly on the screen surface. Teachers are supported by exciting new tools. Students' participation increased. Classroom cooperation is bound to soar. The original interactive whiteboard system was a display board connected to a projector.

Recently, large touch screen displays (also known as interactive flat panel displays (IFPD)) have become an alternative. These interactive whiteboards have the advantages of the original projector-based IWB system as well as additional features. They also cost less over the life of the device due to lower power consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Nowadays, interactive whiteboard has been firmly established as a teaching tool. You will find them in primary school classrooms and university lecture halls. Teachers praised their ability to promote interaction and focus students' attention. Educational researchers predict that the use of interactive whiteboards will continue to grow exponentially. IQBoard interactive whiteboard has been launched in 2006 to meet this market demand and bring the full functions and advantages of IWB to education applications.

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