The new generation of interactive smart board

The new generation of interactive smart board


We are now in the early stages of a technology revolution in the education sector. Over the next four to five years, it’s estimated that many schools will replace traditional-style interactive whiteboards with the new “large screen” interactive touch panel screens. What does this mean for interactive classroom technologies? The next generation has a variety of enhanced features that simply weren’t available with the previous generation of interactive whiteboards. As the technology improves, these interactive touch smart board will be even more valuable to students and teachers, allowing them to take their classes to the next level. In this article, we mainly talk about the changes of the display.

High Definition

With high definition, everything is up close and personal. In a classroom, teachers can make use of the new 4K or 1080P high definition interactive screens to bring experiences up close and personal for their students. Interactive dissections can be as hands-on and visual as if the students were actually undertaking the exercise for real. Images of historical places and events will be so clear, students will feel as though they’re actually traveling along with their teachers and classmates. High definition interactive screens have the power to transform the entire educational experience–and they’re coming now.

Ultra Bright

The brighter the screen, the easier it is for students to make out everything that’s going on in the lesson. There’s no need for students at the back of the class to squint and lean forward, desperate to make out something that’s clear enough in the front row. With ultra-bright technology, every image is crisper, clearer, and easier to see.

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