Create a healthy learning environment for students

Create a healthy learning environment for students


When it comes to effective learning, we have to attach great importance to health. IQTouch IFP provides ambient light sensors, smart eye care technology and antibacterial screens to ensure that the intelligence is without harming the health of students.

Smart eye protection solution

With embedded motion sensors, Smart Eye-Care solutions can work intuitively. In order to obtain a smooth and comfortable viewing experience, IQTouch IFP will automatically activate the flicker-free and low blue light functions by detecting the user's movement close to the screen. Like our HC900 Pro, embracing Rheinland’s certified anti-blue light technology, it can directly reduce 80% of harmful blue light from the LED backlight of the interactive flat panel through optimized chip algorithms, which provides students with a comfortable and healthy viewing environment while still maintaining color accuracy and high-quality visual effect on the screen. In terms of eye protection, HC900 Pro also integrates a smart ambient light sensor, which can automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the environment. The screen brightness becomes brighter as the ambient light increases and becomes darker as the ambient light decreases. It can protect the eyes of users, allowing them to watch the screen content more comfortably.

Anti-bacterial screen

Germ-Resistant Screen uses a non-toxic, long-lasting nano-ionic silver multi-layer coating, which can kill most of the bacteria that accumulate on the screen surface and prevent cross-infection or epidemics in the classroom. Even after thorough cleaning or long-term use, the antibacterial properties of ionic silver are still effective.

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