IQShare WP32 vs. Barco ClickShare CSE800 (Part 1)

IQShare WP32 vs. Barco ClickShare CSE800 (Part 1)


IQShare WP32 and Barco ClickShare CSE800 are popular wireless presentation systems with advanced technology on the market. Both of them support physical connection or software connection to the presenter’s laptop to realize wireless screen sharing in limited resources and space, which efficiently promotes the modern office method of BYOD.

This article compares these two products for your reference to choose the right one. We talk about the same features first. IQShare WP32 and Barco ClickShare CSE800 support two-way screen sharing between the displays and the mobile devices, reverse touch which can control the large screen in the room from the screen of mobile devices, and the moderator mode that controls device connection, touch, screen mirroring, and other functions on the large screen.

Then, let’s talk about the differences. For screen sharing, IQShare WP32 supports up to 9 split screens at the same time while Clickshare supports up to 8 split screens. If users do not have many requirements for split screens, both of them can be selected. But the more split screens that can be supported, the more the possibility of a choice. In addition, IQShare supports group display. If there’s more than one display in the room, connecting each one of them to an IQShare box respectively and making them as one group, they will be able to receive the same content wirelessly at the same time. 

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