The applications of interactive flat panel

The applications of interactive flat panel


Interactive flat panel displays are collaboration solutions are designed to integrate interactive whiteboards, video conferencing, wireless presentation system, computer, etc. The latest technology allows participants to join securely whether they are in the room or they need to have remote meetings. Interactive flat panel is not only suitable for education application, but also for business cooperation.

Traditional whiteboards and digital projectors lead to limitation of viewing and participation, while interactive flat-panel displays can help educators create modern data-centric classrooms to enhance collaboration and learning. The latest software for interactive flat-panel displays has analysis capabilities that can check attendance, measure student response capabilities, and create an interactive environment. Teachers can also record the lecture for sharing after class.

Business cooperation
Enhance collaboration and productivity between face-to-face and remote teams without straining your IT resources—all based on interactive flat-panel displays, designed to help participants quickly start meetings, share content, and stimulate creativity and innovation.

Simplified standardized design
We launched the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) to standardize the system architecture between displays and media players. It means that the design, deployment, and management of interactive flat panel displays are more cost-effective. For example, setting up an interactive display is as simple as plugging the OPS computing device into the OPS slot of the interactive display. OPS's low-power, highly modular pluggable form factor interface leverages the latest innovations in Intel® processors to support advanced features, such as interactivity and anonymous audience analysis.

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