All-in-one display of interactive flat panel

All-in-one display of interactive flat panel


As a new multimedia interactive terminal, the interactive all-in-one machine covers eight functions, such as projector, electronic whiteboard, computer, TV, audio, amplifier, etc., which brings a lot of convenience for the development of society and people's life. Interactive all-in-one for high-definition LCD display and operation platform, it has writing, annotation, painting, synchronous interaction, multimedia entertainment, network integration function, such as meeting fusion HD display, human-computer interaction, multimedia information processing, and network transmission technologies, It is an optimal solution for office, teaching and graphic interactive demonstration in the information age.

For the application field, due to the development of interactive all-in-one machine technology, the advent of large size and high-end new products has prompted all-in-one machine products to open up new application fields. The business field, large-scale exhibitions, and events have been included in the application area of the all-in-one device, which means that interactive all-in-one machines are not only limited to the education market but also enter the business market and high-end market. We can use fingers, pointer, writing pen, and other arbitrary opaque objects to write and touch on the screen, without the need for a special writing pen, this smart board with  touch screen can improve the experience between the human and the machine.

What’s more, it contains strong environmental adaptability to meet different needs. Not afraid of scratch, impact, riot, waterproof, dust, oil, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-light interference, to meet all kinds of environmental requirements. One of the exciting features of our interactive flat panel is premium display effect, high brightness, and contrast, no harm to the eyes, high image definition, which meets the teaching application of video and image, 178 degrees view angle that students at all positions can see.

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