Smart Accessories in Meeting Rooms

Smart Accessories in Meeting Rooms


IQSmart Pen, which I have introduced before, for the smooth handwriting, turning pages up and down, playing/pausing the audio or video, taking a screenshot, making annotations, highlighting, magnifying or laser pen, etc, all these functions you can customize by yourself. How is convenient for you! IQShare Button, Plug & play, no software needed, just press button and share your screen instantly, wireless presenting with intuitive touchback control device you're sharing from. And supports multiple interfaces: USB, HDMI, TYPE-C. IQSoundbar, Wireless streaming via blue tooth, and also multiple options for wired audio connection, Max 115decibel, 4Pcs full-range speakers plus 2pcs Built-in Subwoofer and with remote control. IQ Height-adjustable stand, which is suitable for any IQTouch interactive flat panels. The dual-column design ensures safety and stability that helps you create interactive spaces anywhere.

Have you ever heard about an old Chinese story, there was a king, he had three children, one day he called them to come, and gives all of them one chopstick to break off, they all break it easily, then he give a handful of the chopsticks, and ask them to bend it again, they all tried hard but failed. Same in most athletic games or sports, teamwork and collaboration are crucial. IQ offers a one-stop solution, that combines hardware and software for different applications and requirements,  providing you with the most suitable meeting room solution to stimulate cooperation and teamwork.

Here are the three recommended solutions for different room sizes. We provide IQTouch interactive flat panel for the display, OPS for the dual systems, IQShare Button casting your device’s screen, IQ Smartpen as writing tools, and a height-adjustable stand to move your screen to the place you want. 

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