Interactive Smart Board For Modern Classroom

Interactive Smart Board For Modern Classroom


As a professional manufacturer and provider of smart board for schools, we are dedicated to bringing the most modern digital interactive devices to the classroom and creating a highly collaborative and interactive teaching atmosphere between teachers and students. We are able to provide you with a complete customized smart classroom and smart school solutions. So you just need to give us your plan and requirement, and we will support you with advanced interactive technology and high-quality products.

In the traditional classroom, there may be just a blackboard, and teachers present lessons mainly by handwriting and printed paper to transmit information. In recent years, more and more electronic devices are brought into classrooms, for example, computers, projectors, document cameras, etc. But our products are far more than these products, almost every digital device that you could imagine for a modern smart classroom is included in our catalog.

Smart boards, as our main products, contain mainly three styles for your options: interactive touch flat panel, interactive whiteboard, and All in One whiteboard. IQTouch interactive display aims to create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classroom and workplaces. Today we will introduce you to our touch screen, IQTouch 900 series. 

We offer diagonal sizes at 65, 75, and 86 inches for your options. About its basic features, first, the resolution is 3840*2160 pixels, which brings you a wonderful UHD 4K image. And the tempering anti-glare glass offers a longer service life. There are available bonding technologies for your choice like optical bonding and zero bonding, which greatly enhance the visual effect and smooth writing experience. Second, it supports dual systems with built-in Android 8.0 system and Windows system of OPS. and you are able to choose the CPU, RAM, and ROM levels as you need. Third, the advanced infrared technology enables you to write in a very thin and clear way, the response time of touching is about 8ms. And up to 20-point touch collaboration is workable. The on-screen annotation tools are available under Android, Windows, or any input resources. Fourth, the built-in wireless screen mirroring software enables the partners to share their contents and 4 devices can be shared in the meantime, so which is helpful for facilitating presentations and brainstorming. Fifth, for fast presentation, there are multiple plug-and-play interfaces. Support USB-C port with versatile functions for instant presentation. A single cable solution realizes data transfer, audio&video transmission, touch function, and power supply.

For better interaction, we suggest you use IQTouch T900 Series together with hardware IQClick and IQShare Wireless Presentation System, with our software IQ KitsMemos V1.1 interactive teaching software and JoinMemos V1.0 collaborative whiteboard software. IQClick is an interactive response system, through which teachers can set questions quickly in class and students could answer the questions quickly instead of writing or oral response. With IQShare, users are able to share and display the laptop screen to display screen instantly without waiting or setting up. 

Therefore, no matter in the classroom, training room, or meeting room, IQTouch 900 Series will make your presentation much more effective and collaborative.

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