Interactive Displays Revolutionizing Education

Interactive Displays Revolutionizing Education


How can we make education more engaging? Or how can businesses use technology to improve efficiency? These are the questions that interactive flat panel displays have been answering since they were invented in the mid-1990s, and with the increasing popularity of these devices both in schools and offices, they show no signs of slowing down. There are many benefits to smart boards, touch screens, and interactive displays, including allowing teachers to teach their students with more engagement and allowing office workers to get more work done with less stress or effort.

When we think of touch screen technology, we usually envision it being used to improve our entertainment experiences—whether that’s by playing video games on a gaming console or watching movies on our phones and tablets. While these uses of touch screen technology are incredibly fun, they represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the impact that interactive technology can have on our lives.

Interactive flat panel displays are revolutionizing the way teachers educate their students and the way companies conduct business like IQTouch interactive flat panel we launched. Its ease of use, ability to present information in rich detail, and wide range of features make them ideal tools for any educational or business environment. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about interactive flat panel displays, including their history, the different types available today, and some ideas on how to use them to improve your business or educational experience.

Impact on Learning
Interactive flat panel displays are revolutionizing how people learn. Whether they are used in a classroom setting or in corporate boardrooms, such devices help teachers and presenters be more productive by making it easy to access rich resources and providing digital interactivity with students. Our IQTouch HC900Pro smart board bundled with interactive teaching software IQ KitsMemos that makes presentations more engaging, improving teaching methods by making it easier for educators to offer new insights on a topic. The ability to connect with digital resources enables teachers to bring extra richness into lessons while presenting information that appeals to students’ creativity.

How does interactive technology compare with traditional modes of teaching?
In most traditional classrooms, blackboards are being replaced by smart board to improve learning. Now teachers can focus more on actual content, rather than spending time preparing for class. The interactive flat panel technology is more akin to smart boards, but it’s smaller and doesn’t use a projector. The solution supplier explains that flat panels are usually located directly in front of students, who interact with them via stylus pens, or even their fingers or palms. For IQTouch TB900Pro, it supports hand gesture recognition like one finer to select, two fingers to zoom in and out, full palm to erase, which brings the convenience of the presentation for teachers in class to a great extent.

What is the effectiveness of these displays in learning outcomes?
The effectiveness of these displays in learning outcomes depends on how they are being used in an education setting. IQTouch interactive display solutions meet different needs, and offer features such as wireless screen sharing, available options of optical bonding and zero bonding, anti-blue light for eye comfort, built-in teaching whiteboard with rich tools and resources, cloud integration, data connectivity that takes learning and collaboration beyond classroom walls, full desktop experience on touch screen, and smart navigation. With these types of solutions in place, business meetings can go from disorganized and unproductive to methodical and productive. Classrooms can become collaborative learning environments that put students at ease while increasing effectiveness.

Possibilities For Education Future
Learning by touch is both intuitive and engaging, and can deliver an unparalleled learning experience for students. Research has shown that hands-on learning is three times more effective than traditional teaching methods, so it’s no surprise that hybrid learning classrooms are quickly gaining popularity. By bringing information to life through digital interactive displays, these solutions make learning both fun and effortless. They should be used as a solution to providing students with more learning resources and technology within schools. It should be used to help teachers. In some countries, computers are already being introduced in classrooms for students to use for learning instead of textbooks. Hybrid learning is also becoming popular where students will get taught by both teachers and technology such as interactive displays so that there would be equal attention given between humans and technology. As these class sizes become bigger, new opportunities can arise because they can separate classes into smaller groups which are able to have a tailored lesson based on what skills they need at that point of time.

Where can you get these displays?
There are a variety of manufacturers of interactive flat panels in use today, Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd is the professional suppliers of various interactive display solution that offers high-quality products and a comprehensive suite of custom installation services. Whether you're looking for an interactive display solution for school projects or business presentations Contact us at and we have a solution that's right for you!

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