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The best interactive displays for your classrooms


Classroom interactive displays are a great way for students to get involved and have fun in the classroom. With these cool technology tools, students become more engaged and excited about their learning. They are also an excellent break from traditional lectures and can be used to demonstrate concepts from multiple perspectives. Interactive displays can be used in almost any subject. You could use them to make math games, map out problem-solving strategies, or make history come alive with virtual characters that respond to student questions. Here are the different types of interactive displays that will help you create an engaging classroom environment for your students.

Interactive Whiteboard
IQBoard interactive whiteboards that can be used to boost student engagement in the classroom. They are used to present images, videos, and other media onto a large screen. Students can interact with the whiteboard content, either by writing on the screen with a special stylus or by clicking on buttons to respond to questions. IQBoard interactive whiteboard is a powerful interactive display for teachers who want to show their students visuals to help them understand a concept. Whether you’re teaching math, science, or English, it is a great way to make information easier to understand. It can also be used to show videos that help explain more complex topics. 

Interactive Flat Panel
IQTouch interactive flat panel is a classic piece of classroom technology. It’s been one of the best-used tools in the education sector. Using IQTouch allows students to participate in discussions and write down key ideas they want to remember. These tactile displays make it easier to grasp complicated concepts, and they can be used to create visuals, diagrams, and charts that make information easier to understand. Students can draw pictures, write notes, and take quizzes on touch screen, making them an excellent resource for all ages. Interactive flat panels come in all shapes and sizes, with some being better than others for certain uses. You can buy large touch screens for use in classrooms or small touch screens with mobile stand that are suitable for presenting ideas or brainstorming sessions in smaller groups and stimulating team creativity.

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