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Get Ready for Your Next Smart Meeting: How to Optimize Your Video Conference Room


Businesses prefer to choose video conferencing more and more often instead of face-to-face meetings, due to their cost effectiveness and the added convenience of being able to hold them from your own office without having to travel. 

The researches show that video conferences can increase the participation and engagement of the group members. As a result, your conference room should be outfitted with versatile functionalities to make your next meeting successful. Whether you're hosting a department meeting, staff training, employee review, or launching new products, there are various options to help you select the best space for your needs. If you’re thinking about hosting your next smart meeting via video conference, it might be time to fully upgrade your video conferencing room.

Equip with large touch screen for collaborative meeting
IQTouch interactive displays make the information and presentation visualized to the team. The touchscreen is powered by dual systems, including Android 11.0 and Windows 10, allowing presenters to access rich resources, annotate freely, control volume, navigate video operation, take notes, and more. With the built-in camera, microphone arrays, and speakers, it empowers you to have a high-quality meeting. Whether working from home or in a conference room, prepare for your next meeting with IQTouch large touch screen to make your experience more efficient and collaborative. 

Update your conference room webcam 
If you're looking to update your video conference system, it is recommended to choose a room equipped with interactive displays. IQMeet Smart Conference Solution provides different types of video conference webcam options to upgrade your meeting environment. IQMeet Conference Camera provides 4K image quality and high-resolution video streaming with auto framing, voice tracking, and PTZ control functions, capturing the details of your presentation more efficiently than typical cameras. 

Start your video conference instantly
How to set up your video conferencing environment in the fastest way? Try an integrated camera with USB plug-and-play connection, which starts a video conference easily and instantly so you never have to stress by complicated hardware and wiring. IQMeet conference webcams produce higher quality and more stable videos. Plus, It is easier than ever to control the camera’s pan, tilt, zoom, and auto-tracking in real-time during the meeting.

Wireless screen sharing for team brainstorming
Wireless screen sharing is perfect to use when you need to share ideas on a large interactive display to stimulate team collaboration and brainstorming. When considering wireless technology, IQShare button makes it possible to share your personal screen with one tap of the button without network access. 

The benefits of a smart meeting room
The conference rooms with online video conferences can accommodate meetings of any size, which saves you the time and cost that would go into finding a space for a meeting. Besides, these rooms can be optimized to create an enhanced video conferencing experience with panoramic views, live video feeds of all participants, high-definition image and sound quality, and hands-free control options.


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