Exploring the 5 Cutting-edge Audiovisual Technologies of IQTouch HA1100 Pro-IQBoard
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Exploring the 5 Cutting-edge Audiovisual Technologies of IQTouch HA1100 Pro

Exploring the 5 Cutting-edge Audiovisual Technologies of IQTouch HA1100 Pro


We have to admit that we are creatures who prefer audio and video auxiliary materials for knowledge acquisition. A large amount of verbose text often makes people dull, but just a small animation or a piece of pure music to perfect multimedia materials can quickly light up our learning and work experience. The audio-visual experience cannot be separated from the support of audiovisual technology. If you want to know how top-notch audiovisual technologies are integrated and combined to play an influential role in a single LCD screen, then let's explore the charm of the five forward-looking audiovisual technologies of IQTouch HA1100 Pro together.

1.    48MP(AI)+13MP cameras that reproduce real-world technology

The high-end conference interactive display IQTouch HA1100 Pro has two built-in cameras. One is a 4K 48MP video conferencing camera, and the other is a 4K 13MP document camera.

1.1 48MP (AI) camera: Making virtual meetings more realistic

1.1.1  Voice tracking

Through the voice tracking function, the top camera of IQTouch HA1100 Pro can recognize the voices of speakers and automatically adjust the direction and focus of the camera based on the speaker's position. The camera can accurately track speakers and present their images in video conferences, providing a more focused and intimate communication experience.

1.1.2 Automatic framing

With the help of the automatic framing function, the camera can automatically adjust the field of view and frame of the camera based on the attendees' position, ensuring that each attendee can be seen. Regardless of the location of attendees in the conference room, the camera can automatically adjust the image to maintain the best video quality.

1.1.3 Ultra-clear image quality

The 48MP high-pixel camera can provide ultra-clear video quality, capturing more details and nuances. Attendees can enjoy a more transparent and more authentic video conference experience, feeling like face-to-face communication.

1.1.4 Adapt to different lighting conditions

The AI function enables the camera to automatically adjust exposure and white balance to adapt to other lighting conditions. Whether the conference room is a bright lobby or a dim room, the camera can automatically optimize the brightness and color of the image

1.2 13MP camera: Create more convenient document sharing

The 13MP camera is a lower resolution camera with 13 million pixels. Although the pixel count is low, it can still provide sufficient details and clarity, suitable for most everyday shooting needs. 13MP cameras are usually ideal for ordinary photography and video recording applications and can meet the basic needs of most users.

The 13MP lens is located at the bottom of the IQTouch HA1100 Pro and can be used for physical material shooting like paper documents. It has an autofocus function, as it can capture large formats such as A3 paper. This camera can process documents or scan QR codes, making it an integrated 4K file camera for content sharing.

2.    Eight array microphones provide crystal-clear sound

The eight microphone arrays of IQTouch HA1100 Pro support an 8-meter pickup range, echo cancellation, beamforming, and noise reduction.

2.1 Capturing sound over a wide range

The IQTouch HA1100 Pro supports an 8-meter voice reception range, ensuring clear and audible sound even in large video conference rooms. Multiple microphones and advanced audio processing technology help provide a better user experience.

2.2 Audio enhancement and optimization

The echo cancellation function eliminates possible echoes or feedback during conference calls. In contrast, the beamforming function focuses on the speaker's voice and reduces background noise. The noise reduction function helps to reduce environmental noise, making it easier for speakers or teachers in the classroom to hear their lectures during the conference.

3.    Optical bonding technology

Optical bonding technology can eliminate the air layer between the screen surface and the LCD screen, reducing the possibility of dust, particles, and reflections.

3.1 Improve readability

The screen of IQTouch HA1100 Pro adopts the latest optical bonding technology, achieving higher readability and dust-free clarity.

In terms of improving readability, the bonding technology can reduce the reflection and refraction inside the screen, so employees in meetings or students in classrooms can see the content on the screen more clearly and deepen their understanding of the information presented.

3.2 Expand visibility

At the same time, the IQTouch HA1100 Pro can achieve an actual 178 ° perspective and is a wide-angle panel. Wide-angle panels were initially developed to address the issue of small viewing angles in early LCDs, resulting in color loss and poor contrast and color performance when viewed at larger side angles. That can ensure everyone can see the screen, providing users with the ultimate visual experience.

4.    Anti-blue light technology

Long-term exposure to harmful blue light in LED backlights may cause eye fatigue and discomfort. The anti-blue light technology of IQTouch HA1100 Pro can reduce harmful blue light in LED backlights by up to 80%, effectively reducing potential damage to the eyes. That is particularly important for people who use LCD screens for a long time in environments such as schools and companies, as it can reduce eye fatigue and improve comfort and efficiency in work or study.

By extension, although anti-blue light technology reduces harmful blue light radiation, the IQTouch HA1100 Pro can still maintain the display's color accuracy and image quality. That means that in teaching and demonstration scenarios in schools and companies, users can still enjoy clear and vivid images and accurate color representation without worrying about the impact of anti-blue light technology on image quality.

5.    Multi-touch functionality to drive collaboration

Compared to low-performance ingle-touch, multi-touch functionality allows the screen to simultaneously recognize and respond to input from multiple touch points. A screen with multi-touch functionality enables various users to operate simultaneously on the screen, promoting collaboration and interaction. Moreover, the powerful HA1100 Pro supports split screens of up to 9 screens, enabling cooperation between multiple people for collaborative editing and content display.

5.1 Enhance teacher-student interaction

The multi-touch function can help students better participate in classroom interaction and improve learning efficiency. Teachers can also display teaching content on the screen, and students can operate on their own devices to achieve interactive learning.

5.2 Close commercial connections

In business meetings, the multi-touch function can help attendees better participate in conferences and improve meeting efficiency. Attendees can display their content on the screen, interact in real time, and achieve better conference results.


Through this article, we can discover the five outstanding audiovisual technologies of IQTouch HA1100 Pro from IQ. At the level of auditory enhancement technology, an eight-array microphone with a better sound reception effect was adopted. Regarding visual capture technology, it is equipped with dual 4K cameras. The screen's performance utilizes optical bonding technology and continuous eye protection against blue light. It has multi-touch functions that promote interactive cooperation in specific application scenarios. If you want to know furthermore about IQTouch HA1100 Pro, click here to contact us.


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