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Our History

From humble beginnings in 2006, Returnstar embarked on a journey that would see it evolve from a startup with big dreams into a multinational leader in educational technology. The founder Mr. Jack Denkins and his like-minded classmates, having experienced firsthand the limitations of conventional teaching methods, ignited a mutual passion for merging technology with education. They have decided to embark on a daring odyssey to redefine the learning environment.
The brand name IQ was created in the very beginning of Returnstar's journey. The word "IQ," embodying intelligence, smartness, and innovation, was meticulously chosen to resonate with educators and learners worldwide who sought to embrace technology-driven education.

The debut product under this banner, the IQBoard, was designed to be the embodiment of the company's vision - an interactive whiteboard that transformed traditional classrooms into dynamic hubs of engagement and collaboration. In 2008, after two years of testing in the domestic market, IQBoard started its presence in front of worldwide users. More than just a tool, the IQBoard represented a quantum leap in educational technology, merging the best of hardware and software to create an intuitive, user-friendly platform where ideas could flourish and knowledge could be shared effortlessly. As Returnstar's export value surpassed $10 million in 2010, it became evident that the world was ready for the transformative impact of its technology.
Embracing growth and change, Returnstar completed a significant share reform in 2012, strengthening its corporate structure and preparing for even greater heights. The establishment of its company headquarters in the Fuzhou Hi-Tech Park in 2014 symbolized a renewed commitment to research and development, positioning Returnstar at the heart of technological innovation.

Becoming a publicly listed company in 2016 was a testament to Returnstar's commercial success and its global influence. The accolade of being named a National Key Export Enterprise by China's Ministry of Commerce in 2018 further validated the company's efforts in contributing to the international education landscape.

Yet, Returnstar's journey did not stop there. With a keen eye on the future, the introduction of Q-NEX as a subsidiary brand marked a new chapter in Returnstar's story. Q-NEX was born out of the need for comprehensive campus management solutions that prioritize sustainability, energy efficiency, and seamless integration of technology. This addition to the Returnstar family reinforced the company's commitment to holistic educational transformation.

Today, Returnstar Technology, with IQ and Q-NEX, stands at the forefront of ed-tech innovation, backed by a team of over 100 professionals, 70% of whom are dedicated to R&D. Its focus on sustainable development, green technology, and user-centric design continues to drive its mission forward. Returnstar is not just about selling products; it's about empowering educators and learners with tools that inspire, educate, and ultimately contribute to a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Here is a detailed explanation of the responsibilities of the IQ and Q-NEX product lineups at Returnstar:

IQ Product Line

The IQ brand focuses on developing and providing high-quality educational technology products aimed at enhancing teaching effectiveness and student learning experiences. The main offerings of the IQ products include:
IQBoard: Developing and improving interactive whiteboards and associated software to provide a more intuitive and interactive classroom experience.
IQClass: Creating classroom management software to help teachers organize and manage classroom activities more effectively.
IQTouch: Designing and producing smart touch screens that integrate various teaching functions to promote interactive learning.
IQVideo: Offering daily-used lecture capture systems not only for class recording, but also live streaming to remote students for hybrid learning.
IQShare: Developing wireless presentation system that facilitate BYOD classroom and BYOM meetings.

Q-NEX Product Line

The Q-NEX brand is dedicated to providing campus management solutions that help schools and educational institutions achieve intelligent and sustainable operations. The main offerings of the Q-NEX products include:

Smart Campus Management Systems:

  • Developing integrated campus management platforms that include device management, resource scheduling, and environmental control functions.
  • Providing smart classroom solutions to support multimedia teaching, remote education, and classroom recording.

Energy Management:

  • Developing and implementing energy efficiency management systems to help schools optimize energy use and reduce operational costs.
  • Promoting green campus initiatives to support sustainable development goals.

Security Management:

  • Developing campus security management systems, including access control, video surveillance, and emergency response mechanisms.
  • Providing comprehensive security solutions to ensure the safety of students and staff and the stable operation of the campus.

Data Analysis and Decision Support:

  • Developing tools for data collection and analysis to help school administrators make data-driven decisions.
  • Offering real-time data monitoring and reporting functions to support campus operation optimization.

The IQ and Q-NEX product lines play crucial roles in their respective fields, collectively driving Returnstar's mission to transform education through technology. The IQ brand focuses on interactive teaching tools and resources within the classroom, while the Q-NEX brand is dedicated to intelligent management and sustainability across the entire campus. This division of labor not only strengthens the company's product lines but also ensures a comprehensive coverage of different user needs, maintaining a leading position in the global educational technology market.


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