Q-NEX Brief Introduction


Q-NEX is a new brand subordinated to Returnstar Interactive Technology Co.,Ltd, blessed by the endeavor of Returnstar IQ in serving various educational institutions in the worldwide in the past decade, has accumulated abundant experience in providing more comprehensive solutions to schools.


1. What is Q-NEX NMP?


NMP is short for Networked Media Processor, which is the core product of Q-NEX series. It is mainly designed for assisting school's IT admin to well manage various electronic facilities in a school, and freeing teachers from complicated operations of devices in a multimedia classroom.


What exactly it can do?


It has the features of


1) Device Control – to control devices like projector, projection screen, touch monitor, lights, air conditioner etc. in a classroom, through a desktop control panel, or web-based platform from anywhere with an Internet access.

2) Access Control - with a built-in electronic lock control module for door security, it allows authorized access to a lab/classroom, or filing cabinet by swiping an ID card. Also, the ID card could be used for activating the control panel, so that only the authorized person, like a teacher, can manipulate all facilities in a classroom.

3) AV Matrix Switch - to route audio and video signals from multiple input sources, such as document cameras, computers, mobile devices, cameras etc. to one or more display devices, like projector, TV, interactive flat panel.

4) Networked AV Distribution – with 4 Ethernet interfaces, NMP can work as a LAN switch. By connecting NMP to Q-NEX Media Server, from which it can receive streaming audios and videos. School IT admin can select streaming contents and schedule the broadcasting time for different classrooms. Besides it can also work as a digital school bell system with an independant audio channel.


2. Components of Q-NEX NMP


2-1  NMP series consisting of 2 models:


1) NMP-R 120 (Reduced)

– The main features of this model is to achieve local device control, access control, AV matrix switch etc. by a control panel, in the meantime, all the controls can also be through the web-based platform Q-NEX Console.


2) NMP-G 110 (General)

– Compared to NMP-R 120, except for including all the features in NMP-R 120, the particular of this general version is about the AV Distribution and Cloud Storage, which is featured by setting up a Q-NEX Media Server.


2-2  Differences in between the 2 models:

Model No.

NMP-R 120

NMP-G 110

Main Features

Local /Networked Control

1 * NMP 120

1 * NMP 110

1 * Control Panel

1 * Control Panel

1 * Wireless Mic

1 * Wireless Mic

AV Broadcasting & Cloud Storage

Not Supported

Supported (Q-NEX Media Server required*)

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