Why is the IFP technology better than projection technology?

Why is the IFP technology better than projection technology?


Collaboration is one of the most prominent words circulating within the digital display industry in recent years. More than ever before, almost all vertical markets attach great importance to the collaborative technology. Many companies prefer to research and marketing as the purpose of collaboration. Interactive flat panel is significantly different from interactive whiteboard and projector that previously dominated the education and business sectors.

Almost all vertical markets place greater emphasis on collaboration technology than ever before – interactive flat-panel displays used for collaboration purposes have become the forefront of many brands’ R&D and marketing budgets. Interactive flat panel displays are very different from the interactive whiteboard or projector technology that previously dominated the education and corporate markets.

Screen Quality
The screen quality of interactive flat panel is commonly far better than most projectors. Interactive flat panel not only has 4K ultra high definition and presents clear and clean image without light effect, but also more versatile than the average projector. Likewise, wide viewing angles make it possible for more participants to see the screen wherever they sit on the edge of the room.

Built-in Software
IQTouch interactive flat panel integrates a number of built-in software, like screen sharing, whiteboard software, and interactive education platform software. And IQTouch also provides the option of slot-in PC which supports abundant functions of Windows computer for your choice. 

Interactivity of Touchscreen 
Interactivity of touchscreen is mainly reason for people to get an interactive flat-panel smart board. Interactive flat panel, as its name implied, is interactive. And displays like the IQTouch 900 series provide an intuitive touchscreen surface to manipulate and annotate what you want to present on screen. IQTouch can make meetings and other digital gatherings more efficient and user-friendly. 

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