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7 Reasons to Choose IQTouch TE1200 Pro Interactive Flat Panel

7 Reasons to Choose IQTouch TE1200 Pro Interactive Flat Panel


Interactive flat panels have become essential tools for modern classrooms and collaborative workspaces. The IQTouch TE1200 Pro stands out as an excellent choice for various reasons. Here are seven compelling reasons why I suggest the IQTouch TE1200 Pro with you.


1. Immersive Learning Experience

IQTouch TE1200Pro features 40-point touch recognition, offering built-in Android 12 OS and optional Windows systems with OPS. Under the Android system, it provides whiteboard app for annotation and a wireless sharing system to synchronize the teacher's computer content onto IQTouch TE1200 Pro for students to see. Additionally, there are various teaching tools such as attendance tracking, countdown timers, and more. For the Windows system, teachers can use it like a laptop, and it comes pre-installed with IQKitsmemos, an interactive tool providing rich teaching and interactive resources, which makes it easier for teachers to prepare the courses.

2. High-Quality Display

The IQTouch TE1200 Pro features zero+ bonding, ensuring that the distance between the LCD panel and glass of the interactive flat panel is only within the range of 0-1mm. Possessing zero+ bonding technology signifies that the IQTouch TE1200 Pro can deliver superior display and writing effects, along with a broader viewing angle, resulting in an enhanced display experience.

Featuring a high-resolution display, the IQTouch TE1200 Pro delivers crisp and clear visuals. Whether you're showcasing presentations, videos, or interactive content, the panel ensures a vibrant and detailed viewing experience.

3. Intuitive Touch Controls

The interactive flat panel is equipped with intuitive touch controls, making it user-friendly for both educators and students. The responsive touch interface allows for smooth navigation and interactive participation during lessons.

4. Collaborative Learning

IQTouch TE1200Pro is equipped with a 4K camera, microphone, and speakers, allowing us to instantly initiate online meetings on the TE1200 Pro. Additionally, the AI auto-tracking camera of IQTouch TE1200 Pro supports gesture recognition. This enables us to seamlessly switch camera tracking modes with specific gestures, significantly enhancing the operational experience during online meetings.

Encourage collaborative learning with the IQTouch TE1200 Pro. Its interactive features enable multiple users to work on the same screen simultaneously. This fosters teamwork, idea sharing, and a dynamic learning environment.


5. Versatile Connectivity

TE1200 Pro boasts a rich array of interfaces, such as HDMI input for linking to the teacher's computer, enabling the display of computer content on the TE1200 Pro. The HDMI output supports showcasing the TE1200 Pro's content on connected devices, including lecture capture systems, for recording all TE1200 Pro operations, whether in Android or Windows interfaces. Additionally, the TE1200 Pro features common USB ports, Type-C ports, and audio ports. The panel provides versatile connectivity options, facilitating seamless integration with diverse devices. Whether connecting laptops, tablets, or other multimedia sources, the IQTouch TE1200 Pro ensures compatibility and flexibility in educational resources.

6. Interactive Software Compatibility

IQTouch TE1200 Pro, with its Android and Windows operating systems, offers support for a wide range of software applications available on both platforms. This includes popular online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Skype. Additionally, it is compatible with interactive teaching software like IQKitsmemos, facilitating teachers in preparing course materials. Furthermore, the TE1200 Pro supports IQJoinMemos, a software designed for annotating during online meetings, enhancing collaboration and brainstorming during conferences.


This interactive display not only caters to the needs of online meetings but also provides a versatile tool for educators to create dynamic and tailored content for interactive lessons, enriching the learning experience for students.

7. Durable and Reliable

Built with durability in mind, the IQTouch TE1200 Pro is a reliable investment for educational institutions. Its robust design ensures longevity, and the panel is equipped to withstand the demands of daily classroom use.


8. Accessories for enhancing the experience for TE1200 Pro

When considering accessories to complement your TE1200 Pro, it's advisable to explore a range of options that can enhance your overall experience. Here are some recommended accessories:


8.1 IQSmartPen

IQSmartPen boasts compatibility with both Android and Windows systems simultaneously. It seamlessly integrates with the TE1200 Pro, offering functionalities such as navigating PowerPoint slides, toggling annotation mode with a single key, capturing screenshots, acting as a wireless remote mouse when roaming within the classroom, and employing a magnifying glass for teachers to emphasize points effectively. This innovative pen enhances TE1200 Pro usage by delivering precise input, ensuring a seamless note-taking and drawing experience. Its intelligent features contribute to a harmonious integration with the TE1200 Pro, resulting in an enriched and efficient writing experience for users.

8.2 Soundbar

To enrich your audiovisual experience, a high-quality soundbar is a great addition. Connecting the  IQSoundbar SA200 to your TE1200 Pro can greatly enhance the audio performance for your classroom or meeting room and transform your workspace into a multimedia hub. Enjoy crisp and immersive audio while watching presentations, videos, or engaging in virtual meetings. This accessory is especially beneficial for those who prioritize audio clarity and an enhanced viewing experience.


8.3 IQShare Dongle

The IQShare dongle features three interfacesHDMI, USB, and Type-Cmaking it compatible with commonly used laptops in the market, whether they run on Windows or iOS. This versatile dongle allows for one-button sharing from a laptop to the TE1200 Pro. Notably, the HDMI and Type-C dongles integrate a groundbreaking BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) functionality. This innovation eliminates the need for additional equipment like cameras when teachers engage in online meetings. Simply using the IQShare HDMI/Type-C dongle effortlessly activates the TE1200 Pro's camera.


Elevate connectivity and collaboration by incorporating the IQShare dongle. This compact device streamlines the process of sharing screens and projecting content seamlessly. Whether you find yourself in a professional meeting or a classroom environment, the IQShare dongle transforms your TE1200 Pro into a versatile tool for effortlessly sharing ideas and presentations. Its compatibility and user-friendly features establish it as an indispensable accessory for collaborative work environments.


By incorporating these accessories into your TE1200 Pro setup, you can optimize its functionality across various scenarios, from productivity tasks to multimedia consumption and collaborative work. Each accessory serves a specific purpose, contributing to an integrated and efficient user experience.


9. Conclusion

In conclusion, the IQTouch TE1200 Pro interactive flat panel offers a comprehensive solution for modern educational environments. Its combination of advanced features, user-friendly interface, and durability makes it a top choice for enhancing the learning and teaching experience.


Consider the IQTouch TE1200 Pro for a transformative and collaborative approach to education and freely contact us to know more information.


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