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Enhancing Digital Education with IQTouch HA1100 Pro for Virtual Laboratory

Enhancing Digital Education with IQTouch HA1100 Pro for Virtual Laboratory


With the continuous evolution of technology, virtual simulation laboratories have injected new vitality into university teaching. The perfect operation of virtual experiments is not just about having a fully functional application software; it also requires high-performance intelligent devices to support it. Today, we will discuss with you in this article the role of versatile IQTouch HA1100 Pro in promoting virtual laboratories in digital teaching practices.

1. Classic cases of virtual laboratories: Exploring successful examples

As a practical platform for virtual experiments, ChemCollect is an online chemistry learning platform that provides interactive and simulated experiments, aiming to help students explore chemical concepts and solve chemical problems through practice.

1.1 Plentiful virtual experimental resources

ChemCollect also provides learning resources and assessment tools to help students improve their experimental skills and mastery of chemistry knowledge. For example, a series of simulated chemistry experiments were provided, including organic and inorganic ones. Students can conduct practical operations, observe reaction processes, and learn chemical principles and experimental skills through virtual laboratories.

1.2 Verified effective practices

Research has shown that virtual chemistry laboratories can improve students' experimental skills, knowledge understanding, and experimental design abilities.

Students can conduct experimental operations in virtual laboratories, observe reaction processes, and deepen their understanding of chemical principles through experiments and simulations.

2. The educational principle for virtual approaches in practical learning

The cognitive load theory points out that cognitive load in the learning process is divided into fixed, variable, and external cognitive load. Virtual laboratories can alleviate students' fixed cognitive burden by providing a safe learning environment and immediate feedback. In this way, students can focus more attention and mental resources on understanding and applying learning tasks, thereby improving learning outcomes.

3. The three key advantages of virtual laboratories

In this section, we will summarize the three significant effects of virtual laboratories on students' mastery of principles and improvement of hands-on abilities.

3.1 Experimental simulation of interactivity

Interactive touch panels can enhance virtual laboratory environments and simulate real experimental scenarios.

3.1.1 Experimental process approaching the real

Through multimedia elements such as images, animations, and videos, Interactive touch panels can simulate the physical environment, chemical reactions, biological processes, and more during the experimental procedure. Students can interact with each other by touching the screen, such as controlling instruments, adjusting parameters, and triggering practical steps.

3.1.2 Progress in review

After the experiment, students can analyze the changes and trends during the investigation by observing the data, charts, images, etc., displayed on the Interactive touch panel. They can learn to interpret data, extract information, identify patterns, and conduct data analysis and conclusion summary after the experiment. This interactive operation can help students better understand the changes and principles during the experimental process and increase their participation and interest.

3.2 Security and cost-effectiveness

Virtual laboratories based on interactive touch panels can provide a safer experimental environment. Some experiments may involve hazardous substances, high temperatures, or pressures, and using virtual laboratories can avoid potential risks.

In addition, virtual laboratories can also save the cost of experimental materials and equipment and reduce the consumption of laboratory resources.

3.3 Repeatability and self-directed learning

Virtual laboratories also encourage students to engage in self-directed learning, allowing them to conduct experimental operations and explorations according to their own pace and interests.

The Interactive touch panel laboratory allows students to repeatedly perform experimental operations, change parameters and conditions, and observe different results. This repeatable experimental design can help students better understand the practical principles and influencing factors.

4. Enhancing virtual laboratories with the best intelligent assistance tool: IQTouch HA1100 Pro

The intelligent IQTouch HA1100 Pro injects new vitality into virtual laboratories with its outstanding performance and functionality.

4.1 40 Point touch promotes collaborative experiments among multiple people

40 touch technology means the screen can simultaneously recognize and respond to up to 40 touch points. This technology can support numerous users conducting experimental operations in virtual laboratories, making cooperative learning possible. Multi-touch can also provide more operation options and a richer interactive experience, allowing students to interact with the virtual experimental environment more freely and flexibly.

4.2 Windows Ink keeps experimental data results organized

Windows Ink is a feature in the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Windows Ink embedded in IQTouch HA1100 Pro can be used to support stylus input and drawing. In a virtual laboratory.

In this way, students can use digital pens such as IQ Smart Pen SP200 to perform handwriting input, draw graphics, and mark experimental results on the screen. Windows Ink provides a more natural and intuitive writing and drawing experience, making it easier for students to record experiments and analyze data.

4.3 Infrared ultra-fine touch creates a sophisticated experimental environment

Infrared ultra-fine touch technology can provide high-precision touch detection and positioning capabilities. This technology can ensure accurate screen response to touch input in virtual laboratories, enabling students to conduct more precise experimental operations and data exploration. High-precision touch can enhance student interaction and the virtual experimental environment, providing more accurate and detailed operation control.

4.4 Optical bonding enhances the simulation of virtual experiments

The IQTouch HA1100 Pro adopts optical bonding technology to reduce the air gap between the screen surface and touch layer, reduce light refraction and scattering, and thus improve the readability and clarity of the display screen. Optical bonding technology is used to tightly bond touch screens and display glass to improve display performance and touch response. The display screen of IQTouch HA1100 Pro, based on optical bonding technology, can reduce reflection and refraction, providing better visual clarity and touch accuracy. This technology can provide a clearer and more realistic virtual experimental environment in virtual laboratories, enabling students to observe and analyze experimental results more accurately.

4.5 Shared experimental results with 178 ° view angle

The combination of optical fitting technology and an actual 178 ° viewing angle ensures that students can see the content on the screen no matter which angle they sit at.

Many students in the virtual laboratory can simultaneously observe the experimental steps, data results, and charts on the screen. The true 178 ° perspective ensures that every student can have the same visual experience, improving the effectiveness of information transmission and sharing.


Overall, the advanced touch technologies and features of IQTouch HA1100 Pro, including 40-point touch, gesture recognition, and optical bonding, provide a richer, more intuitive, and more accurate operating and interactive experience in virtual laboratories. If you want to enhance the functionality and effectiveness of virtual laboratories in your campus or teaching practice, you can click here to contact us, providing students with more free and accurate experimental operations, drawing graphics, and executing command experiences.

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