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Top 10 Reasons Why Teachers Embrace the Lecture Capture System

Top 10 Reasons Why Teachers Embrace the Lecture Capture System


Lecture capture technology is a powerful educational tool. It goes beyond the physical boundaries of the school. It allows learning activities not limited to a specific time and space. With a lecture capture system like advanced LCS710 or LCS910, every interaction in the classroom, every question explored, and every piece of knowledge transmitted is precisely and vividly captured. It can subsequently be watched and learned repeatedly by anyone, anywhere. In this article, we will explore the top 10 reasons why teachers choose Lecture Capture System.

1. Enhance classroom accessibility for absent students

As a teacher, I like a class with a high sitting rate. That means that his teaching is attractive and practical and reflects his authority as a teacher. But, the problem of student absence is not a problem that can be solved in a lasting way. While some delinquent students' absences are due to deliberate absenteeism, they miss essential explanations and discussions when some students cannot attend class due to illness or other emergencies. Without recording systems, it is difficult for teachers to provide alternative learning resources of the same quality.

Fortunately, the Lecture Capture System allows students who miss class due to illness or other reasons to catch up on what they miss. The Lecture Capture System takes care of the needs of every student, respects their situation, and strives to leave no one behind.

In addition, the LCS710 and LCS 910 are compatible with the RTMP/RTMPS streaming protocol. Easily livestream lessons to YouTube and Facebook. It ensures that every student, regardless of their difficulties, can continue their studies without being deterred by unexpected challenges.

2. Strengthen students' review and enhance efficiency

We know that learning doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and practice. Through the Lecture Capture System, students can listen to the lecture again and revisit difficult points and key concepts. This autonomous review opportunity significantly strengthens the depth and breadth of learning. It not only promotes the absorption of knowledge, but more importantly, it reinforces students' understanding and enables them to internalize knowledge and translate it into their own thoughts and skills.

Without a recorded class, students cannot revisit the course content at their own pace, which is an obvious shortcoming for students needing extra time to digest the information. The lecture capture system allows students to re-watch lectures at their own pace, especially for complex and profound subjects.

3. Improve learning flexibility

Students can work independently by recording the lecture, pausing, and re-watching challenging parts. The lecture content stored in the cloud of the lecture capture system is like an open library, ready for them to review and refer to deepen their understanding and consolidate their memory. That is a kind of democratization of educational resources so that knowledge acquisition is no longer limited by time and space, and anyone eager to learn can access high-quality educational content anytime.

4. Enhance students' participation in class

In the past, students had to spend more time taking notes, which reduced the opportunities for in-depth discussion and interaction between teachers and students in class. Whereas now, teachers can use the lecture capture system to flip the classroom, using class viewing as homework before the formal class and using class time for interactive activities. In this new teaching mode, students can watch classroom videos outside the standard class time to release the time spent writing notes.

In this way, students enter the class with knowledge and preparation of the material in advance, and their minds are trained in the actual classroom interaction. We use class time for in-depth discussion, group work, problem-solving, and other forms of active learning. This not only deepened students' understanding of the subject content but, more importantly, cultivated their critical thinking ability, cooperative spirit, and the habit of self-learning.

5. Support diverse learning styles

Education is about transmitting knowledge and triggering thinking, stimulating interest, and cultivating problem-solving skills. The lecture capture technology strengthens the interactivity and intuitiveness in the teaching process, making the teaching no longer limited to the description of words and languages but more vivid and specific. Both visual and auditory learners benefit significantly by being able to watch and hear the lecture multiple times.

6. Promote learning as supplementary materials

High-performance LCS710, equipped with a dual-camera system and automatic tracking technology, represents a leap in teaching methods. This advanced equipment can reduce a lot of manual operations, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching, it can capture the interaction between students and teachers in the classroom and record precious moments. It switches freely between panoramic and close-up, ensuring that neither remote students, future teachers, nor students reviewing the class will miss critical learning moments. Recorded lectures can be used as additional learning resources to supplement reading materials and other courses.

7. Promote the development of lecturers' teaching skills

The LCS710 has two excellent 8.4-megapixel cameras that capture different scenes in the classroom with perfect clarity. Even more impressive, it comes with auto-tracking technology. Whether the teacher is walking around the classroom lectern, doing annotation on the blackboard, or doing some demonstrations, these movement will all be tracked and captured. It can better capture the teacher’s facial expressions to ensure that you will not miss any key lecture moment.

For teachers, they can review their lectures to improve their teaching skills and presentation skills. Teachers can review their lectures to analyze the effectiveness of their teaching methods and identify improvement areas. In addition, they can also share their lectures and communicate with their peers, thus continuously improving the quality of teaching.

At the same time, the lecture capture system also provides teachers with a valuable opportunity for self-reflection, a tool for self-reflection and professional development. By reviewing their lectures, teachers can observe and improve their teaching strategies and presentation skills, which is beneficial for personal and professional development. Every lecture is an opportunity for self-improvement, and every video is a basis for progress.

8. High-capacity storage

In the prosperous course of education, we pursue the continuity of knowledge and the eternity of progress. The cloud storage solution provided by the IQ Lecture Capture System is a modern tool to realize this idea. Each capture of a class lecture, each conversation recording, is no longer a fleeting moment but a material that can be reviewed and studied repeatedly. The IQ Lecture Capture System has standard 1T storage for recorded courses, which can store approximately around one month course, also it's available for storage expansion to 2T, 4T, and more. IQVideo Lecture Capture System provides a valuable knowledge base, which can be used for immediate learning needs and future educational practice.

9. Promote the development of distance education

The Lecture Capture System reinforces our educational reach on campus and, more importantly, demonstrates our commitment to equal opportunity in education. Everyone, regardless of location, socioeconomic status, or personal living conditions, should have access to educational resources of similar quality. With the help of the power of the Lecture Capture System, the height of distance education is no longer a distant ideal.

10. Easy to operate

IQ Lecture Capture System can give teachers a user-friendly operation experience, one-click recording, and OTA update, making recording and software optimization a breeze. In addition, the camera of the IQ lecture capture system supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), which provides a more convenient installation and use experience for teachers. You can eliminate the tedious power harness by connecting your camera to the network and enjoying its excellent features. Of course, teachers can also easily create personalized lecture videos on the Video Station. For example, add the video's class title, teaching time, course content outline, and OSD Settings.

Final thoughts

IQ Lecture Capture System provides the classroom with an advanced recording system capable of live streaming the classroom to remote students and streaming to other classrooms within an educational institution.

In this way, freedom and democracy in education are achieved. Each student can choose the learning content according to their own pace and interest, and the role of the teacher has changed from a superficial knowledge transmitter to a guide and a companion. You can click here to contact us to help students build a bridge to high-efficiency learning and cultivate their problem-solving abilities.

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A Comprehensive Solution Selection Guide to Empowering Your BYOM Experience

A Comprehensive Solution Selection Guide to Empowering Your BYOM Experience


When the meeting room was still surrounded by dull walls and the same sound, BYOM Solution quietly entered the business world. It brings a bit of extraordinary brilliance to business communication. Imagine walking into a conference room with your device and transforming your small private workstation into a vibrant group discussion center with just a few taps without tedious front-setup. That's the magic of powerful IQ BYOM Solutions. This article will delve into best practices for choosing BYOM Solutions and focus on IQ BYOM Solutions' guide to enhancing the BYOM experience.

1.     Determine the meeting type

As we explore the borderless world of communication, we should realize that every conversation has its own unique language and rhythm. For example, mixed-type meetings may require a more flexible solution to accommodate internal team collaboration and formal customer communication. Therefore, we must ensure that our tools and solutions provide a suitable platform for every kind of communication to flow smoothly.

2.    Define meeting frequency

Resource optimization is a prerequisite for choosing a BYOM solution. The more frequently meetings are held, the greater the need for efficient and easy-to-operate systems to reduce preparation time and avoid interference from technical issues. For occasional significant events, temporary technical support or equipment rental may be required, allowing for a more rational budget allocation without long-term investment.

3.    Consider technical compatibility

We aim to create a seamlessly integrated ecosystem where each component coexists in harmony with the others, just as each instrument in an orchestra plays a coordinated movement together. Technical compatibility is not only about the integration of software. It is about creating a frictionless user experience that allows them to focus on work rather than technical issues.

3.1 Compatible with multiple video conferencing software

First, we want to ensure that the selected BYOM solution is compatible with existing enterprise software, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. A nd is the foundation for providing a coherent user experience. Your team must already have these tools embedded in their workflows. Hence, a seamless alignment with these services is vital to ensuring the adoption and success of our solutions.

Suppose BYOM solution can seamlessly integrate into the environment that employees are already familiar with. In that case, it can reduce the learning curve for employees.

3.2 Connecting the world in a broader sense

Moreover, cross-platform compatibility considerations are a commitment to openness. The boundaries between work and collaboration have blurred in today's internet-connected world. Our customers and their partners may be located in different parts of the world, using other systems and tools. A BYOM solution that works across platforms is forward-thinking and built on compatibility and commonality, breaking down barriers and bringing people together.

4.    Consider integration and compatibility

Seamless integration with your existing tools and platforms is crucial. The IQ BYOM solutions are designed to be compatible with popular Video Conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and more. That ensures you can adopt these solutions without completely overhauling your current system.

5.    Focusing on the user experience

The user experience should be at the heart of your BYOM solution selection. Products like the IQShare Button Gen2 and IQTouch HA1100 Pro show how user interaction can be intuitive and straightforward. The less time your team spends setting up, the more time they can spend on productive collaboration.

6.    Consider networking and security

Network and security are key considerations when choosing a Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) solution. Video conferencing requires a high-speed and stable network connection to ensure the real-time transmission of audio and video data streams, which is the basis to ensure the smooth progress of the conference. High-definition video conferencing, in particular, requires higher bandwidth and lower latency. Therefore, evaluating and upgrading network infrastructure to support these requirements is essential. And, with more and more sensitive information being shared via video conferencing, IT must ensure that the BYOM solution you choose meets your company's IT security standards and data protection policies.

7.    BYOM Solution best practices with future scalability

Given that a company's IT environment constantly evolves as technology changes, the ease with which BYOM Solution can be scaled or upgraded is a pivotal factor to consider. Based on observing a combination of factors, we found that IQ BYOM Solution is a solution that can adapt to new technologies and changes in future working patterns. They are a collection of technologies and testimony to the common pursuit of efficiency and aesthetics.

7.1 Adapt to different types of meeting rooms

The IQ BYOM Solution in a small meeting room can combine devices like IQShare WP40, IQShare Button Gen2, and IQMeet HY200. In contrast, for an ample meeting space, IQ offers a combination of IQShare WP40, IQShare Button Gen2, and IQMeet AVS200 because the AVS200 can accommodate a larger space for more precise communication.

7.2 Benefits of conference rooms

The IQMeet AVS200 features a nuanced speech pickup system that captures nuance in the room and acts like an attentive listener, looking for those overlooked voices in a well-organized meeting. On the other hand, the IQMeet HY200's auto-view camera works like a documentary photographer, striving to capture those naturally occurring, unrehearsed moments in the meeting. It not only records the surface image but also captures the emotion and participation of the participants so that the remote audience can also feel the atmosphere of the meeting.

8.    Implementation and testing

Before deciding to purchase and deploy the right BYOM Solution, we must conduct a pilot project to evaluate the Solution's performance in a real-world BYOM Solution environment. At this stage, every button click, and every interface swipe by employees is not just a test of functionality but a harbinger of how things will work. In implementing the BYOM Solution, employees' opinions and feedback are valuable reports. Therefore, it is essential to obtain extensive employee feedback on their acceptance and experience of the new system.

Final thoughts

Like O Henry's characters, everyone has a story to tell. And IQ BYOM Solutions offers products to make everyone's story heard and understood. The versatile IQ BYOM Solutions always provides the most suitable product combination, whether for a small seminar room or a spacious board room. If you want to learn more about intelligent enterprise solutions or video conferencing tools, you can contact us here.

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Maximize Workplace Efficiency: Leverage IQ BYOM Solutions for Dynamic Team Performance

Maximize Workplace Efficiency: Leverage IQ BYOM Solutions for Dynamic Team Performance


Both employees and business leaders are disgusted by rigid work environments. Fortunately, BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) is a kind of working mode that says no to solidification and actively embraces the flexibility of the working environment and working mode. Although BYOM has a short history compared to BYOD, I believe that in 2024, more organizations will encourage BYOM. In this article, we'll explore BYOM from multiple perspectives. Based on all kinds of analysis, we will finally recommend the omnipotent IQ BYOM Solutions according to your specific needs.

1.    The background of BYOM

BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) is a concept created in response to changes in the modern way of working, intending to improve meeting efficiency, engagement, and cost-effectiveness. It covers technical, social, economic, cultural, and other aspects.

1.1 Remote work trends

Advances in the Internet and mobile technology have made remote working more common. As businesses seek to provide effective communication solutions for employees working anywhere, BYOM offers a flexible approach to seamless meeting participation.

1.2 Complexity of the IT environment

Advances in technology have made enterprise IT environments increasingly complex. BYOM allows employees to use devices and software they are familiar with, simplifying conference room technology, reducing the burden of IT support, and increasing productivity.

1.3 Cost-effectiveness

BYOM saves businesses money by leveraging employees' devices rather than investing in dedicated conference room technology. This approach reduces hardware expenses, optimizes resource allocation, and makes meetings more efficient.

1.4 Impact of the pandemic

COVID-19 has long passed, but there is no denying that the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote and hybrid working models. In this context, many companies must quickly adapt to virtual meetings, indirectly leading to an increasing demand for solutions supporting remote collaboration and BYOM.

1.5 Green office and sustainable development

The primary goal of a business is to make a profit. However, environmental protection and sustainable development have become global concerns. BYOM aligns itself with the concept of the green office by reducing reliance on dedicated hardware, minimizing e-waste, and promoting sustainable practices.

2.    Advantages of BYOM for different roles

BYOM has unique advantages for hardworking employees, organizations that are collaborative aggregators, IT staff who specialize in solving technical problems, and owners or senior management leaders of organizations or businesses.

2.1 Give employees flexibility and coordination

According to the survey, 80% of employees use personal devices in the workplace, and 49% of users believe they are more productive using their own devices.

BYOM empowers employees with a personalized meeting experience, the flexibility of technology, and the ability to use devices and platforms they are familiar with. Resulting in increased satisfaction and productivity. And it can reduce the learning cost of employees using complex equipment.

2.2 Improve leaders' organizational management ability

BYOM makes it easier for leaders to organize and manage meetings across geographic teams. At the same time, in terms of team organization and management, it can also improve the efficiency and effect of team communication.

2.3 Improve the work efficiency of IT administrator

BYOM requires diverse technologies and platforms to support IT, reduce the workload of IT staff and improve problem-solving efficiency.

2.4 Reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises and organizations

BYOM reduces the reliance on specific meeting equipment, which not only increases employee flexibility but also reduces equipment investment and maintenance costs for businesses and organizations. Organizations can improve their ability to work and collaborate remotely by supporting various meeting tools and platforms.

3.    Best Practice of BYOM Solutions: IQ BYOM Solutions

IQ BYOM Solutions is a system designed to enhance wireless collaboration in meeting rooms and classrooms.

3.1 Two IQ wireless transmission star products

The combination of IQShare WP40 and IQShare Button Gen2 makes for a great BYOM experience.

3.1.1 Driving collaboration with IQShare WP40

The IQShare WP40 is a wireless presentation device that supports 4K screen sharing, supports two-way touch control, and enables direct on-screen manipulation of laptop content. The IQShare WP40 is suitable for meeting room environments where screen content needs to be shared, allowing attendees to easily share their screens to the main display and facilitating team collaboration. Through wireless connection, there is no need to connect complex cables, support multi-person sharing and team cooperation mode, and have a moderator mode. You can control the sharing of meeting content.

3.1.2 Enhancing efficiency with IQShare Button Gen2

This compact device simplifies the process of screen sharing with the click of a button without the need to install any apps or network. Perfect for quick meeting setup and impromptu discussions, users can quickly share screens with others without delays due to technical issues. The plug-and-play design makes it very friendly to all participants, especially those who are not familiar with technology.

3.2 3-in-1 design to create immersive video conferencing

The IQMeet HY200 features a unique 3-in-1 design that integrates a 4K camera, microphone, and speaker with automatic imaging and sound-tracking capabilities. The advanced IQMeet HY200 is suitable for professional meeting rooms that require high-definition video and clear audio, especially in remote conferencing and collaboration scenarios.

Suppose you must deploy BYOM Solutions in your small or medium-sized conference room. In that case, I highly recommend using the IQMeet HY200 in combination with the intelligent IQShare WP40 and high-performance IQShare Button Gen2. The advantage of the IQMeet HY200 is its automatic imaging and voice tracking capabilities, which can ensure that everyone in the small to medium sized conference room can be seen and heard, improving the quality of remote meetings. Moreover, the 6-meter pickup range and built-in speakers suit small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

3.3 Unique advantages of IQ BYOM Solutions

IQ BYOM Solutions' devices are designed to be compatible with each other, ensuring that users can easily sync their laptops with the AV system in the meeting room. It not only simplifies the startup process of the meeting so that participants can focus on the content of the meeting, not need to conside the complex equipment setup and regulation. During the conference, IQ BYOM Solutions makes it seem like remote attendees are physically present at the meeting by providing high-definition video and clear audio.

IQ BYOM Solutions offers cost-effective solutions that reduce the need for you to purchase separate high-end equipment. In addition, you can choose the right combination of equipment based on the size of the room and the type of meeting, resulting in a customized meeting experience.


In this article, we've looked at the benefits of BYOM. In 2024, the BYOM technology will also be further optimized and improved with the deepening and development of intelligent technologies. In addition, if you want to work in a highly flexible work environment, click here to contact us and to find out more about IQ BYOM Solutions.

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Beyond Borders: Interactive Flat Panels in the Educational Revolution

Beyond Borders: Interactive Flat Panels in the Educational Revolution


Exploring a New Era of Engagement, Integration, and Flexibility

Experience the future of education with Interactive Flat Panels (IFPDs) such as the IQTouch Interactive Display. This article delves into the transformative impact of IFPDs, with a focus on the advanced IQTouch TE1200 PRO, and how these interactive tools are reshaping classrooms to provide dynamic and engaging learning experiences.

1. Introduction

Interactive Flat Panels(IFPDs) like the IQTouch Interactive Display are changing traditional teaching methods. They promise to revolutionize the learning experience by increasing engagement and interaction. The IQTouch Interactive Display is an innovative example of this technology.

1.1 Brief Overview of Traditional Teaching Methods

Traditional teaching methods rely on tools like blackboards and whiteboards to disseminate information. These methods create a structured but passive learning environment, with a unidirectional flow of information from teacher to student.

1.2 Introduction to Interactive Flat Panels (IFPDs)

Interactive Flat Panels(IFPDs) represent a transformative shift in educational technology, offering a more interactive and engaging learning experience. These devices integrate touch-sensitive displays with computer technology, allowing educators and students to interact with digital content in real-time. Flat Panels(IFPDs) make the learning process dynamic, moving away from the static constraints of traditional teaching tools.

1.2.1 IQTouch Interactive Display

The IQTouch Interactive Display is a notable player in the IFPD arena from, adding an extra layer of innovation to this paradigm shift. The IQTouch Interactive Display is known for its advanced features and user-friendly interface. It enhances the interactive learning experience and contributes to the evolution of traditional classrooms into engaging hubs of education.

The integration of Interactive Flat Panels into classrooms, including standout options like the IQTouch Interactive Display, holds the potential to revolutionize the learning experience. These technologies are set to redefine teaching practices and elevate the overall educational environment by promoting engagement, fostering interaction, and enabling a personalized approach to education. This article will explore the transformative impact of IFPDs, with a particular emphasis on the contribution of IQTouch Interactive Display to this educational evolution.

2. Understanding Interactive Flat Panels

As we explore interactive Flat Panels, such as the IQTOUCHTE1200 PRO, we will examine their defining components and technology. These advanced learning tools distinguish themselves from traditional teaching aids, opening new frontiers for interactive and engaging educational experiences.

2.1 Definition and Components of Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs) are touch-sensitive screens that facilitate user interaction with digital content. They are designed for various applications, including education, collaboration, and multimedia presentations. Interactive Flat Panels mostly has its own Android System and can go with optional Windows System. Interactive Flat Panels supports multi-touch recognition. The touch-sensitive surface allows users to intuitively control and manipulate digital content through gestures, fostering an engaging and dynamic educational environment.

2.2 Overview of the Technology Behind IFPDs

The IQTouch TE1200 PRO's Android 12 and IQ OS V5.0 enable the use of cutting-edge technology in IFPDs. These IFPDs use touch technology such as infrared sensors, electromagnetic fields, and other touch-sensitive mechanisms to detect touch or pen input on the board. The input is then translated into digital information displayed on the screen. Integrating advanced technology with educational software enhances the interactive capabilities of IFPDs, providing a versatile platform for teaching and learning. The IQTouch TE1200 PRO has a high-performance CPU and ample storage, contributing to a smooth, user-friendly interface that ensures an optimal learning experience.

2.3 Comparison with Traditional Blackboards and Whiteboards

The IQTouch TE1200 PRO and similar IFPDs mark a significant advancement in functionality and versatility, contrasting starkly with conventional blackboards and whiteboards. IFPDs enable real-time manipulation of digital content, unlike traditional boards that limit interaction to manual writing and drawing. The IQTouch TE1200 PRO offers users the potential for effortless multitasking during meetings and presentations with its Android 12 capabilities. The board's high-precision touch frames, ZERO+ bonding technology, and support for up to 40-point touch control and 20-point writing capabilities guarantee unparalleled touch accuracy.

3. Advantages of Interactive Flat Panels

Interactive Flat Panels have many advantages, including enhanced interaction and dynamic lesson delivery. The IQTouch TE1200 PRO is an advanced model that exemplifies these benefits, reshaping the educational experience.

3.1 Enhancing Classroom Interaction

We will now focus on how Interactive Flat Panels enhance classroom interaction. These innovative tools foster collaborative learning and engagement.

3.1.1 Real-time Collaboration Between Students and Teachers

The IQTouch TE1200 PRO is an advanced model of Interactive Flat Panels that enables multiple users to engage simultaneously. Educators use interactive Flat Panels to engage students in active discussions, collaborative problem-solving, and group activities, promoting shared learning and participation.

3.1.2 Increased Student Participation and Engagement

The IQTouch TE1200 PRO's innovative features capture students' attention, minimize distractions, and intensify focus. This engagement encourages students to participate in lessons, ask questions, and contribute to class activities. It creates a dynamic classroom environment.

3.2 Multimedia Integration

Now, let's explore the world of multimedia integration. Interactive Flat Panels blend various media elements to elevate the learning experience.

3.2.1 Incorporating Videos, Images, and Interactive Simulations

IFPDs, like the IQTouch TE1200 PRO, enable educators to easily incorporate multimedia elements into lessons. The TE1200 PRO's advanced features make it easy to include educational videos, colorful images, and interactive simulations, providing students with a rich and multi-sensory learning experience.

3.2.2 Catering to Different Learning Styles

The multimedia capabilities of IFPDs, including the IQTouch TE1200 PRO, cater to diverse learning styles. Interactive tools enable customized content delivery for different types of learners. Educators can adapt their teaching methods to meet the unique needs of individual students.

3.3 Dynamic Lesson Delivery

Interactive Flat Panels redefine content presentation, offering educators flexibility to engage students and enhance comprehension.

3.3.1 Flexibility in Presenting Content

The IQTouch TE1200 PRO is an example of an IFPD that offers unparalleled flexibility in content presentation. Educators can easily switch between different media formats, adapting to the pace of the class. This dynamic presentation of content not only keeps students engaged but also enhances comprehension by catering to different learning preferences.

3.3.2 Customizable Teaching Resources for Diverse Subjects

By using IFPDs, such as the IQTouch TE1200 PRO, educators can create and customize teaching resources for a variety of subjects. IFPDs are adaptable and suitable for various disciplines, including mathematics, science, humanities, and arts, which enhances the versatility of the learning experience. The IQTouch TE1200 PRO's Android 12 and IQ OS V5.0 enable seamless multitasking and efficient collaboration during interactive sessions.

In conclusion, Interactive Flat Panelss are transforming education. The IQTouch Interactive Display and the advanced IQTouch TE1200 PRO are examples of these innovative tools. They enhance classroom interaction, seamlessly integrate multimedia, and deliver dynamic lessons. This signifies a transformative shift toward a more engaging and personalized learning experience. Interactive Flat Panels are catalysts for reshaping traditional teaching methods into dynamic, interactive, and immersive environments that foster continuous learning and collaboration. They embrace the future of education.

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Audio Alchemy: Transforming Classrooms for Enhanced Learning

Audio Alchemy: Transforming Classrooms for Enhanced Learning


Unveiling the Clarity Revolution with IQMeet AVS200 in Smart Classrooms

In the ever-changing field of education, clear audio is crucial for effective communication in classrooms. Technology has brought about innovative solutions, with Classroom Audio Systems leading the way. The IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200 is an example of these systems, providing a superior auditory experience in smart classrooms. It ensures crystal-clear sound and enhances the learning environment.

1. Introduction

Innovative audio solutions can enhance the learning experience. Technology plays a vital role in this field.

1.1 Overview of the Importance of Audio Clarity in the Classroom

Effective communication within classrooms is crucial in modern education. The content of the improved text is as close as possible to the source text. Clear audio is essential for students to receive instructions, engage with educational content, and participate in the learning process.   Classroom Audio Systems are a transformative tool that fosters an optimal learning environment.

1.2 Introduction to Classroom Audio Systems

As technology continues to reshape the educational paradigm, the clarity of audio plays a pivotal role. Classroom Audio Systems are designed to overcome the challenges of traditional audio setups. They provide educators with a means to deliver crystal-clear sound that transcends the limitations of conventional methods. These systems have become integral to the modern smart classroom, unlocking new possibilities for both teachers and students. They are used for lectures, multimedia presentations, and more.

This article discusses the importance of clear sound in smart classrooms and how Classroom Audio Systems enhance the learning environment. We explore the technology, benefits, and practical considerations surrounding these audio systems to highlight their transformative impact on education.

2. Understanding Classroom Audio Systems

Classroom Audio Systems, such as the IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200 from IQ, are sophisticated ensembles of components that enhance the auditory experience in educational spaces. Classroom Audio Systems, such as the IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200, are sophisticated ensembles of components that enhance the auditory experience in educational spaces. By delving into their intricacies, we can uncover the technological foundations that make them pivotal in the contemporary smart classroom landscape.

2.1 Definition and Components of Classroom Audio Systems

Classroom Audio Systems, such as the IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200, are sophisticated ensembles of components that enhance the auditory experience in educational spaces.    These systems, typically made up of microphones, amplifiers, and speakers, have evolved to meet the demands of modern classrooms. An excellent example of this is the IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200. It seamlessly integrates a PTZ camera, a speakerphone, and a compact hub for USB connectivity. This simplifies cabling complexities and ensures compatibility with various video conferencing software, making it an ideal choice for mid and large-sized meeting rooms.

2.2 Technology Behind Ensuring Crystal-Clear Audio

Classroom Audio Systems technology goes beyond conventional setups. It incorporates advanced signal processing, noise reduction, and precision amplification. The IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200 stands out in this landscape with its HD camera. It boasts a 1080P resolution at 30fps. The auto-focus lens with 12X optical zoom captures intricate details.

Additionally, a wide field of view and pan-tilt-zoom control guarantees vivid participant presence. The AVS200 has four built-in microphones, acoustic echo cancellation, and noise reduction technology. It ensures crystal-clear sound and can be paired with mobile devices via Bluetooth.

2.3 Comparison with Traditional Audio Setups

Classroom Audio Systems redefine efficiency compared to traditional audio configurations. They often involve complicated cabling and limited interfaces. The AVS200 simplifies installation with a USB connection, making it suitable for interactive displays with built-in PCs. The system has comprehensive features, including a central control speakerphone, remote functionality, and optional expansion mics for larger conference rooms. This positions it as a versatile and user-friendly choice. The AVS200 addresses concerns about clarity and accessibility that traditional setups may struggle with.

3. Benefits of Clear Sound in Smart Classrooms

Clear sound has numerous benefits in smart classrooms. Classroom Audio Systems, such as the IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200, contribute to an enriched and inclusive learning environment by providing crystal-clear audio.

3.1 Improved Student Engagement

Improved student engagement is a cornerstone of a dynamic learning environment. The IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200 helps educators and students communicate clearly, promoting active participation and focus during lessons.

3.1.1 Clarity for Engaged Learning

It significantly improves student engagement by ensuring that every word, whether from the teacher or fellow students, is delivered with exceptional clarity.

3.1.2 Versatile Compatibility for Seamless Learning

The IQMeet AVS200 is compatible with any video conferencing software, including popular choices like Zoom and Skype for Business. It creates a seamless and engaging learning environment.

3.2 Inclusive Learning Environment

Clear sound ensures an inclusive learning environment, beyond conventional boundaries. The IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200 promotes accessibility for students with hearing impairments with its advanced features. Offering equal opportunities to all learners contributes to creating an educational space that embraces diversity and accommodates various learning needs.

3.2.1 Inclusive Learning: IQMeet AVS200's Advanced Audio Reach

The IQMeet AVS200 has advanced audio technologies that provide a sound-pickup radius of up to 4m/13ft. This ensures an inclusive learning environment where every student, including those with hearing impairments, can actively participate.

3.2.2 IQMeet AVS200: Equal Learning Opportunities for All

It is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems, fostering equal opportunities for all learners.

3.3 Effective Lesson Delivery

Classroom Audio Systems, such as the IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200, seamlessly integrate with multimedia content to facilitate dynamic teaching methods and enhance the overall efficacy of lesson delivery. This fusion ensures a harmonious and immersive educational experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

3.3.1 Clarity and Immersion in Multimedia Teaching

The IQMeet AVS200 seamlessly integrates with multimedia content, enabling educators to deliver clear lessons in an immersive and effective teaching environment.

3.3.2 Empowering Educators with Seamless Control

The user-friendly design, including a central control speakerphone and an remote, empowers educators to focus on delivering dynamic lessons instead of dealing with technical complexities. Camera settings, zoom, and volume can be easily adjusted.

In conclusion, Classroom Audio Systems like the IQMeet Video Conferencing Kit AVS200 combine innovative audio solutions and technology to transcend traditional boundaries. Clear sound has a transformative impact, improving student engagement, fostering inclusivity, and enabling effective lesson delivery. These systems are catalysts for an immersive and dynamic educational experience. They are paving the way for classrooms that are clear, accessible, and engaging, embracing the future of education.

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4 Latest Trends in Lecture Capture System 2024

4 Latest Trends in Lecture Capture System 2024


Whether in business training lectures or teaching application scenarios, we often see the presence of the Lecture Capture System like LCS710, providing a flexible and efficient way for teachers and students. The demand for education and business applications is becoming increasingly diverse, and technology is constantly advancing and optimizing accordingly. However, what new technological trends will be derived from the Lecture Capture System in 2024? In this article, we will explore four of the latest trends in the lecture capture system to gain a clear view of the lecture capture system's technological boundaries and expanding potential in lectures.

1.    New trend in appearance: lightweight and portable

For a long time, recording and broadcasting systems have been designed with heavy and complex desktop computers, which poses certain limitations on mobility and portability. In 2024, with new materials and miniaturization technology development, recording and broadcasting systems will move towards lightweight and portable directions.

1.1 Creating lightweight construction design

The minimum configuration basic units required to run the recording system mainly include corner lenses, microphones, and wireless transmission components. In terms of material and styling design, the use of ultra-lightweight materials or the design of basic units and auxiliary modules as combination modules can significantly enhance the mobility of teachers between different venues. Teaching on-site in a room or outdoors can facilitate the completion of recording tasks. Of course, the lightweight design is also more convenient for students to use on their learning end, achieving an interactive experience of learning and recording anytime, anywhere.

1.2 Best practice for the portable lecture capture system

For example, the mobile LCS910camera, equipped with rechargeable batteries and a wireless network connection, can be easily set up and used in different environments without complex wiring and fixed installation.

At the lecture venue, IQVideo LCS910 allows organizers to set up cameras quickly without worrying about the location of power sockets and network connection wiring. It can also flexibly adjust the camera's position according to the lecture content and the distribution of participants to achieve the best shooting angle and visual effect. Suppose it is necessary to capture videos from different angles at the lecture venue, such as during audience interaction or exhibition exhibits. In that case, the camera can quickly move to the appropriate position.

2.    New visual trends: high-definition video recording and transmission

The new visible trend in recording and broadcasting systems focuses on providing a more transparent, smoother, and more vivid visual experience through high-definition video recording and transmission technology. High-resolution video, high dynamic range presentation, and smooth playback at high frame rates have become the focus of the industry.

2.1 High-resolution video

As 4K, 8K, and even higher-resolution videos become possible, recording and playback systems need to be able to handle these high-resolution formats to maintain video clarity and detail.

2.2 High dynamic range

HDR videos can provide a broader range of colors and contrast, making the bright parts brighter and the dark parts darker, providing users with a more realistic picture. The recording system should support HDR to capture more details, whether in low light or bright environments.

2.3 High frame rate

The higher the frame rate of the video, the smoother the actions will appear. For scenes that require capturing fast motion, such as sports events or action-rich activities, high frame rates are crucial.

2.4 Visual presentation advantages of optical zoom and digital zoom

The camera of LCS910 is equipped with up to 20x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom lens. The 20x optical zoom provides enough flexibility to capture speakers or objects far away from the camera, maintaining video clarity and details. 10x digital zoom allows for further magnification of the image, making it ideal for use when you need to view the details of the speaker's expression or presentation material in more detail. The Wireless PTZ camera of LCS910 also has a high-speed and accurate pan-tilt positioning function, and high-speed and precise control can quickly and smoothly track the speaker. Even if the speaker is constantly moving, the camera can accurately capture and keep them at the center of the picture. In addition, the included multifunctional infrared remote control makes operation simple and flexible.

3.    New trends in hearing: Wide area reception and lossless transmission

In the lecture capture system, the auditory experience is crucial for the overall satisfaction of the audience. To meet the goals of wide-area broadcasting and lossless transmission, recording and broadcasting systems gradually show a new trend of diverse listening awareness.

3.1 Advanced microphone array technology

A multi-microphone array can capture sound sources more accurately while reducing background noise. This technology is instrumental in meeting and lecture recording, as it ensures that the speaker's voice is captured even when they are moving in the room.

3.2 Beamforming technology

Beamforming is a signal processing technique that enhances the sound capture ability of specific areas through directionality and reduces noise interference from other directions. In 2024, this technology will gradually become widespread, achieving high-quality audio capture.

3.3 Soundtracking and enhancement

The continuously upgraded recording system in 2024 may include an automatic soundtracking function, which can recognize and enhance the speaker's voice, maintaining sound clarity even in multi-source environments.

3.4 New auditory experience from IQVideo LCS710

IQVideo LCS710 can be paired with up to 2 microphones with a pickup distance of 7 meters for expanding voice pickup in large rooms. The Video Station of IQVideo LCS710 also includes an audio processor that supports automatic mixing, noise suppression, and echo cancellation technologies, ensuring that the sound in lecture videos is noise-free.

4.    New trends in sharing: Spreading on more streaming media platforms

A survey shows that Americans' average daily browsing time on Facebook is 35 minutes, and on TikTok, it is 33 minutes. Streaming media platforms are emerging and becoming famous, gradually integrating into people's daily lives. The new technology trend of recording and broadcasting systems in 2024 will continue to adapt to the content dissemination needs of multiple channels and platforms.

4.1 Wider and integrated live-streaming channels

The recorded content for 2024 is no longer limited to a single platform. Producers will synchronize and publish the content to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, and even enterprise-built streaming services, reaching a wider audience and optimizing the content according to the characteristics of different platforms. In addition, with the help of artificial intelligence technology, streaming platforms can recommend recorded content based on user viewing habits and preferences. It can enhance the user experience and make the works of content creators easier to discover by the target audience.

4.2 One click live streaming to YouTube and Facebook

IQVideo LCS710 can send live streams to any service that supports the RTMP or RTMPS protocol, such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and other custom streaming servers.

The IQVideo LCS710 also features a one-click live-streaming device that simplifies the live-streaming process, eliminating the need for complex settings. Lecturers can easily send their live courses to the chosen platform, allowing teachers and educational institutions to stream their courses on the internet easily, whether for remote education, online classes, or other educational activities.


Among these four latest technological trends, we can see the power of innovation and the enormous benefits of technological change. From lightweight design to multi-platform live-streaming, each trend provides users with a richer and more interactive learning experience while also paving the way for the future of education. If you are interested in our IQ's Lecture Capture System, click here to contact us. In 2024, our IQ will continue to follow technological updates. We will constantly optimize our products to meet the growing needs of global learners. And help build a future educational landscape.

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