What can improve you work during the COVID-19?

What can improve you work during the COVID-19?

For many information-based workers, especially in metropolitan areas of the United States, working from home may become a long-term trend, lasting until 2021 and beyond. Video conference is the main contributor to the success of this strategy. Video conferencing is not just a casual meeting and marketing tool, it has evolved into a ubiquitous function, just like the telephone of people working at home. In order to make it work, you will study different hardware from the hardware deployed in the conference room to achieve large-scale video enabled telecommuting, but the back-end service providers will remain similar. 

In addition to the epidemic, the distance between enterprises is getting farther and farther, and it has been for some time. In other words, many small and medium enterprises (SMBs) are increasingly scattered in many geographical locations, which brings complex challenges to communication, even for internal employees. It's hard to think about talking to all of these people if you don't travel a lot with customers and partners, which can be costly. Here, video conferencing can greatly improve the company's profits. Our S330 for video conferencing is released to meet your need.

By using the video conference service, you can bring your life to the conference without spending half your time on the airport line. In this way, the presenter is not only the voice on the phone, but also the presence on the screen that can see and interact with other participants, share presentations, etc. For collaborative meetings, the moderator can sketch ideas on an online whiteboard and invite participants to join. Some video conferencing services allow presenters to transfer control to other participants who can continue the conference without interruption. Others allow the host to deny access to latecomers to further avoid interruptions.

Finally, you will check for compatibility with browser and system requirements. All tested services can run on PC, while some can run on MAC and some on Linux. Most are widely compatible with web browsers, but you need to upgrade to one of the latest versions. Many of them still need to use plug-ins or downloadable applications for maximum value.
What functions do IQTouch provide?

What functions do IQTouch provide?

IQTouch interactive flat panel, which combines advanced touch screen technology, is an interactive, dynamic and attractive solution for educational and business environments. Interactive flat panel display technology is suitable for both schools and corporate offices to promote learning, information sharing and encourage interactive communication and collaboration. IQTouch IFPD is an excellent product that connects teachers and students as well as presenters and participants.

IQTouch 900 series offers 65/75/86/98 inches wall mounted and stand-alone solutions with electric supports for business and learning institution with different requirements. The functions IQTouch can achieve are:
Write on the screen with your finger or pen and erase it.
Touch the screen to browse documents, videos, presentations or websites.
Take notes with your fingers, draw shapes, move, scale, or rotate the image.
Save your notes, graphics, text, audio files to print, send or share via email.
Switch from taking notes to the navigation application and back.
Create a video or audio file to teach an application or lecture to publish.
Record the description as a video file and issue material for review.
Control PC / tablet in classroom from monitor.
Test and capture feedback on the display.

IQTouch interactive flat panel display is an innovative and user-friendly product solution designed to enhance the teaching process and help instructors create an engaging and responsive learning environment for students. Users who provide LED touch screen technology can write on the board with pens or even fingers. Just touch the screen, you can also browse and scroll through documents, presentations, videos and websites. Whiteboard is a versatile product solution that can save notes, graphics, text and audio files so that end users can print, email or share them immediately or later.
Turning your creativities from abstract to real by interactive flat panel

Turning your creativities from abstract to real by interactive flat panel

IQtouch interactive flat panel integrates the audio speakers with subwoofers, equalizer and the screen-length pen tray. Built-in two 15W speakers with better sound transmission bring more audio-visual enjoyment for interactive learning. The pen tray provides a handy place for stylus and other tools to enrich the class and make the presentation smoothly.

Make distance learing engaging and collaborative
A web-based whiteboarding and video conferencing platform designed for remote learning. It is compatible with Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers, allowing teachers to provide online courses for students who can stay ar home or attend to the class.

Provide dual-screen blended learning
By integrating IQtouch Interactive Flat Panel and Smart Projector, students participating in the course and answering questions in real time are captured for teacher’s watching online through the built-in video conferencing and collaboration applications. By using whiteboard software to complete complex tasks with teammates. With whiteboard tool's Floating Tool, users can capture screen shots of anything on screen, regardless of the source, including content from apps, websites, and videos. 

IQtouch Corporate Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) are designed to tap into the dynamic possibilities of modern conference rooms and develop the environment of the companies where ideas flow freely. It allows seamless team collaboration and inspires more innovative ideas which is perfect for fostering collaboration then turning your creativities from abstract to real. IQtouch Corporate IFP is the beginning of infinite possibilities.
Interactive flat panel contributes to educational progress

Interactive flat panel contributes to educational progress

As the link of human civilization inheritance, education is the hope of human future. With the progress of science and technology, our educational methods are also developing. IQTouch is our future education brand. It provides integrated solutions for educational information technology by providing interactive flat panel displays with other peripherals. This will enable more students with different backgrounds to have the same experience as others in the learning process.

In the future, in order to contribute to educational progress, we will continue to create the ultimate experience and environment. At present, some countries / educational institutions are trying to return to the classroom as before the pandemic, others want to combine distance with face-to-face learning, while others choose to use distance only for distance learning in the short to medium term.

Therefore, the most common situations are:
Face to face education: the number of students in each classroom is the same, or it is reduced due to the increase in the number of classrooms, the rotation of classes and / or the decrease of teachers. It is necessary to ensure the necessary distance between them and the teachers. The ability of each desk to interact with the rest of the participants is key to ensuring a safe distance and minimizing the risk of contamination. Touch screen can help reduce the interaction between teachers and students, and its content can be shared from the master device (touch screen) to students, and vice versa. Always clean the touch screen and stylus. The newline touch screen works with conventional passive pens, so Why not provide one for each student?

Remote learning: as some researchers have revealed, the lack of face-to-face courses may lead to students losing interest. To make an online lecture similar to a face-to-face lecture, it is recommended to share content and use an external camera for video conferencing, which points to and captures the teacher who interacts with the touch screen during the course, as described earlier.
What does IQTouch provide to you?

What does IQTouch provide to you?

Interactive flat panels are the next generation of first-class interactive displays- It’s like a big tablet on the wall. It eliminates the need to replace the projector bulb or even the projector itself. Each interactive flat panel with built-in software that allows teachers to share lessons wirelessly, access content easily, and download their favorite applications. Both teachers and students can use touch screen to interact each other by connecting mobile devices to mirror content at the same time, which delivers and shares content wherever you want to present.

Interactive flat panel is an increasingly growing market. People view various types of digital media and content by 4K UHD screens. They can be used for digital signage applications throughout the school that show movies, presentations and hymns in campus or classrooms wherever the content of the course needs to be shared from laptops, tablets or any other mobile devices.

IQTouch is striving for providing the best interactive display technology for educators around the world, which hope to optimize the platform with friendly interactive display designs and solutions suitable for classroom use to support schools and colleges. It supports users with a truly interactive learning experience into their classrooms.

IQ provides a variety of interactive flat panels, which can be widely used for smart classrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, etc.  Available in 55″, 65″,75″, 86″and 98″, IQTouch is ideal for schools who are looking for a touchscreen solution.
Interactive flat panels vs. Interactive whiteboards

Interactive flat panels vs. Interactive whiteboards

Pressure on school budgets means spending on high-value projects will be subject to more and more scrutiny. Educational technology has a wide range of choices, and it is important to ensure that the right hardware is in front of the classroom, which is an essential element of effective school design. Each individual setting requires a customized decision, and choosing the right board may depend on many factors. This short guide helps avoid making a choice between interactive whiteboard and interactive touch screen, ensuring that the right device is installed in the right space.

Functionality and availability
The most important aspect of these two systems is functionality. There is little difference in the goals of the two different technologies. Both sides want to involve students in learning, engage them in the content of the course and encourage interaction with the subject matter. IQTouch and IQBoard are designed to promote personalized learning. In contrast, interactive flat panels have capacitive surfaces. It means that the screen relies on the electrical charge of the human skin to establish a connection between the human and the computer. Instead of using a whiteboard specific pen, just point and poke open the surface to take advantage of the interactive feature. 

One of the great advantages of interactive touch screen over interactive whiteboard is its self calibration ability. The accuracy of the interactive whiteboard can only reach the accuracy of its last calibration, which is good if you can ensure that the projector will not be knocked or shaken, but when installed in a vulnerable position, routine calibration can be very annoying.

Hardware and software support
It is important to ensure that the supporting technology is compatible with the final selected board. Both boards have a large number of theme specific plug-ins and accessories, so check what hardware and software people who use these boards expect to use.

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