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Creating Better Teaching Methods Using Interactive Whiteboards


Interactive whiteboard, use a personal computer or laptop as a medium to perform the required functions. Recently, many school teachers have begun to use these whiteboards to encourage interactive learning in their classrooms. The basic process of operating these interactive whiteboards is simple, which is why many teachers decide to use them as aids in the classroom. People of all ages can take advantage of these whiteboards when they need to present themselves in front of a large audience.
Teachers need a lot of creativity in their daily teaching. The availability of these interactive whiteboards enables them to design more effective and efficient ways to teach students the knowledge they need. This will help teachers grasp and retain students’ attention and students will be able to understand the concepts being taught more clearly.

People in different fields and industries have begun to use interactive whiteboards to create people’s awareness of the different things that happen in their surroundings. Around the usage of these whiteboards, organized a number of seminars and lectures. Training courses can also be done in a better way by using these whiteboards. Meetings for planning and targeting are easy to conduct when using these whiteboards to create presentations and display charts and diagrams that illustrate what you need to achieve in a particular time frame of the future.

There are many interactive whiteboards that can be found on the market such as ultrasound optical whiteboards, electromagnetic whiteboards, digital whiteboards, resistive whiteboards and infrared whiteboards. The type of materials and equipment required for the proper operation of each type of whiteboard may vary. The materials used to make these whiteboards will also be a prominent factor in the way these whiteboards are named. Different devices will be used to send and receive signals from these whiteboards. In order to operate each type of whiteboard, different types of equipment will also be used.

A lot of people belonging to different professions have understood the advantages of making use of these different whiteboards. All the activities which can be performed using the normal whiteboard can be done using these interactive whiteboards. Some of these whiteboards will contain programs which have inbuilt software which will help in recognizing different kinds of handwriting. This will enable the whiteboard to write freely on the whiteboard.

Many people of different occupations understand the benefits of using these different whiteboards. All activities that can be performed using a regular whiteboard. Some of these whiteboards will include programs with built-in software that will help identify different kinds of handwriting.

If you are looking for the interactive whiteboard, please feel free to contact IQBoard.

IQBoard is one of the China interactive whiteboard manufacturers for classroom and?integrated solution supplier for both education and business.

Annual Group Travel 2017 IQBoard Interactive Technology


Its quite exhilarating for IQ members to come and see snow as there rarely snows in the south area of China, especially for Fuzhou city where our headquarter locates. Therefore, IQs going to visit one of the world cultural heritages-Huangshan Mountain-as our destination for annual group travel 2017. Get ready for the snowing world.

At the first day, we were heading for Huangshan Mountain. Even at the foot theres falling snow already. Knowing that the temperature would be much lower than that of downtown, everyone was wrapped up to keep warmer.

Guess whether our little boy reached the summit or not with such heavy coat.


The journey began with a long slope called as Hero Hill. And yes we are all heroes after climbing up the hill.

Then we were attracted by the famous landmark of Guest-Greeting Pine which stretches out from a cliff to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Could you find it in the picture below

Though its not easy to walk downstairs by clinging to the rope, we were not held back and taking care of each other to finish the trip.

Its tiring but meaningful. Along the journey was full of laughter.

Wrote down IQ to give direction for the way ahead.

And this is IQ team spirit.

The beautiful scenery and smiling faces.

The next sunny day we paid the visit to the local towns.

Time flew by and travel came to the end. Here are some lovely pictures behind the scenes . Come have a look.

Weightlifting game:

Was it more attractive to view from such a strange angle


Incomplete User Guide of IQ Website V2.0 Part 1


With the feedbacks from IQ customers and the aim to provide you with much better user experience, we are about to launch a whole new website with different outlook and structure -. After a year of preparation, version 2.0 of IQ website is coming. Here we present the following introduction to help you better understand some new features.


The homepage is divided into five sections that show the outline of the website, including Latest Info Banner, Demo Video of IQ key solutions, Introduction of IQ core products and software, IQ News and Contact Information.

Aim higher-IQ Solutions

IQClass solution for intelligent classroom and IQSchool solution for the intelligent campus are core solutions of IQ. They are divided into two directions to meet different demands and through the following introduction of solution components and features, I believe you will gain a better understanding of them.

Taking IQSchool solution as an example, the solution page contains the solution description, introduction for solution components, features and case analysis and others.

Firstly, the submenu shows the different application scenarios of IQSchool solution. Just click it to jump into the introduction page and also the apply for demo button to get in touch with us.

Then comes the feature’s introduction of different application followed by submenu, just click on the blue box below to learn more about them.

And the “Explore Related Component” part could lead you to the solution components page to get more details about each product.

Lastly, at the bottom is the resources download part for users to download the necessary resources.

The key products-hardware products

The products part from navigation bar of the website will show the hardware products list. Select specific product and go to the introduction page to know more about it.

In each product page, there are product profiles, HD images, features, specifications and related resources presented.

Please contact us freely through ready to buy or leave me a messageif you are interested in our products.

To be continued…

The V2.0 website is still under test, so if there is any question or suggestion about it, pls send us an e-mail to or directly leave messages on the website.

Your suggestion will help us a lot to make a progress.


Why Laser Projector Is The Future Of Projector?


As you may notice, more and more laser projectors have come to your view gradually.In the past, laser source projector mainly used in the outdoor and professional theater display, but now it increasingly applied in the business, education and home theater.So what is the laser projector, what exactly makes it different from traditional lamp projector??

Firstly, vivid color and ample brightness.?Laser projector can achieve far greater color space than the traditional light, its color performance is more than 2 times the traditional projector, high color saturation, can truly restore color.Due to the low attenuation of the laser light source,?Laser projector makes its output quality maintain high brightness, color saturation and contrast in the long-term, the picture color has always been staying the same.

Secondly,20000H lifetime and free maintenance.Most of lamp projector lifetime is 3000-6000 hours in the standard mode(5000-8000 hours in eco mode)??laser projector is 16000-20000 hours in standard hours(maximum to 30000 hours in eco mode).

Normal lamp projector needs to maintain replacing the lamp regularly, and may occur rupture or explosion due to the unstable lamp structure. By comparison, on account of the high reliability of laser structure, laser projector can truly achieve maintenance-free use: no danger of lamp exploding and lamp replaced should be at least a decade.

Thirdly, High efficiency and energy saving.As the light source, the blue laser beam will be turned into red, green and blue light by the color wheel, then RGB light will be projected on the DMD chip to almost 100% display the image on the screen, which means laser only create the exact colors needed, which uses less power. But for the normal projector create light, the projector will waste most of this light, only leaving the red, green and blue parts, inefficient and energy-costing.?????????????

There are also some other awesome advantages with laser projector, ultra short throw create a big screen,3D application,dust-proof design, nearly instant on/off, no need to warm up or cool down is?cool for projector owner.If you??re interested??you can learn more in IQProjector or inquiry to directly.

Knowing more about laser projector, you may wonder how much does laser projector with so many unparalleled advantages cost??And What should you pay attention when purchase??

I will clarify detail on these question on next article(Part II) later.


Note: This article represents personal views, not stand for any official position.

IQ Russian Partner Auvix Held a Conference for Teachers in Yakutsk


The specialists from IQ Russian Partner Auvix introduced the advanced technologies in the education field and modern solutions for the organization of the educational process to the educational community of the Republic of Sakha. During the practical part of this conference held in Yakutsk, a training workshop was held on working with?IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard?and IQView E3511 Document Camera.

The participants of this virtual classroom are working with?IQView E3511 Document Camera. It has a built-in system that can directly connect to a monitor, projector and IQBoard interactive whiteboard. In a word, IQView E3511 document camera with the built-in system does not require any PC connected.

More than 80 teachers attended this conference. At the end of the class, participants took a test and received certificates. 20 participants with the best test results took part in the final quiz from Auvix. The winners of the quiz were: Natalia Burnasheva who won the?IQBoard DVT Interactive Whiteboard 82inch, Yadreeva Sakha Nikolaevna became the owner of the IQ Document Camera and the teacher Sirditov Alexander Ivanovich won a tablet with E-book.

“At the moment, we introduced the modern technologies into the educational process and it has become a strong power for the development of the education sector and the demand for interactive equipment is still high and is keeping growing,” said Alla Vladimirova, head of the Educational Solutions Department. ??Nevertheless, the issue will not be solved only by purchasing equipment but requiring teachers to work with it. Therefore, we held this conference to help teachers better work with those interactive devices.??

“This kind of conference let teachers better understand modern educational solutions that are used in progressive educational institutions,” said Oleg Solovyov, sales manager of Auvix. “It is important for us that technological training of the teachers can let them be familiar with the interactive equipment, so we are always ready to support such activities in the future.”

Case Study - Shenzhen University


In the July 2011, south campus of Shenzhen University was established successfully, which has large-scale area and special design of buildings. With total amount of 3,000 students, there are three colleges located at south campus, including mechanical college and medical college.

As a core device, IQSchool Converged System is applied and equipped at every classroom. And together with advanced management platform, users can have a clear picture of all devices located at different storey and classrooms. Moreover, managers can control devices to boot or shut down by using IQ Manager Basic software, which helps improve life span of equipments a lot. In a word, IQSchool guarantees more efficient management on education equipments.

Shenzhen University Configuration List for reference

Device nameModelAmount
IQ Manager Adv/1
IQSchool Converged ServerBS1001
IQSchool Converged SystemV230N


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