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OPS or OPS-C? Which computer should you buy for your interactive touchscreen?

Interactive flat panel displays have an advantage you will never forget, that is, there is an open pluggable specification computer that you can update in the future. Only need to buy the latest updated operating system to replace the old computer in the most cost-effective way, no need to buy a new interactive smart board!

However, some users may buy the wrong operating system for their interactive flat panel display, because there are mainly two sizes of operating systems on the market. In 2010, Intel introduced the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) to standardize the system architecture between displays and media players. Since its release, OPS has quickly become the standard for creating integrated display solutions. In 2015, Intel specially developed a new and larger operating standard to meet market demand. They are all 80 pins, but OPS-C (abbreviation of OPS China) is slightly larger.

OPS size is 180 x 30 x 119 mm (width, height, depth)
OPS-C size is 204 x 42 x 195 mm (width, height, depth)

They found that some new operation interfaces do not support their own interactive display, it will occur in our IQTouch interactive display, because our own interactive flat panel is flexible in both operations. Both OPS or OPS-C can be installed in our interactive flat panel displays. There are adjustable screws in the middle of our IQTouch display to adapt to different sizes. Both OPS or OPS-C can be installed in our interactive display professional series and elite series.

How to quickly establish online meeting rooms ?

Influenced by the popularity of covid-19 at the beginning of this year, the concept of telecommuting is in a mess. During the period of popularity, IQTouch interactive flat panel displays with features such as remote collaboration and video conferencing became more popular. What opportunities will interactive flat panel displays face? How should IQTouch seize the opportunity?

New opportunities: online office breaks out, and digital chemicals are favored.The general trend is to understand opportunities, and for interactive flat panel displays, this remote office brings two of the most obvious opportunities:
1) Due to the isolation requirements during the epidemic period, more and more attended conference rooms have been transferred to online meeting rooms.
In the field of interactive flat panel displays, IQTouch collaboration software, which can provide online conference services through the use of IN&JOIN video conference software, has also "benefited a lot". According to the official data of interactive tablet computers from February 3 to February 9, IFP cloud conferences support more than 2W +. In the teleconference on February 4, the number of participants reached 13000 + and the duration of in session meeting exceeded 1.1 million minutes.The demand of online meeting is increasing continuouesly, how to quickly establish online meeting rooms becomes a new opportunity.

2) In the cloud office, devices including video and audio, as well as networked master devices are popular.

Online offices is inevitable need which interactive flat panel displays can provide remote collaboration. For example, conference IFP needs to be able to achieve clear and smooth video conference screen and sound quality without jamming, file and data sharing must be convenient and fast, and the writers should be synchronized in different locations. And many other features to ensure that remote offices can meet or exceed offline office experience and efficiency.

In addition, as online work has resumed for many days, many remote collaboration tools have collapsed due to the influx of users. In addition, many users vomit on microblogs, use remote collaboration tools, and have screen errors. It is difficult to use, all of which means that under the new trend, the special equipment which can provide more comprehensive remote cooperation function and the products with certain technology accumulation and can solve technical problems will be favored by the market.

Why is anti-glare glass so important for interactive flat panel?

Anti-glare glass, also known as silver glass, is glass that has been specially treated on the glass surface. Its characteristic is to make the original glass reflective surface into a matte non-reflective surface (the surface is not flat). The principle is to process high-quality glass plates on both sides or single side through special processing. Compared with ordinary glass, its reflectivity is lower. The light reflectivity is reduced from 8% to less than 1%. This technology creates a clear and transparent visual effect, enabling the viewer to experience better sensory vision.

The current status of the entire industry is that ordinary interactive touch screens will not add an extra layer of anti-glare glass on the surface of the LCD screen, which is directly exposed on the surface of the LCD screen. It is difficult to achieve anti-glare effect without anti-glare glass. Unless the LCD screen itself has anti-glare technology, some previous plasma screens have silver anti-glare technology. If it is an interactive flat panel display or an all-in-one machine, there must be a layer of tempered glass on the surface. The traditional standard is ordinary tempered glass without any treatment. We can now process and replace tempered glass. It becomes anti-glare tempered glass, which solves this problem, and its final display effect will not be affected, nor will it affect the screen resolution.

Advantages of anti-glare IQTouch interactive flat panel:

1.Reduce the interference of environmental reflections, improve the viewing angle and brightness of the display, reduce screen reflections, enhance the visual effects of people and numbers on the screen, and make the image more clear and realistic.
2.The screen has the characteristics of high contrast, high resolution, wide viewing angle and resistance to ambient light.
3.There is no need to use an additional screen surface protection layer, and it has the function of reducing glare and maximizing image contrast and clarity.
4.Adopt special glass curtain wall with low thermal expansion coefficient.
5.The overall feel of the combined screen is good, and the surface of the hard screen is flat and not easily deformed under various environments.
6.When the glass is destroyed, the fragments formed are honeycomb-shaped particles with small obtuse angles, which are not easy to cause harm to the human body.

How to improve remote learning performance

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the education sector as a whole faces major challenges. For students and teachers, at present, teaching can only be done online - there is usually no suitable structure for learning at home. This crisis reveals the importance of digital education. Contemporary teaching and learning in digital space should not only include positive teaching through video calls and textbooks. Even the interactive smart boards and other interactive devices can improve the effective and collaboration of teaching, there are still some challenges.

Here are some suggested adjustments to help improve distance learning performance:

1. Easy to connect and operate:
Schools and teachers should choose a teaching platform that supports as many network connected devices as possible at the same time. Teachers and students can then use computers, smartphones and tablets they are familiar with in class. In addition, the connection process should be simplified and intuitive.

2. More interaction:
In the traditional curriculum, good teachers become the focus of class only through "speaking". It is not easy to keep students' attention for a long time. Teachers should try to learn from YouTube. The famous YouTuber is good at reducing the distance between them and remote online viewers. By asking a question every two to three minutes or having students chat with each other, the teacher can improve the classroom atmosphere.

3. Rhythm change:
In every part of each class, lectures and interactions should be mixed together. Keeping fresh is always the best way to attract attention.

4. Format change:
Besides watching, listening and speaking, teachers can also increase finger movements, such as writing, painting and jogging. For this reason, the collaborative online whiteboard is the perfect choice.

What can improve you work during the COVID-19?

For many information-based workers, especially in metropolitan areas of the United States, working from home may become a long-term trend, lasting until 2021 and beyond. Video conference is the main contributor to the success of this strategy. Video conferencing is not just a casual meeting and marketing tool, it has evolved into a ubiquitous function, just like the telephone of people working at home. In order to make it work, you will study different hardware from the hardware deployed in the conference room to achieve large-scale video enabled telecommuting, but the back-end service providers will remain similar. 

In addition to the epidemic, the distance between enterprises is getting farther and farther, and it has been for some time. In other words, many small and medium enterprises (SMBs) are increasingly scattered in many geographical locations, which brings complex challenges to communication, even for internal employees. It's hard to think about talking to all of these people if you don't travel a lot with customers and partners, which can be costly. Here, video conferencing can greatly improve the company's profits. Our S330 for video conferencing is released to meet your need.

By using the video conference service, you can bring your life to the conference without spending half your time on the airport line. In this way, the presenter is not only the voice on the phone, but also the presence on the screen that can see and interact with other participants, share presentations, etc. For collaborative meetings, the moderator can sketch ideas on an online whiteboard and invite participants to join. Some video conferencing services allow presenters to transfer control to other participants who can continue the conference without interruption. Others allow the host to deny access to latecomers to further avoid interruptions.

Finally, you will check for compatibility with browser and system requirements. All tested services can run on PC, while some can run on MAC and some on Linux. Most are widely compatible with web browsers, but you need to upgrade to one of the latest versions. Many of them still need to use plug-ins or downloadable applications for maximum value.

What functions do IQTouch provide?

IQTouch interactive flat panel, which combines advanced touch screen technology, is an interactive, dynamic and attractive solution for educational and business environments. Interactive flat panel display technology is suitable for both schools and corporate offices to promote learning, information sharing and encourage interactive communication and collaboration. IQTouch IFPD is an excellent product that connects teachers and students as well as presenters and participants.

IQTouch 900 series offers 65/75/86/98 inches wall mounted and stand-alone solutions with electric supports for business and learning institution with different requirements. The functions IQTouch can achieve are:
Write on the screen with your finger or pen and erase it.
Touch the screen to browse documents, videos, presentations or websites.
Take notes with your fingers, draw shapes, move, scale, or rotate the image.
Save your notes, graphics, text, audio files to print, send or share via email.
Switch from taking notes to the navigation application and back.
Create a video or audio file to teach an application or lecture to publish.
Record the description as a video file and issue material for review.
Control PC / tablet in classroom from monitor.
Test and capture feedback on the display.

IQTouch interactive flat panel display is an innovative and user-friendly product solution designed to enhance the teaching process and help instructors create an engaging and responsive learning environment for students. Users who provide LED touch screen technology can write on the board with pens or even fingers. Just touch the screen, you can also browse and scroll through documents, presentations, videos and websites. Whiteboard is a versatile product solution that can save notes, graphics, text and audio files so that end users can print, email or share them immediately or later.


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