Interactive Smart Board For Modern Classroom

Interactive Smart Board For Modern Classroom

As a professional manufacturer and provider of smart board for schools, we are dedicated to bringing the most modern digital interactive devices to the classroom and creating a highly collaborative and interactive teaching atmosphere between teachers and students. We are able to provide you with a complete customized smart classroom and smart school solutions. So you just need to give us your plan and requirement, and we will support you with advanced interactive technology and high-quality products.

In the traditional classroom, there may be just a blackboard, and teachers present lessons mainly by handwriting and printed paper to transmit information. In recent years, more and more electronic devices are brought into classrooms, for example, computers, projectors, document cameras, etc. But our products are far more than these products, almost every digital device that you could imagine for a modern smart classroom is included in our catalog.

Smart boards, as our main products, contain mainly three styles for your options: interactive touch flat panel, interactive whiteboard, and All in One whiteboard. IQTouch interactive display aims to create a collaborative and interactive atmosphere in the classroom and workplaces. Today we will introduce you to our touch screen, IQTouch 900 series. 

We offer diagonal sizes at 65, 75, and 86 inches for your options. About its basic features, first, the resolution is 3840*2160 pixels, which brings you a wonderful UHD 4K image. And the tempering anti-glare glass offers a longer service life. There are available bonding technologies for your choice like optical bonding and zero bonding, which greatly enhance the visual effect and smooth writing experience. Second, it supports dual systems with built-in Android 8.0 system and Windows system of OPS. and you are able to choose the CPU, RAM, and ROM levels as you need. Third, the advanced infrared technology enables you to write in a very thin and clear way, the response time of touching is about 8ms. And up to 20-point touch collaboration is workable. The on-screen annotation tools are available under Android, Windows, or any input resources. Fourth, the built-in wireless screen mirroring software enables the partners to share their contents and 4 devices can be shared in the meantime, so which is helpful for facilitating presentations and brainstorming. Fifth, for fast presentation, there are multiple plug-and-play interfaces. Support USB-C port with versatile functions for instant presentation. A single cable solution realizes data transfer, audio&video transmission, touch function, and power supply.

For better interaction, we suggest you use IQTouch T900 Series together with hardware IQClick and IQShare Wireless Presentation System, with our software IQ KitsMemos V1.1 interactive teaching software and JoinMemos V1.0 collaborative whiteboard software. IQClick is an interactive response system, through which teachers can set questions quickly in class and students could answer the questions quickly instead of writing or oral response. With IQShare, users are able to share and display the laptop screen to display screen instantly without waiting or setting up. 

Therefore, no matter in the classroom, training room, or meeting room, IQTouch 900 Series will make your presentation much more effective and collaborative.
A brand focusing on Smart Teaching, Meeting, Campus

A brand focusing on Smart Teaching, Meeting, Campus

Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd has been dedicated to the educational industry since 2006. With 15 years of development, we have been well-known in the global market for two brands: IQ and Q-NEX. Our solutions under the IQ brand include IQClass Interactive Teaching Solution and IQMeet Audio&Video Conference Solution, and under Q-NEX brand, we provide a comprehensive campus solution to help schools achieve centralized device control and AV distribution through LAN or the Internet. 

IQ has developed well in Europe on the education market, which has established cooperation with many partners from countries such as Russia, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and so on. In 2021 Returnstar participated in the Italian and Romanian school facilities upgrade projects for the nationwide schools. The EU releases education grant funds of about €700 billion allocated to EU countries for upgrading classroom equipment. IQ has mainly provided interactive flat panels, interactive whiteboards, and other interactive teaching products to realize the nationwide upgrade of K12 educational equipment, which creates high quality, effective, and equitable education and training system by offering schools the opportunity to access community resources.

To create a more collaborative and inspiring classroom environment, IQClass solution mainly focuses on facilitating teaching and learning with educational hardware and software. Installing IQBoard Interactive Whiteboard or IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel built-in IQKitsMemos interactive whiteboard software with abundant teaching tools and resources, which brings you an interactive and collaborative class. By connecting IQView Document Camera, clearly presenting real objects on IQTouch large screen. Using IQClick to handle timely feedback from students enhances class interactivity to a great level. As the trend of the epidemic, IQVideo Lecture Capture System merged online and offline offering hybrid learning solutions that students can learn from home online. More products including IQPodium Interactive Response System, IQSmartpen, and IQSound empower you to maximize the impact of a presentation.

We also put a lot of effort into IQSmart Meeting Solution. Take advantage of IQShare Wireless Presentation System to show your ideas, with the combination of IQMeet cameras and omnidirectional microphones IQSpeakerphone, or a one-stop meeting solution like JoinOne AHY200 and JoinGroup AVS200, to start a hassle-free video conferencing right away. Different meeting solutions would be served according to personalized requirements. You can get the best solution from IQ.

Q-NEX as the new AV product line of IQ focuses on Smart Campus Solution to realize IoT control throughout the campus. For different application scenarios on campus, Q-NEX designs Networked Media Processor (NMP) for media devices control and AV distribution in classrooms, Media Box (MBX) for AV distribution to other places such as corridors, libraries, canteens, etc. on campus, as well as desktop centralized control panel with versatile functions -Touch Panel. Based on the school’s existing network, Q-NEX solution offers not only devices centralized control, but also AV over IP broadcasting and live streaming on a unified platform, so that school IT admin can have remote management over the whole campus by web-based Q-NEX Console or remote control App anytime and anywhere. 
Transform your workplace with touch screen

Transform your workplace with touch screen

Founded in 2006, Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd set out to transform collaboration in the classroom and the boardroom—replacing antiquated whiteboards and projectors with an easy-to-use, engaging, open-architecture solution. Returnstar provides streamlined, bundled hardware and software solutions for business and education. Our main products include interactive flat panel, interactive whiteboard, all-in-one whiteboard, document camera, voting system, conference camera, and microphone, etc. We are able to provide smart board solution and other accessories with built-in software for your classroom and meeting room.

With our software, users can open an infinite, virtual canvas, annotate over any file, organize think-tanking, ideation, and video conferencing sessions, create interactive, animated presentations, and record events and sessions—recording voice, video, and board actions together with quick edit options available right on the panel—and establish a site or enterprise-wide device management and support. Our software is also fully compatible with third-party applications. Custom-built accessories include an optional integrated PC module that enhances both the power and convenience of your panel and adjustable or convertible mobile stands that allow you to reconfigure your workspace or learning environment as needed. 

Bring lessons and idea sharing to life with the IQTouch series interactive flat panels. Engineered to enhance classrooms and meeting spaces, the IQTouch IFP packs a stunning LED-backlit 4K UHD panel, wide 178° viewing angles, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint toughened glass, anti-blue light technology, multi-touch capabilities, incredible accuracy, and lightning-fast response times.

A built-in screencasting system enables audiences together to showcase instantaneous results from quizzes, polls, and surveys. A ready-to-use whiteboard packed with pre-installed annotation tools, and embedded Android system and extensive connectivity ensure compatibility with a variety of devices for easy collaboration in classrooms, lecture halls, boardrooms, and other shared spaces.

E-Share Pro
Simultaneously share 4  personal screens and allow more than 32 users connected. Compatible with iOS, Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS, and Windows system. It enables the audience to show the content of their laptop, tablet, or mobile phone on-screen for presentations, brainstorming, and decision-making.

A built-in Android O.S provides easy access to popular applications and bundles with screencasting software, and the file manager app makes accessing content on USB storage devices quick and easy. With another OPS Windows 10 Pro system, IQboard provides PC-free experience to the users.

IR touch technology
With the infrared technology, IQTouch support 20-point touch collaboration, providing an excellent smooth writing experience with fingers or our smartpen. Less than 6ms response rate and less than 1mm positioning accuracy, allow showing the annotation accurately and clearly even in small words.

Free annotation tool
The on-screen annotation tool is available under Android, Windows, or any input resources. Whenever you open the whiteboard software a file in the windows system, or on-screen picture, annotation can be made freely and saved as a picture.

Plug&play interfaces
Multiple and various interfaces in front and backside ports enable different audio and video resources to be input or output.
Create A Collaborative Teaching And Learning

Create A Collaborative Teaching And Learning


Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd as a professional manufacturer and provider of interactive solution for education since 2006, committing to bring the latest ICT to classroom and create a collaborative teaching and learning and enhance the outcome of communication.

The core product of our visual solution is IQTouch series interactive smart board. With 20 simultaneous points of touch, the ability to maximum 20-point touch writing at the same time, creates infinitive ways the interactive panel can be used in the lesson to stimulate easy learning, collaborations, experiments and even 4K videos watching. Switching between the PC, Android or USB sources of learning are super-fast, emulating real life where students live and learn at a fast pace from multiple sources.

With wireless screen mirroring software, IQTouch show the ability to connect 8 devices, students are able to message the board, answer the quiz show, our interactive panels make collaborations more productive, creative, engaging with real time interactions and scoring. The interactive touch screen offer teachers the opportunity to work smart – create lessons, an opportunity to record life and use that as a grading tool.

Except for the interactive flat panel, IQ also offer other various digital teaching devices including interactive whiteboard, projector, response system, speaker, microphone, etc. What’s more, compared with other supplier, Returnstar provide professional built-in educational software. Therefore, based on your requirement, the IQClass solution will provide your ideal smart classroom.

To solve the problems of managing various device in so many classroom for the school manager, Returnstar has launched Q-Nex solution, a central management solution for campus. This revolutionary central management solution offers an unprecedented remote-control experience, allowing teachers to manage the interactive flat panels without going to each classroom. Principals can start a realtime broadcast to the whole school. Managing your campus has never been so efficient yet easy!

Endless Possibilities with Smart Meeting Room

Endless Possibilities with Smart Meeting Room


Communication, discussion, and negotiation are the based of a meeting, in which AV system is necessary for each conference room. Employees are working remotely more than before due to the epidemic, so advances in audiovisual and videoconferencing technology is an upward trend with no sign of slowing down.

In such an era of high efficiency, especially in business, people concerned about how to make the conference room cable-free, easily set up the devices while the meeting gets started, quickly functions access with the reduction of time and learning costs, and whether there is a more stress-free way to control all the devices in a room. The efficiency and smart of a meeting has become the most team's expectations for modern conference rooms.

There Q-NEX comes to transform your conference room.

Q-NEX Smart Meeting Room Solution provides IoT based cloud computing technologies for centralized device management, as well as professional AV system for high quality audio-visual performance. By connecting all the devices to the highly integrated product Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP), you can control all the devices in the meeting room simply through a click on the Q-NEX Touch Panel. Touch panel is an accessory to NMP, it simplifies the management of your meeting room and create a consistent experience with intuitive control.

Connected Devices List in Q-NEX Smart Meeting Room

AV Output Device: IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel * 2

AV Input Device: PC/laptop*1, IQShare Wireless Presentation System*1, IQMeet PTZ Camera*1

Audio Output Device: IQSound Speakers

Audio Input Device and Processor: Wireless Conference Microphone System (Host*1 + Wireless Gooseneck Microphone*12), Digital Audio Processor*1, Mixer Console*1

Control Device: Q-NEX NMP *1, Touch Panel *1

Peripherals: Lights, Air Conditioning

Lets take a look at Smart Meeting Room

In terms of AV system, this solution offers PTZ cameras to present real-time tracking of speakers, and intelligent wireless mic system that up to 83 wireless gooseneck mics within signal coverage, allowing simultaneous speech up to 4 persons. A remote video meeting can be easily started. As for the office display, IQTouch all-in-one display provides easy to use, feature-rich, and writing-smooth experience to the meeting. Two displays can be choosed for image switch of dual screen, by presenting the same content, or differently with one screen for video conferencing and the other one for content sharing. Teammates even can collaborate with multiple ideas on the large screen by IQShare wireless presentation system. Simply bring your own device to the meeting and share ideas with the rest of the team. The digitally connected meeting room with Q-NEX Networked Media Processor gives you the power to control all the devices, and Touch Panel makes it possible to control and manage the devices with one-click on a centralized interface, which greatly improves the efficiency and stimulates brainstorming and team discussion of a meeting.

A look at the collaboration on interactive smart board

A look at the collaboration on interactive smart board


Nowadays there is an increasing trend of using interactive whiteboards to create a more interactive teaching mode. But in the traditional way, the pilling up of several devices usually induces a high frequency of system breakdown and complex procession. The schools have to connect all the separate devices including the whiteboard, projector, computer, and speaker together, which causes not only a mess-up of several lines but also difficulty and high cost of money and time for the IT administrator to maintain that equipment.

IQTouch LCD interactive touch screens appear as a pioneer and provide an innovative solution for interactive teaching. Compared with the traditional unity and connection, IQtouch is truly designed as an All in One smart board, a highly integrated device with a built-in computer, whiteboard, speaker, amplifier, TV, etc. What’s more, the bundle of professional educational software enables teachers to use various teaching tools and functions to easily prepare courseware and collaborate with students. Therefore, just one single IQTouch display can definitely simplify the complex installation of different electronic devices for a modern smart classroom. And it will be your best choice for an environment-friendly, cost-effectively, most collaboratively environment in the classroom.

The aim of Returnstar Interactive Technology Co., Ltd, IQ as its main brand, is to use interactive technology to transfer education, and to create a dynamic, collaborative, and effective atmosphere for modern education. Established in 2006, Returnstar manufacturer always keeps pace with the times and makes many signs of progress in the field of interactive technology. Except for interactive smartboards, IQ also provides other related products including projectors, speakers, document cameras, and other accessory electronic devices. There are two solutions for education, IQClass solution, and Q-NEX solution. The first one is focused on a smart classroom which will provide a full solution including hardware and software. The second one caters to the school's centralized control of the entire campus with multiple electronic devices in every classroom.

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