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Improve Management Efficiency of Smart Devices with Network  Media Processors

Use network media processors to improve the management efficiency of smart devices



With the development of science and technology, the number of intelligent devices increases, and it is necessary to manage its own devices. Take the campus as an example. More and more smart devices are installed on campus. Even if there is only one liquid crystal in each classroom. Managing all LCDs is very troublesome. To improve the efficiency of management smart devices. Pay more and more attention to Networked Media Processors. There is a complete set of solutions in our company. Please click here to quickly learn about our solutions.

What is an Networked Media Processors

Media processor is an embedded programmable microprocessor. It is a tool for processing multimedia data. You can process data, protocol analysis, and routing search. It can be programmed and can meet the needs of new agreements and business. High-performance integrated instructions can improve the efficiency of forwarding. The function of the separation of the conversion control can reduce the energy loss. We have an all-round solution in our company. In this solution, the Networked Media Processor 产品名首字母要大写 is referred to as NMP for short.

Traditional Processor VS Networked Media Processor

The Networked Media Processor can provide the line speed forwarding function of the data packet. The reorganization and spin-off of the data packet can also be performed according to the requirements of the user program. The Networked Media Processor can allocate bandwidth and priority definition according to the needs of the user. It can be more likely to implement the classification management of various user data packets than traditional processors. In general, the network processor maintains the flexibility of CPU based design on the one hand. In addition, the bottleneck of traditional processors is eliminated. The function is more comprehensive. The operation is easier.

What is Q-NEX NMP?

The full name of NMP is Networked Media Processor. Q-NEX NMP integrates the functions of digital broadcasting, digital amplifier, audio and video matrix switching, network switching, power control module and communication control module. Based on these functions, NMP can independently connect AV devices and common electronic devices. Such as the lamps, fans and air conditioners in the classroom. Under the management of a cloud platform, online media processing information can be achieved. It can control management equipment uniformly. In general, Q-NEX NMP is a multimedia application media processor based on the TCP/IP protocol. It is a centralized control box of the Internet of Things. You can build a smart campus system on the existing networking plan of the school. Realize control box management of multimedia classrooms and campuses. You can also control the playback of audio and video broadcasts. Help school administrators effectively arrange various assignments. Simplified the use of multimedia classrooms. Make teachers easier to class. Below I will introduce content about NMP:

About composition

To better manage and use the platform. Our company has a good product for customers. Including a NMP, one Control Panel, two Wireless Mic. You can integrate your existing equipment through the platform. It can satisfy daily work. Simplify your device use. If you have more needs for smart room, you could choose Touch Panel and CBX.

About system

Our NMP integrates a variety of devices and multiple functions into one system. Convenient to daily management. Greatly improved the efficiency of management equipment. For daily push information, the event or emergency notice is very convenient. As long as the integrated system is settled to deploy, it can easily control and manage the equipment. Can control the display equipment and common equipment in the classroom and conference room.

What you should know is:

About diverse interfaces

Q-NEX NMP sets a multi-functional interface. LCD display can be connected in the classroom. You can connect a variety of devices such as microphones, lamps. Personal computers can be connected in the conference room, and control panels can be connected. One device can connect a variety of peripheral devices. Let you easily use public equipment, share your equipment at any time, and control all devices freely.

Control panel functions

We have set a clear and easy to understand control panel for users. Users can operate directly on the control panel. The control panel is designed with a tempered glass touching keyboard. To present more intuitive function icons. Let users use it easily. IC card reader was embedded at the same time. You can let the user swipe the card to activate the control panel. Unauthorized visitors cannot be used. Protect the security of information.

Wireless microphone

Our wireless microphone uses ultra -high frequency bands. In line with international inside and outside. And have strong anti -interference ability. The wireless transmission distance can reach 40 meters. And support up to 24 channel connections.


The use of smart devices has become the mainstream. How to improve management equipment has become the focus of people's attention. To simplify messy management equipment and miscellaneous management methods as well as enhance the efficiency of device automatic workflow. The use of online media processors is necessary. There is a NMP in the campus or conference room to easily manage all devices. Uniformly control management and share cloud resources at any time. It is better to "mini" campus. Campus management is as simple as family management. Bind all the equipment together. Remote collaboration and control at any time. Greatly improved the efficiency of management. Reduce the expenses of personnel and materials. And we can also provide more intelligent products and smart solutions. If you are interested, please visit us at IQBoard and Q-NEX website.


Smart Conference Solutions: More Collaboration, Less Space

Smart Conference Solutions: More Collaboration, Less Space



Conference rooms are usually used for holding academic reports, meetings, training, organizing activities, and receiving guests. The general meeting room functional area includes the audience area and the speaking area. For example, there is no clear distinction between round-table meeting rooms and meet-and-greet meeting rooms. The layout type of the meeting room can also be standardized or personalized. In addition to the common classroom-style layout, there will also be T-shaped, E-shaped, and other types. Regardless of the size, meeting rooms can be divided into small and medium-sized meeting rooms and large meeting rooms. Conference rooms are not only important for collaborative work within corporate teams. It is also very important for businesses and trade to contact customers. An intelligent conference room device that can support you to contact customers in other places anytime and anywhere. Have discussions about trade. However, due to the impact of the world environment, the proportion of teleconferencing is increasing. More businesses are opting for hybrid work models. The geographical restrictions are getting smaller and smaller. Utilizing IQ Smart Meeting Room Solutions means more space for meetings. The highly integrated design means that it occupies less space in the conference room.

What are the advantages of smart conference solutions?

1. First, utilizing smart conferencing solutions can facilitate collaboration in conference rooms. Time and geographical constraints can seriously affect the process of work. Bad electronic equipment can also have a bad impact on the meeting process. The fundamental question here is how to enable employees to communicate efficiently, solve problems and get work done. For companies that value collaboration, the preference is to bring employees together in the same space for discussions. However, due to various factors, it has become more difficult to gather employees together anytime and anywhere. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to break this limitation. IQ Smart Meeting Room Solutions makes it easy for you to conduct meetings. Simplify video conferencing and messaging across any device. IQMeet Conference PTZ cameras, IQSpeakerphone wirelesss micmicrophonesnd IQSoundbar professional speakers for large conference rooms bring you ultra HD images and 360° sound pickup. Make you feel like your partner is right in front of you during the meeting. Bring an unprecedented convenient experience. The IQTouch dual-screen solution with interactive displays allows working partners to express their ideas more smoothly during remote meetings. One screen can be used for video conferencing. One screen for collaboration. During the meeting, you can write meeting minutes on the whiteboard. Even if partners are not in the same space, they can still join the collaboration and receive messages in real-time. In the discussion session, you can brainstorm and share ideas at the same time, which makes the video conference really close at hand, without distance.

2. Second, a hybrid workplace is built. Mixed work is the type of work that results from a change in circumstances. It is the new reality of remote working, which also provides greater flexibility for employees. Although you may not know much about conferencing solutions. You can log on to the IQ official website for more information. In today's work environment, remote collaboration has become a mainream. How to make your company's conference room smarter. How to retrofit an existing conference room. Need to renovate an entire conference room? IQ Smart Meeting Room Solutions can provide you with a complete renovation plan without requiring you to add more space to upgrade the conference room. Only one set of solutions is needed to make your conference room smarter and your work more efficient. Best of all, there is no hassle and no construction involved. Our highly integrated design is modular installation. Easy to operate and get started quickly. 

3. Third technology in the smart workplace can be leveraged to change the status quo. Due to concerns about social distance, the effectiveness of the office is still seriously affected. So for small companies, how to share space has become a big problem. Hybrid working with smart technology offers the best of both worlds. Very safe and efficient. The IQ Smart Meeting Room Solutions enhances the capabilities of the digital workplace. Good use of electronics. Collaboration with colleagues just got easier. Make real-time exchange of ideas and information a reality. Empower employees with the tools they need to be productive anytime, anywhere. Our extensive experience, flexible deployment, and cutting-edge technology. These can meet all your needs. And it can really solve problems and make employees work smarter.


Driven by the general environment, the need for remote collaboration is increasing. With the advancement of technology, it is involved in all aspects of life. In particular, education and business are more affected. Everyone has seen the big changes in the educational environment. The upgrade of the conference room is also constantly followed up. More smart devices are being developed. To improve employee productivity. To adapt to different conference room environments. Whether it is a large enterprise or a small enterprise, the requirements for meetings are getting higher and higher. Different companies have different needs for conference rooms. How to make full use of the space of the conference room, and how to make the space of the conference room larger. These problems urgently need to be solved. And IQ is here to solve these problems for you. To provide you with more intelligent solutions. IQ Smart Meeting Room Solutions is a unique approach. Allows you to understand how employees can improve engagement. It allows you to easily understand the current equipment and office utilization. Combined with our design and technology, we will better guide you to transform your conference room according to the way employees work. Improve employee experience for you and help your employees increase productivity. We have a professional team to work with you. You can customize your budget for the product. Vision for the meeting room layout. Meet your different needs. We can also provide you with more services. If you are interested, please contact us.

The Importance of Soundbars for Interactive Displays and Devices

The Importance of Soundbars for Interactive Displays and Devices



IQSoundbar is a speaker with stereo effects, usually placed above or below the screen, based on acoustic considerations, this type of speaker is mostly long strip design. As remote work and video conferencing have become increasingly prevalent, the importance of high-quality audio has become more apparent. Soundbars offer a superior audio experience compared to the built-in speakers on laptops and desktop monitors, producing clearer, more natural sound and reducing background noise.

Do I really need a sound bar?

If ten years ago, we bought entry-level monitors, such as TVs and LCDs. We only need to consider the pixels of the screen and worry about whether the screen display is clear. Nowadays, we can buy a very good 4k smart TV at a reasonable price. Many schools have also installed smart LCD blackboards. And there is also a trend that people are willing to set smart devices thinner and thinner to meet the needs of carrying. For example, by integrating a built-in camera and 6 microphone arrays, IQTouch TB900Pro is easy to set up a video conferencing environment immediately. Experience a high-quality video conference supported by a high-definition image with 12 million pixels and the ability of long-distance sound pickup. But when the interactive display is made smarter, the volume and the space inside are smaller. The small space of the equipment can limit the quality of the speakers because there is not enough space to place the speakers. So the picture of the smart display is very high-definition, but the sound quality is not good. Because the built-in speakers are limited by space.

Do you know the importance of theater system sounds?

If you don't pay much attention to sound quality, it's normal. Most of us overlook the importance of sound quality. Whether it is in a theater, in a meeting room, or even in a classroom, sound quality plays an important role. We ignored the importance of sound quality in theater systems and the results are horrible sounding audio systems. If your device's sound system fails to provide clear sound, improve your experience. Such as, in a conference scene, you cannot hear the speaker's voice. In the classroom, you cannot hear the teacher's voice. Regardless of the brand of your smart device or the size of your monitor, the sound quality from its speakers just isn't good enough. As long as you amplify the sound, the sound will lose its essence and be unclear. You may even hear a screeching or buzzing sound. The sound quality experience is not good enough. So how to change this situation? It is not too difficult to improve the sound quality experience. The good news is that most of us can do it.

Can a soundbar fix the quality of my device?

Soundbars sound better than speakers. Take a TV as an example. The stereo speakers of a TV are not enough to make a theater system. Stereo speakers cannot take care of further distances. Even amplifying the sound would deprive the sound of its essence. And the speakers in the market only have a power of 20w. The minimum output power of the sound bar is 60w. So the soundbar can improve the sound quality of the theater system very well. The power of IQSound SA200 is 80w. It really is a must-have accessory for today’s meeting room and classroom. It is the best soundbar for you building the theater system or just looking for a more reliable and great-sounding audio source to accompany the interactive flat panel. Nomex composite vibrating diaphragm mid-bass unit Due to its lightweight, the transient response is rapid without loss of detail. IQSound SA200 is also equipped with a remote control to provide you with convenient help during use. Diverse sound effect modes Choose devices with a hassle-free connection, different LED colors represent different modes. IQSound SA200 can produce fuller sounds and clearer dialogue than speakers. Soundbar will have deeper bass and better sound clarity to the point of achieving “surround sound”

Brilliant ways a soundbar can boost the quality of your life

Soundbars can be used in many unexpected places, enriching your daily life. You can connect the soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth to play audio, or you can connect it to your phone or tablet, which can bring you more activities.

1. You can watch 3D movies while watching movies at home

2. More clarity through the soundbar when holding meetings at home

3. The sound quality is more beautiful when playing music, which makes you more invested.

How do I choose a soundbar that's based on my needs?

A soundbar is typically classified according to channels like 2.0, 2.1, 3.1, and 4.1.

2.0 refers to 2 speakers and no subwoofer. A 7.1 system has 7 speakers and 1 sub-woofer.

There are 2 types of surround sound, Dolby Audio, and Dolby Atmos. IQSoundbar comes with Bluetooth for wireless connection to your mobile devices.

The higher the power output (e.g. 300W) of the soundbar, the better the sound quality in general. Choose a sound bar based on your needs. It can improve your experience when using electronic devices. Let you be more involved in watching movies, playing games, conducting meetings, and studying.


Smart technology is advancing, and the functions of the display are also constantly improving. But the built-in speakers fall short of what a soundbar will give you. A sound bar can amplify sound while maintaining clarity. It can meet daily meetings, whether it is a large or medium-sized conference room, the speaker's voice can be heard. In the campus environment, the daily class noise is loud, and the students in the back row may not be able to accurately receive the teacher's signal. Losing essence while amplifying sound cannot be avoided in home theater. IQSound SA200 can solve the above problems. Bring you the most authentic and clear sound. And one of the advantages of the sound bar is that it is easy to carry and flexible to use. The location can be moved according to user needs. IQ is committed to bringing you a better experience, please contact us, and we can give you more product details and usage methods.

How to Bring Your Own Device into a Smart Meeting

How to Bring Your Own Device into a Smart Meeting



Through nearly a decade of technology development, more and more employees use their own electronic devices during meetings. Therefore, BYOM (Bring Your Own Device) has become a popular trend in the meeting. BYOM not only allows to bring your own device but also empowers us to create our own personalized meetings. BYOM adopted by IQ Smart Meeting Solution gives you more flexibility in attending meetings. A natural extension of BYOD, BYOM allows you to use your own device to wirelessly connect to a meeting room screen and start a video conference by using UC platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex). Feel free to host video meetings from your own devices, easily and wirelessly share your screen when participants have new ideas. Share ideas prompty on time, create an atmosphere for brainstorming, and gradually form a new, more dynamic workplace experience.

What are the advantages of BYOM

BYOM is a more flexible way of meeting allows users to be more creative and share ideas naturally. Creating a seamless user experience through easy setup and connectivity is what IQ strives for. IQShare Wireless Presentation System features outstanding 4k UHD resolution for wireless screen sharing and conferencing. Users can display the screen through IQShare WP40 or IQShare Button. Mobile phones and tablets can be connected via mobile app or screen mirroring (AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast). Besides, whether you have a projector, TV or touch screen in your meeting room, wireless presentation system can bring you a wireless screen sharing environment for team collaboration and brainstorming.
Our BYOM-interactive display allows participants not only to share their screens, but also to use laptops to easily access cameras and microphones from the large touch screen, freely switch between different commonly used VC platforms, and easily open higher audio-visual levels Touch Screen Video Conferencing Effects. The IQTouch interactive display has a 4k UHD wireless screen mirroring and makes team collaborate in different spaces through remote screen sharing, which increases the convenience of meeting interaction.

It's reportedthat you're more productive when you use your own device at work. Emergencies cannot be avoided when holding meetings in different scenarios. For example, when encountering unfamiliar or difficult-to-operate equipment, it saves the time spent on getting familiar with AV equipment and setting up mixed conferences. Just walk into a meeting room and wirelessly connect to existing facilities. No need to pause video conferencing, no cables, and no clutter. 

Why BYOM Matters

As the need to hybrid working increases, meetings must be held with simple and functional equipment. Running a meeting or starting a conference call is not easy. The equipment in the meeting room may be controlled through a very complicated center. IQShare wireless presentation products allow users to create ideal meetings according to individual needs, making meetings more effective. The IQTouch touch panels are the highlight products in the smart conference solution. The IQTouch interactive panel has a 4K artificial intelligence camera, voice tracking, automatic framing, and precise positioning. The focus of different speakers in the meeting can be automatically switched. The dual-band WiFi module design can surf the Internet at the same time and so that the projection screen does not interfere with each other. Guaranteed ultra-high network speed, and smooth online 4k video playback. And with the built-in Eshare Pro software, you can share your screen wirelessly, allowing participants' ideas to flow freely. No more cables to plug in. Show attendees instant inspiration without waiting.

How to use BYOM more efficiently

Utilizing the products included in IQ Smart Meeting Solution, it can truly meet BYOM needs and greatly improve work efficiency. IQShare's products are designed with BYOM in mind, allowing participants who are not on-site share personal screens or presentation content on conference room screens without the need for the same LAN. IQShare is compatible with almost all USB cameras, USB video sound bars, USB speakerphones with professional AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) technology. To support BYOM, we provide suitable tools and comprehensive after-sales service, including group teaching explanations and one-on-one answering questions. Even if you have any questions after use, we will give the answer at any time. Our central control system allows all devices to share resources, and can also be controlled by one device, which not only helps to improve work efficiency but protects company information well. Therefore, IQShare products can meet the various needs of daily study and work. Great cost savings.


With trends like remote working, flexible office designs, and a younger workforce entering business life, optimizing the workplace has become even more challenging. Relevant data shows that 67% of people use their own devices at work, and BYOM has become one of the most important links in smart conference solutions. The IQ Smart Conference Solution has launched according to the changes of the times and following the trend. It plays a very important role in the highly digitalized development of society. There is no doubt that as devices become more portable and ubiquitous in our lives, the number of people who bring their own devices to meetings is also growing. Even if your meeting room is not fully equipped with audiovisual devices, a wireless screen share system connects your personal mobile screen to the big touch screen in the conference room. Not only is communication at the individual and team levels enhanced, but the scope of the talent pool is also increased. Staffing can be easily done through a collaborative and efficient workflow. Use IQ products to realize BYOM, bring your favorite devices to the meeting, and start meetings anytime, anywhere. The intelligent automated meeting process enables participants to have a more intuitive experience and share their ideas without pressure. IQShare Wireless Presentation System help to combine your work with digitalization, which can effectively improve work efficiency. BYOM is a more flexible and smart way of meeting, IQ Smart Conference Solutions make your meeting process seamless and easy. I believe our IQ Smart Conferencing Solution, delivers on the true promise of BYOM and extends a richer collaborative experience to in-room and remote meeting participants, anywhere in the enterprise, to anyone, anywhere.

Why Smart Meetings are More Advantageous

Why Smart Meetings are More Advantageous

What changes has technology brought to conferences

Due to the situation in the world and the development of technology, meetings that should have been canceled, postponed or transferred can all be held online. Using intelligent technology to transfer live-person meetings to the Internet is a thing that has more advantages than disadvantages. Virtual meeting can be, recorded, copied, and even shared in real-time, making it easier for more people to access the meeting materials. That is to say, the time of the participants is reduced, and additional activities such as taking transportation are reduced, which is very beneficial to the environment. The mode of meeting and discussing anytime and anywhere can greatly improve the efficiency of study and work. At present, as long as there is an Internet-connected device, you can join a smart meeting for communication, no longer limited to issues of region and time, making barrier-free communication a reality.

What is a conference solution

For meeting rooms of different sizes, IQ provides a complete conference system solution. The intelligent meeting solution includes meeting room products such as Next Gen, The Auditorium, The studio, The Ideation Hub, The Vibe, etc. After installing this set of products, you can combine management and use to help you make full use of the meeting. For example, in the Next Gen conference room, video conferences can be held across any device, and video conferences are simplified to increase messaging channels. In the form of dual-screen display, more content can be added. One screen can be used for video conferencing, and the other screen can invite work partners to collaborate together. Let working partners work together remotely, and share your views while brainstorming, adding more possibilities to your meeting. The built-in Android annotation software can use multi-touch gestures to control the software, and share annotations at the meeting through QR codes. And, you can bring your own device to share the screen, support up to 8 devices connected and display 4 screens at the same time. In addition to the hardware, the software that IQ is equipped with can make your meeting communicate instantly, and you can join the meeting on any device anytime, anywhere. Besides The Studio Conference Room can conduct video conferences across any device, and supports you to bring your own device to share the screen wirelessly. The two-way touch system can directly control the laptop and mirror the computer page to the touch screen at the same time. Remote interactive collaboration can be realized. All IQ smart conference solutions include a moderator mode. The system can directly manage the user's projected screen and control the permissions of the touch screen. All devices are controlled by one person, and the management is highly centralized, and the operation is quick and easy. IQ intelligent meeting solutions are designed to facilitate collaborative communication during meetings, promote teamwork and inspire innovation.

Why smart meeting solutions are better than traditional meetings

The smart meeting solution pays more attention to the participation of participants, fewer meeting steps and greater inclusiveness. When holding a smart meeting, some participants are in the office, while others join the meeting remotely. Whether they are discussing face-to-face or speaking remotely, they can share ideas in real time and encourage more people to join the meeting discussion. Through the smart meeting solution, one-click start of the meeting can greatly reduce the cost of starting meetings with remote partners. Groups and teams also spend less time reenergizing and transitioning to the next task after a meeting. Smart meetings enable people to connect in any way possible and can be called the most inclusive form of meeting. Smart conferences can also quickly and efficiently grasp market trends and the fastest information. Use the professionalism of smart meetings to bring the best experience to customers and improve customer satisfaction. With the advancement of society, smart conferences will only become more and more popular, especially in business, and the proportion of use will be higher and higher.

Three Suggestions for Efficient Meetings

Before the meeting, determine the time, personnel, process and theme, and adjust the equipment used. Clarifying the purpose of the meeting can avoid inefficient discussions, and specifying the theme of the meeting can improve the efficiency of the meeting. Familiarity with the use of equipment in advance can avoid delays during the meeting and ensure the smooth progress of the meeting.
Pay attention to good management during the meeting. At the beginning, pay attention to mobilizing the enthusiasm of the participants, and interact more with the participants during the meeting. You can set up interesting interactive games such as lottery draws and voting to increase the active atmosphere of the meeting. Use screen sharing more often to receive participants' thoughts in real time. 
After the meeting, pay attention to sorting out the data, collecting the questions raised by the participants and solutions, and implementing the purpose of the meeting. And provide meeting record resources for review.


The intelligent conference system breaks through the restrictions between regions, and can realize real-time communication no matter it is thousands of miles apart or face to face. Smart conferences can eliminate time and space differences, and bid farewell to the cumbersome traditional conference mode. The use of intelligent conferences can optimize the enterprise information communication mode to a large extent, can speed up the speed of information transmission, and reduce the internal costs of the enterprise, including training, meetings, and publicity. 
Smart conferences only need to use the Internet to replace the flow of people, realize the steady transmission of audio and video, achieve efficient interaction of remote information, and make it possible to work without traveling. With the development of technology, intelligent conferences are becoming more and more popular, which not only saves costs for enterprises, improves internal communication and work efficiency among employees, but also strengthens corporate cohesion and promotes business development, it will become the mainstream trend in the future. 
How to Identify the Best LCD/LED Display for You

How to Identify the Best LCD/LED Display for You



The LCD screens include LCD (Liquid Crystal DIS) displays and LED (Light Emitting Diode) displays, which generate points, lines, and surfaces in a way that current stimulates liquid crystal molecules to form a picture with the back light tube. Compared with the traditional cathode ray tube (CRT), it has a larger volume, a soft picture, no flickering on the picture, and reduces eye fatigue. An LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a flat-panel display that uses liquid crystals for its primary operating form. Liquid crystal screens use liquid crystal material as the basic component. Because liquid crystal is between solid and liquid, it not only has the optical characteristics of solid crystals, but also has the characteristics of liquid flow, so it can be said to be an intermediate phase. What is an Interactive Flat Panel Display? An interactive flat panel display (IFPD) is a large format touch screen display. Integrating interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, and touchscreen monitoring, it is ideal for collaborative meetings or interactive teaching environments. At IQBoard, we call it "IQTouch".

How does the liquid crystal realize the function

The liquid crystal screen is based on the liquid crystal material as the basic component, and the liquid crystal material is filled between two parallel plates, and the arrangement of the molecules inside the liquid crystal material is changed by voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of shading and light transmission to display different shades and random arrangement. Subtle imagery. Adding a three-color filter layer between two flat plates can display color images.

What are the advantages of LCD

Liquid crystals usually require the use of low-impedance metal materials, high-performance switching elements, and high-precision processing techniques, so liquid crystals can achieve large-area high-resolution displays. LCD screens are very low in voltage and power consumption, and engineers are very fond of them. The appearance of the liquid crystal is small and exquisite, and the thickness is only 6.5-8mm. The passive display type of liquid crystal has no glare, does not irritate human eyes, and does not cause eye fatigue to a large extent. The LCD screen can make the pixels smaller and maximize the amount of displayed information. The most important point is that the LCD screen has no electromagnetic radiation, which is very safe for the human body. Another point of LCD is that it has a very long service life, because there is almost no deterioration of the LCD, except that the life of the LCD backlight is limited, but the backlight part can be replaced, so the service life of the LCD is very long, and the LCD is applicable to all electronic devices.

Why choose IQ LCD

The decisive factor of the performance of the LCD screen is its panel, because the quality of the panel directly affects the viewing effect of the picture. So to choose a good LCD screen, you must first choose its panel. The LCD panel can determine the brightness, contrast, color, viewing angle and other very important parameters of the LCD screen to a large extent. As a provider of interactive display solutions, we offer IQTouch interactive LED displays and IQBoard interactive whiteboards designed to facilitate personalized learning and collaborative meetings. IQ interactive flat panels deliver 4K UHD resolution for a sharper on-screen display than most projectors. In addition, the 178° wide viewing angle supported by IFP makes it possible for more viewers to see the screen.

In addition, the IQ interactive tablet optimizes the writing function of up to 40 points of touch, and has more gesture zooming and dragging functions than traditional whiteboards. IQTouch interactive tablets have many built-in software integrations such as AI whiteboard, EShare Pro for wireless screen sharing, IQ KitsMemos interactive teaching software or JoinMemos collaborative meeting software, which are pre-installed on all displays. With IQ, you can use LCD products more conveniently and make your life more colorful.

Five suggestions for better use of LCD

1. Adjust the contrast to not lose the details of the picture. The contrast of the liquid crystal affects the light and dark contrast of the character scene, that is, the texture change of the viewing picture. Adjusting the contrast to an appropriate size can improve the viewing experience.

2. Adjust the brightness at any time and make good use of various brightening functions. The brighter the brightness of the liquid crystal, the easier it is for the viewer to find it at a glance. However, the ultra-bright picture is usually traded at the expense of image quality and the life of the display, so in daily use, do not adjust the brightness too high.

3. Don't point and point to avoid scratching the screen with hard objects. The LCD screen is the same as the mobile computer screen. During use, do not put hard objects on it to scratch it,  so as not to leave scratches and affect the viewing effect.

4. The time interval between switching on and off the screen should be more than five minutes. Do not switch on and off frequently, so as to avoid the impact of current from affecting the service life of the LCD.

5. If the power switch of the display screen often trips, you should check the screen body or replace the power switch in time, and check the firmness of the connection regularly, and adjust it in time if it is loose.


An interactive display is an embedded device that people can interact with using a digital touch screen to give a lively visual presentation and enable the audience to have a good discussion and interaction. And it is an all-in-one machine that integrates collaboration and meeting management functions. Users can connect the interactive flat panel display through their own devices, or use the multi-touch function on the interactive touch screen. When choosing an LCD screen, you need to consider important parameters such as the resolution, contrast, brightness, and presence or absence of dead pixels of the LCD screen. Today, smart tablets not only allow teachers and presenters to share information more clearly like touchscreen TVs, but their touchscreen functionality also provides an engaging experience for viewers. People still use traditional keyboards and stylus to enter options. However, the advanced interactive screen has multi-touch and can recognize up to 20 touch points at the same time, bringing more possibilities and convenience. So individuals can easily and instantly share ideas on a smart digital display panel. Bring everyone's ideas to life by seamlessly sharing ideas through easy collaboration on IQTouch. Choosing IQ products can be customized to meet your various needs, so please contact us if you are interested.


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