IQBoard interactive flat panel


as we thought, the traditional meeting room contains projector and curtain,camera,

speaker,interactive flat panel is design to replace the traditional equipment, with android system,its like you had a android phone in your meeting room with large size, you can download many app to effect your conference, built in whiteboard software can write with 20 point touch, you can use it to express all you ideas without the area limitation.for windows system, means you also got a computer in you meeting room , you don’t have to deal with the massive interfaces and the cables, just one interactive flat panel can do everything.


just like you said, sometimes we pissed off because of the complex work of equipment connection,the interactive flat panel can solve this problem and make business conference more convenient and interactive.When you click the mathematical Function button on the page. The mathematical function can be changed by moving the function curve,all kinds of mathematical functions can be shown more intuitively on the number also contains massive resources (English words, pictures, network resources) Teaching resources (teaching resources courseware presentation),our software provides a variety of learning materials from primary school to high school, it can be downloaded by yourself as well. The software offers a variety of ways to save, you can save as an image, you can save as many pages, or you can save as the software's own format.


What’s more, the panel can do the wireless presentation, you can connect the panel buy your phone,pad and other devices,sometimes you wanna share your screen to all the attendee, just switch your device to panel ,then you can share all the pages and control the panel by your phone, for your own computer, equip with the share button, you can also share your screen to the attendee wirelessly.

IQBoard Smart Board Latest Price


Returnstar has engaged in field of interactive hardware and software since 2006, providing our customers with cutting-edge technology for application on education and business. One of the hot offers is smart board. We have built many long-term partnership across the world and enjoy good reputation as our high quality, trusted support and competitive prices.

As we always keep pace with times, our smart board products has experienced many generations and styles. In the early period, we offer interactive whiteboards which realized the touch feature with infrared technology upgraded from normal whiteboard. Later on, we launched the IQAIO, all in one interactive whiteboard, which highly integrates the control of built-in PC, speaker, projector by one touch panel. In recent years, we provide advanced interactive LCD flat panels, so that related products like TV, computer, whiteboard, projector, speaker are seamlessly integrated into one display. And in the future we will continue make innovation and bring the most high-tech with our smart boards.

Here is an introduction about one of our popular smart board called IQTouch TB800 Series, to show you more details about the features and advantages. It is designed to make your meeting or teaching more effective. With 20-point touch and built-in wireless screen mirroring software for content sharing, it is helpful for facilitating presentation and brainstorming. The anti-glare glass and 4K UHD resolution of the display bring a wonderful image experience. It supports dual O.S., built-in Android 8.0 and OPS system of Windows 10 Pro, make you complete various operations on the screen without connecting another computer. The advanced IR technology enable you make annotation with very smooth and thin writing experiences. What’s more, we accept customized options like the sizes and OPS versions. Compared with other brands, our smart boards are high-quality with competitive price, so if there is an opportunity, we are confident that you would choose us be your long-term partner.

Best Smart Board For School


IQ provide more than just a Touch Screen or a school smart board,it is a integration of Computer,TV,Whiteboard, Projector Speaker ……,3 dimension include 65UHD Resolution: 3840*2160 Display Area: 1428.5*803.5mm,75UHD Resolution: 3840*2160 Display Area: 1650.24*928.26mm,86UHD Resolution: 3840*2160 Display Area: 1895.04*1065.96mm,we call it can perfectly help you in school smart board solution.

  What IQTouch can do?20 Points Collaborations,Tempered & Anti-glare glass,LED Backlight Metal Cosmetic,4K UHD Image Display,Dual fits school smart board needs well,IQTouch features contains:Free annotation:Annotate under all channels and annotation can share by scanning the QR code,Interactive whiteboard function:Built-in whiteboard software makes presentations quick and easy. It can also be shared via email or QR code.Wireless Multi-screen Casting Software:Cast mobile devices on the IQTouch C Pro screen wirelessly Remote control the screen with mobile devices,Wireless Presentation with IQShare Lite:No cables, no set-up, no waiting to join in to share and display the laptop screen to IQTouch C Pro screen instantly.Video Conference Support the group video conference with the third-party application and external document camera.IQ touch also Available For is well applied on school smart board solution.what’s more, except provide the school smart board, we can provide Interactive Display System,it is Simply setup with the IQView Interactive Document Camera. Only one step to present, collaborate and share ideas,Only with the IQProjector or IQTouch, it makes a large-screen display with crystal clear images and offers annotation software to facilitate group collaboration.both IQTouch and IQView are well applied not only the school,but also conference or meeting room,we can also provide the bespoke services based on your needs.

   If you are interested in any school smart board or looking for digital smart board,feel free to connect with us,We are Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd, with IQ as main brand,Returnstar Technology Group ,welcome to our official website to find more information about us.

Q-NEX Brief Introduction


Q-NEX is a new brand subordinated to Returnstar Interactive Technology Co.,Ltd, blessed by the endeavor of Returnstar IQ in serving various educational institutions in the worldwide in the past decade, has accumulated abundant experience in providing more comprehensive solutions to schools.


1. What is Q-NEX NMP?


NMP is short for Networked Media Processor, which is the core product of Q-NEX series. It is mainly designed for assisting school's IT admin to well manage various electronic facilities in a school, and freeing teachers from complicated operations of devices in a multimedia classroom.


What exactly it can do?


It has the features of


1) Device Control – to control devices like projector, projection screen, touch monitor, lights, air conditioner etc. in a classroom, through a desktop control panel, or web-based platform from anywhere with an Internet access.

2) Access Control - with a built-in electronic lock control module for door security, it allows authorized access to a lab/classroom, or filing cabinet by swiping an ID card. Also, the ID card could be used for activating the control panel, so that only the authorized person, like a teacher, can manipulate all facilities in a classroom.

3) AV Matrix Switch - to route audio and video signals from multiple input sources, such as document cameras, computers, mobile devices, cameras etc. to one or more display devices, like projector, TV, interactive flat panel.

4) Networked AV Distribution – with 4 Ethernet interfaces, NMP can work as a LAN switch. By connecting NMP to Q-NEX Media Server, from which it can receive streaming audios and videos. School IT admin can select streaming contents and schedule the broadcasting time for different classrooms. Besides it can also work as a digital school bell system with an independant audio channel.


2. Components of Q-NEX NMP


2-1  NMP series consisting of 2 models:


1) NMP-R 120 (Reduced)

– The main features of this model is to achieve local device control, access control, AV matrix switch etc. by a control panel, in the meantime, all the controls can also be through the web-based platform Q-NEX Console.


2) NMP-G 110 (General)

– Compared to NMP-R 120, except for including all the features in NMP-R 120, the particular of this general version is about the AV Distribution and Cloud Storage, which is featured by setting up a Q-NEX Media Server.


2-2  Differences in between the 2 models:

Model No.

NMP-R 120

NMP-G 110

Main Features

Local /Networked Control

1 * NMP 120

1 * NMP 110

1 * Control Panel

1 * Control Panel

1 * Wireless Mic

1 * Wireless Mic

AV Broadcasting & Cloud Storage

Not Supported

Supported (Q-NEX Media Server required*)

Came on stage of 2020GESS, IQ Never Stop


To explore more inspirational ideas of interactive solutions, during February 25 - 27, 2020, catching the tail of February, IQ came on stage in 2020 GESS Dubai Exhibition.

In 2020 GESS Dubai, IQ presented IQTouch Interactive Displays and Q-NEX Digital School Management Solution.


IQTouch X Series - Capacitive Touch

It has 3 features that set it apart from other IFP series: 20-point capacitive touch, built-in HD camera providing 1080p video transmission and array microphone collecting sound within 10 meters.


IQTouch T Series

IQTouch T Series features 20 points multi-touch and stunning 4k image clarity. It is an Android 8.0 based interactive panel and loaded with Windows 10 Pro. Built-in annotation software makes on-screen annotations with ease. Screen mirroring software gives teachers an enhanced presentation to collaborate with mobile technology more easily.

IQTouch C Pro:

IQTouch C Pro is powered by Android 8.0 as well as Windows 10 Pro. It features 20 points of multi-touch. WIth IQShare Lite, the laptop screen could be instantly shared and displayed in IQTouch C Pro with no cables, no set-up, no waiting.


IQTouch L Pro 

IQTouch L Pro series support 20-point touch. Cooperated with IQ Conference camera and microphone, its built-in wireless screen projection software and whiteboard software can achieve an interactive conference solution.



With various educational hardware entering classroom, modern campuses are in need of better utilization of the technology – this is where Q-NEX comes into play. Q-NEX is a solution which teachers can manage classroom devices via a control panel on a lectern or on wall, while school admins can manage all classroom devices and school AV distribution from a public CLOUD. We believe Q-NEX will be an indispensable part of modern digital school and smart city as well.


To experience the power of IQ interactive solutions, welcome to join us in next stop: 2020 InfoComm SEA in Thailand!

Marching forward in wind and rain, IQ appeared in ISE 2020


On Feb. 11 to Feb. 14th , 2020,  the largest audio-visual exhibition in Europe ISE 2020 (Integrated Systems Europe) was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. During the period when China was suffering from the noval coronavirus, IQ, after careful consideration, decided to continue to participate in the ISE exhibition. Even during the outbreak IQ would not stop serving its customers.

In this ISE 2020, IQ exhibited IFP solution and remote controlling lifting mobile bracket

Interactive Display

IQTouch T Series

IQTouch T series combines 20 points multi-touch experience with stunning 4k image clarity. It is an Android 8.0 based interactive panel and loaded with Windows 10 Pro. Built-in annotation software makes on-screen annotations with ease while screen mirroring software gives teachers an enhanced presentation to collaborate with mobile technology more easily.

IQTouch X Series

Interactive panel IQTouch X series shares most of IQTouch T Series features. But it has 3 features that set it apart from IQTouch X series: 10-point capacitive touch, built-in HD camera providing 1080p video transmission and array microphone collecting sound within 10 meters.

IQTouch L Pro 

75inch IQTouch L Pro series support 20-point touch. Cooperated with IQ Conference camera and microphone, its built-in wireless screen projection software and whiteboard software can achieve an interactive conference solution.

Lifting Mobile Bracket

Double-column lifting mobile bracket (WSD-DT-K)

The double-column bracket WSD-DT-K enables the IFP to lie flat as an interactive table. In addition to controlling with the remote control, the bracket itself also has buttons to control the lifting and angle.

Single-column lifting mobile bracket (WSD-DT-J)

The single-column lifting bracket WSD-DT-J can not only control the lifting of IFP but also the tilt Angle of IFP until it lies flat.

Lifting mobile bracket (WSD-DT-E)

The double-column bracket WSD-DT-E can support big-size IFPs and the lifting of IFP by remote control.

IQ will keep moving forward and providing professional services for global education market. Welcome to Join us!

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